Andalusite Bricks

Kerui Refractory uses uncontaminated andalusite from natural sources as the raw material for andalusite bricks. In addition, we also use specially designed binders and technological firing to make andalusite refractory. Therefore, Kerui refractory bricks have achieved high quality.

  • Al2O3: 65% – 85%
  • Bulk Density: 2.30g/cm³ – 2.70g/cm³
  • Refractoriness Underload: 1450℃ – 1700℃
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 35MPa – 55MPa
KERUI Andalusite Brick

Description of Kerui Andalusite Bricks

Kerui andalusite bricks have high Al2O3 content and low impurity content, making them ideal high-grade refractory materials. In addition, Kerui andalusite refractory are high-performance refractory bricks with excellent fire resistance and chemical stability. Kerui Company adopts advanced production technology and focuses on producing high-quality andalusite bricks.

These andalusite bricks can withstand extremely high temperatures and flame impact, protecting industrial equipment from erosion and damage. Moreover, because it has strong creep resistance, its use effect is better than that of other refractory fire bricks. Additionally, our refractory bricks are easy to install and maintain. Contact us to provide you with reliable high temperature industrial solutions!

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Parameters of Andalusite Bricks

ω (Al2O3)/%μ0696561575349
ω (Fe2O3)/%μ01.0 1.0
ω (TiO2)/%μ00.5 0.5 0.5
Bulk Density (g/cm³)2.50-2.702.45-2.652.45-2.602.40-2.552.35-2.502.30-2.45
Apparent Porosity/%μ020 (22)20 (22)20 (22)20 (22)20 (22)20 (22)
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ0 ≥55 (50)55 (50)50 (45)50 (45)40 (35)40 (35)
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload/℃μ0170017001650160015201450
Permanent Linear Change/%1500℃*2h

Tips: This table is formulated with reference to China’s refractory industry standards. If you want to know more details, you can leave a message in the message box.

Properties of Andalusite Bricks

Strong Creep Resistance

Andalusite bricks have excellent creep resistance. Therefore, it can withstand pressure for a long time at high temperatures without deformation. This makes it ideal for use with high alumina refractory cement in high-temperature environments, such as industrial furnaces.

High Refractoriness

Because of its extremely high refractoriness andalusite refractory can withstand extremely high temperatures without significant changes. That is, we can use it in industrial equipment for a long time. Moreover, it does not lose its structural integrity and performance stability.

Low Thermal Expansion

A low coefficient of thermal expansion means that andalusite bricks change relatively little in size when heated. Moreover, this is also a reflection of the high quality of Kerui refractory bricks. Therefore, andalusite bricks can maintain a stable size and shape at high temperatures.

Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Kerui andalusite refractory is a type of high alumina refractory. It resists stress damage caused by thermal shock and is less prone to cracking and damage. That is, it adapts to rapidly changing temperature conditions. This ensures the safety of the equipment during customer use.

Low Porosity

Andalusite transforms into mullite at a certain high temperature. In addition, the by-product of its transformation process is the glass phase. The glass phase blocks some of the pores in andalusite, so the porosity is reduced. Therefore, andalusite bricks are resistant to chemical attacks.

Strong Wear Resistance

Customers can use it in high temp environments for a long time. Because andalusite refractory do not lose their properties and functionality due to wear and tear. Generally speaking, we use andalusite bricks for industrial equipment such as coal gasifiers and blast furnaces.

KERUI Andalusite Refractory
Andalusite Refractory
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Diverse Applications of Andalusite Bricks

Hot Air Stove

Like mullite insulation brick, we use andalusite brick extensively for its lining. Andalusite bricks enable it to withstand high temperatures and flame impact. Therefore, it protects the furnace body from hot wind and fuel gas erosion. At the same time, its thermal shock resistance ensures the stability of the furnace body under temperature changes.

Torpedo Car

Torpedo cars are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres in the metallurgical industry. Andalusite refractory fire-resistant properties and ability to resist corrosion make it an ideal material. It is resistant to metal slag, chemicals and high temperature environments. In this way, it protects the structural integrity and safety of the torpedo car.


Ladle is an important equipment used for steelmaking in the steel industry. Andalusite bricks are also used for lining ladles. The high performance of Kerui andalusite refractory enables it to withstand the erosion of high-temperature molten steel. At the same time, our refractory bricks have anti-wear properties, which reduces the maintenance cost of the ladle.

Glass Furnace

As a high-temperature equipment, glass melting furnace requires refractory materials that can withstand high temperatures and chemical attacks. In addition, the ability of andalusite refractory to resist corrosion makes it an excellent choice for lining glass furnaces. It can resist the erosion and thermal shock of molten glass and provide a stable melting environment.

Electric Stove Top

The top of an electric furnace needs to withstand high temperatures and arc shock. However, Kerui company high-quality andalusite refractory are able to withstand these extreme conditions. Additionally, it is able to withstand the challenges of thermal stress. Therefore, we can ensure the normal operation and efficient production of our customers’ electric furnaces.

Heating Furnace

Andalusite bricks are able to withstand thermal cycling and thermal shock in high temp environments. This protects the furnace structure from damage. Meanwhile, its low thermal expansion and thermal shock resistance reduce the stress accumulation of the brick during thermal cycling. In general, Kerui high temp refractory bricks have a relatively long service life.

Applications of Kerui Products

Professional Andalusite Refractory Supplier – Kerui Refractory

Low Price

Through efficient production processes, Kerui is able to reduce production costs and achieve economies of scale. This enables Kerui to offer affordable andalusite brick price to its customers. Therefore, we can help customers reduce procurement costs and increase return on investment.

Sufficient Supply

Keruigroup strictly controls quality during the production process to ensure that products meet standards. Moreover, no matter how much supply customers need, we can meet it in time. That is to say, we have the ability to guarantee our customers’ production plans and project progress.

Big Factory

We have two 168-meter powerful and advanced tunnel kilns and five major factory areas. These factories are equipped with advanced production equipment and strict quality control systems. So, we can ensure the stability of product quality while improving production efficiency.

Good After-Sales Service

Our company adheres to the customer-centered concept and continuously improves the after-sales service system. Therefore, customers can get considerate service and satisfaction from us. In addition, Kerui will actively solve any problems customers encounter during product use.

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Kerui Technical Discussions
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The andalusite bricks sold by Kerui Refractory are of high quality and low price. Please leave your inquiry in the message box on the home page and get the lowest price! You can also find us on Facebook.

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