AZS Brick

AZS bricks, also called fused cast zirconia corundum brick, are advanced refractory materials in high-temperature applications, particularly in the glass industry. As a professional manufacturer of AZS bricks, Kerui aims to provide customers with high-quality AZS bricks.

  • ZrO2% (≥) :16-32
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³) :2.7-3.2
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃) :1580-1630
  • Apparent Porosity (%) :18 – 20
AZS refractory bricks from Kerui

Detailed Description of AZS Brick

AZS bricks are named after the main components they consist of, which are alumina (Al2O3, zirconia (ZrO2), and silica (SiO2). In addition, they can withstand temperatures ranging from 1500°C (2730℉) to 1750°C (3182℉). AZS bricks have excellent performance in glass furnaces. Here are compositions of AZS refractory bricks:


Alumina is the main component of AZS bricks and usually contains about 50-70%. At the same time, it has high refractoriness and thermal stability and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Good AZS Bricks from Kerui


Zirconia is typically present in AZS bricks about 25-40%. Besides, the addition of it helps to improve thermal shock resistance. So it plays a crucial role in the bricks due to its properties.

Fused Cast AZS Block for glass furnace


Silica is usually around 5-10% in AZS bricks, which provides additional refractory properties. For example, silica helps to maintain the integrity of the brick in high-temperature environments.

information about Fused Cast AZS

Different Grades of Kerui AZS Brick

Kerui Refractory produces AZS bricks applied in high-temp industries, especially in glass furnaces. Classified by zirconia content, Kerui AZS bricks have three grades: AZS-33, AZS-36 and AZS-41.

SiO2, %121315
Al2O3, %The RemainderThe RemainderThe Remainder
ZrO2, %4136.533.5
Bulk Density, g/cm34.053.93.8
Apparent Porosity, %
Initial Precipitation Temperature of Vitreous Phase, ℃140014001400
Vitreous Phase Exudation, %
Anti-molten Glass Erosion Speed Under Static Condition, mm/24h
(1500℃*36h, ordinary soda lime glass)
Bubble Release Rate, %
(1300℃*10h, ordinary soda lime glass)
Low Porosity
High Working Temperature
Low Contamination
High Mechanical Strength
Low Thermal Expansion
High-Temperature Resistance
Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Automated Production Process of Kerui AZS Brick

As a leading refractory bricks manufacturer in China, here are the steps of the automated production process of Kerui AZS brick:

Screening of Raw Materials

The first step is to obtain the necessary raw materials, including alumina, zirconia and silica. In addition, these materials are carefully selected based on their purity and quality to ensure the desired properties of the AZS brick.

Selecting Raw Material for AZS Bricks


Then, Kerui company uses advanced melting equipment for producing AZS refractory bricks. At the same time, with the help of intelligent control system, the AZS bricks from Kerui will have the table quality.

Melting AZS Bricks for Sale


Next, the molten raw material is cast into a mold. Using integrated model structure can improve the surface quality of bricks. Meanwhile, unique CAD, CAXD, and 3D design can efficiently select the best design solution.

Kerui Casting AZS Brick


Heating and cooling of AZS bricks refer to the gradual cooling of the kiln after the AZS brick heating and firing process is complete. Besides, special annealing insulation technology ensures that the bricks cool down at a reasonable rate.

Kerui Cooling of AZS Bricks

Quality Inspection

Kerui refractory manufacturer implement quality control measures to ensure that the bricks meet the required standards. Therefore, the appearance, shrinkage cavity, size, precision and weight of Kerui’s bricks can meet your needs.

Inspection of Bricks for Sale


The final step includes packaging the Kerui refractory bricks for shipping and distribution to customers or end users. At the same time, the bricks are generally carefully packaged to prevent damage during handling and transportation.

KERUI Package of AZS Bricks

AZS Brick Applied in Glass Kilns

Crown and Superstructure Throat and Working Side Channels and Spouts Bubblers and Refiner Blocks Bottom Paving
The azs properties decided they are used in the crown and superstructure areas of glass furnaces. Meanwhile, these sections need to withstand high temperatures and corrosive conditions. Therefore, the high refractoriness and excellent resistance to glass corrosion make AZS refractory bricks ideal for these critical parts.
The throat and working side of glass furnaces are under the heat environment and chemical attacks of molten glass. For example, refractory material suppliers AZS bricks in these areas can withstand harsh conditions, ensure durability and minimize refractory wear.
Channels and spouts play an important role in directing the molten glass in glass furnaces. So, these areas use AZS bricks to maintain smooth glass flow, due to their exceptional corrosion resistance and longevity.
Glass factories always use bubblers and refiner blocks for glass refining processes. So they require refractory materials with high resistance to alkali vapor attack and erosion. In addition, AZS bricks offer the necessary durability and resistance to chemical corrosion in these applications.
The Bottom paving areas of glass furnaces are under extreme conditions, which include high temperatures and corrosion. In these critical sections, AZS refractory bricks can ensure structural integrity. Meanwhile, it can extend the service life of the furnace.

Kerui Use Case of AZS Brick

Reasons Why You Will Eventually Choose Kerui

1. Product Advantages of Kerui AZS Bricks

Stable Quality

Kerui AZS bricks have stable quality. For instance, Kerui manufactures AZS bricks by using high-quality raw materials and advanced production techniques, which ensures uniformity in performance. Thus, this stability in quality guarantees reliable results in glass kilns. So we can supply high-quality bricks for you.

Strict Quality Inspection

Kerui implements strict quality control measures throughout the production process. Meanwhile, Kerui will conduct a thorough inspection of the physical and chemical properties of each batch of AZS bricks in a professional laboratory to ensure that the refractory bricks meet customer requirements.

Competitive Price

In addition to high quality and excellent performance, Kerui Refractory offers customers competitive AZS refractory bricks price. Besides, this competitive pricing makes Kerui AZS bricks a better choice for glass manufacturers. As a source manufacturer, we can provide the factory direct selling price.

Long Service Life

AZS refractory bricks from Kerui Refractory are known for their long service life. In particular, they have excellent resistance to thermal shock, corrosion, and erosion. Meanwhile, this durability means longer intervals between maintenance and replacement, to reduce downtime and the total cost of glass kiln operation.

Usage of Fused Cast Block
Fused cast AZS from Kerui

2. Competitive Advantages of Kerui

Sample Testing of Kerui Refractories
Sample Test
Great Supply Capacity
R&D Team
Stable Supply Capacity
The supply capacity of Kerui factory is stable. What’s more, our advanced mechanical equipment can efficiently and large-scale produce fused cast AZS blocks. This enables Kerui to fulfill both small and large orders, to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of products to our customers. If you want to get price of fire bricks, contact us now!
Sample Testing
As part of our factory advantage, Kerui offers sample testing services. Meanwhile, customers can request samples of AZS bricks or other refractory products to evaluate bricks’ quality, performance and suitability for specific applications. Therefore, this ensures that customers can make the right decision based on their own assessment.
Research and Development
Kerui invests in research and development to continuously improve refractory technology. Meanwhile, Kerui factory has professional experts who work on product innovation. This allows Kerui to develop advanced refractory solutions to meet the evolving needs of the glass industry and other high-temperature applications.
Customer Support
Kerui provides excellent customer support services. For instance, we have a professional and enthusiastic team that provides consultation, technical support and after-sales service to our customers. This customer-focused approach ensures that customers receive timely assistance and guidance in their work with Kerui.

As a manufacturer with extensive experience in the production of AZS bricks, Kerui can provide you with professional technical guidance at any time. Please feel free to contact us! Or you can follow us on Facebook!

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