Acid Resistant Castable

Acid resistant castable can be directly put into use in projects without sintering. Moreover, the fluidity of acid resistant refractory castable is better and the construction is convenient. It is easier to achieve the ideal construction results by using it. Its maximum operating temperature is 1000℃(1832℃).

  • Refractory temperature: 800℃ – 1000℃
  • Acid Resistance(≥): 95%
  • SiO2(≥): 45% – 52%
  • Bulk Density(≥): 1.6g/cm³ – 2.0g/cm³
Acid Resistant Castables of Kerui

Specification Reference for Acid Resistant Castable

ω (SiO2) ≥/%454852
Bulk Density ≥/ (g/cm³)
Cold Crushing Strength ≥/MPa5810
Acid Resistance ≥/%959595
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ≤ /[W/(m·K)] (350±25℃)0.50.550.60
Service Temperature/℃8009001000

Usage Advantages of Acid Resistant Refractory Castable

Energy saving: eliminate the high energy consumption firing process, only need to shape, dry and bake. Energy consumption is 5% – 6% of sintered refractory bricks.

Simple manufacturing process: the production efficiency of acid resistant castable is 4 to 9 times that of refractory bricks.

High construction efficiency: the construction efficiency of refractory castables is 6 to 15 times that of bricklaying. It can make integral special-shaped furnace linings. It can also be used to quickly repair kilns and improve their life and operating rate.

Suitable for all kinds of high-temperature projects: Kerui uses masonry materials prepared with special high-quality materials. It has good thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance. In addition, it resists the erosion of harmful gases and slag.

Can be shaped arbitrarily: it can also make various irregular refractory precast for use. Reasonable use can give full play to the performance of acid-resistant castables.

Acid Resistant Refractory Castables
Kerui Excellent Acid Resistant Castable
KERUI High Quality Refractory Castable

Application Scenarios of Acid Resistant Castable

Chemical Industry

In chemical reactors, storage tanks, pipelines and other equipment, high-quality acid-resistant castables can be used to prevent acid corrosion on equipment.

Petroleum Industry

Kerui’s lightweight acid-resistant castables can be used in refineries, storage tanks and other equipment. Moreover, it can resist the erosion of acidic media.

Ceramic Industry

When manufacturing ceramic products, refractory castable for sale can be used for lining equipment such as kilns. It can increase the service life of equipment.

Metallurgical Industry

In metallurgical processes, such as pickling tanks, electrolytic cells and other equipment, lightweight acid resistant castables can provide acid-resistant protection.

Environmental Protection Equipment

Acid-resistant materials can be used to resist the negative effects of corrosive media. You can use it in waste incinerators and sewage treatment pools.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Equipment

In flue gas desulfurization systems such as power plants and steel plants, acid-resistant castables are often used to build absorption towers, flues, etc. Log in to Pinterest to learn more.

Acid-Resistant Castable Application Case
Refractory Kiln Acid Resistant Castable From KERUI
Refractory Castable Construction

Precautions for Acid Resistant Castable

You must pay attention to these during use and try to give full play to the greater characteristics of acid-resistant castables and refractory ramming mass.

  • During the use of acid-resistant castables, you should pay attention to not using them for a short time or in an environment with a large temperature difference.
  • You should also not construct them in a humid environment.
  • Moreover, acid resistant refractory castables should not be constructed under high temperatures. This will destroy its performance and reduce the strength of the acid-resistant castables.

Kerui Manufacturer – Safe and Reliable

Leading Technology

As the castable refractory manufacturers, Kerui has many years of R&D experience and technical accumulation. Our products excel in key performances such as high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Moreover, Kerui pays more attention to the safety and reliability of products.

Sustainable Development

Kerui has always regarded environmental protection as an important part of corporate development. We use environmentally friendly materials to provide customers with products that meet environmental protection requirements. Kerui also actively responds to the call for global environmental protection.

Safe Production

Kerui ensures that employees have safe and efficient production awareness and skills through continuous training and technical guidance. Each batch of castables undergoes strict quality testing and control. Therefore, customers can fully trust the safety and stability of Keruigroup refractory castables.

Customer First

We works closely with customers to provide customized castable solutions based on their specific needs. We also help customers solve various technical problems in the production process to achieve a dual improvement in production efficiency and quality.

Automated Production
Automatic Robotic Arm
KERUI Technicians Communicate with Each Other
On-Site Technical Discussion

Aerial View of Kerui Factory
Aerial View of Kerui Factory

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