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When it comes to high-temperature industrial processes, the choice to buy refractory bricks is crucial. Kerui is a reputable name in the refractory industry, that can offer cost-effective refractory bricks for you. Here is more information about buying refractory bricks from Kerui.

  • Al2O3%% (≥): 55 – 99
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3): 1.9 – 3.9
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃): 1250 – 1790
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa): 25 – 200

Best Refractory Products of Kerui

Introduction of Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks or fire bricks, a kind of shaped refractory material, are the type of bricks that can withstand high temperatures, extreme mechanical stress and harsh chemical environments. Thus, the brick can withstand the temperatures of 1580-2000℃ (2876-3632℉). What’s more, they must have a high fusion point. Normally, the color of refractory bricks is white, yellowish-white or other colors. In this passage, you will know more about china refractory.

Kerui Refractory Brick for Sale
Kerui Refractory Brick for Sale
Kerui's Silica Brick

Buy Different Types of Refractory Bricks

When you want to buy refractory bricks, Kerui stands ready to provide a vast selection of refractory bricks with diverse chemical compositions and varying dimensions. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable refractory product according to your needs.

3 Main Types of Refractory Brick

Aluminum-silicon Refractory Bricks

Aluminum-silicon refractory bricks consist of Al2O3 and SiO2. At the same time, they are a series of fire products because of their exceptional refractory properties. These bricks exhibit a refractory temperature typically exceeding 1600℃ (2912℉). The category of aluminum-silicon fire bricks has a variety of options, including high-alumina bricks, clay bricks, mullite bricks, corundum bricks, AZS bricks and more. Each of these bricks offers unique characteristics and advantages to suit diverse industrial requirements.

Buy AZS Refractory Bricks

Magnesia Refractory Bricks

Magnesia refractory bricks mainly consist of magnesia raw material. They are alkaline composite refractory products. What’s more, magnesia refractory bricks’ chemical composition is primarily MgO and CaO, with the MgO content in the bricks typically exceeding 60%. Their common variations include magnesia bricks, magnesia aluminum bricks, magnesia calcium bricks, and so on. Meanwhile, as high-grade refractory bricks, they offer a wide range of applications.

Buy Magnesia Refractory Brick

Silica Refractory Bricks

When it comes to silica bricks, it is talking about refractory bricks with a SiO2 content of more than 90%. They are a type of refractory brick primarily composed of high-quality quartz or silica sand. However, it is important to note that silica refractory bricks are not suitable for thermal equipment operating below 600℃ (1112℉) or subject to substantial temperature fluctuations. As a result, when you select refractory materials for your specific thermal equipment, you should consider their limitations in such conditions.

Buy KERUI Silica Brick

Various Dimensions of Refractory Brick

Standard Bricks

The dimension of standard bricks is 230*114*65mm. Standard refractory bricks are commonly referred to as traditional or conventional refractory bricks. They represent a universal standard in the industry. Because these bricks adhere to well-established norms, specifications and quality standards to ensure reliable performance. Therefore, these bricks can meet the needs of various applications.

Buy Standard Refractory Brick

Straight Bricks

Straight refractory bricks are also known as rectangular or square refractory bricks. They all possess a distinctive shape characterized by their rectangular or square dimensions. You can use them for lining straight walls and floors, which will offer a seamless and precise fit. With their uniform shape, straight refractory bricks ensure efficient installation and provide structural integrity to the lined surfaces.

Kerui Wedge Refractory Brick

Wedge Bricks

Wedge refractory bricks are narrower at one end and wider at the other. As a result, industries can apply them for constructing arched structures, such as kiln roofs or furnace crowns. Besides, You can assemble them into arches or domes, which can provide structural stability to the fire-resistant lining. Therefore, the correct assembly method of wedge refractory bricks is very important when using them.

Kerui Wedge Refractory Brick

Anchor Bricks

Anchor refractory bricks can anchor or hold the refractory lining in place to maintain structural stability. This refractory bricks are a key component of refractory linings as they ensure safe and efficient high-temperature industrial processes. Thus, the choice of anchoring system and bricks depends on factors such as equipment type, operating temperature and thermal expansion considerations.

The Types of Kerui Bricks

Customized Dimensions Bricks

For the above common refractory brick shapes, you can also purchase customized refractory bricks that suit special needs from Kerui Refractory. These special bricks fit specific installations, such as curved refractory bricks, large refractory bricks or other complex structures. Therefore, Kerui can produce these bricks according to the drawings you provide. Besides, they can reduce your cost.

Various Types of Kerui Bricks

Where to Buy Refractory Bricks?

Buy Bricks in Store or Online

Do you want to know where can i buy cheap refractory bricks? There are many ways to buy refractory bricks. For example, you can buy them at your local industrial supply store. Moreover, opting to purchase through reliable online platforms, such as Google, allows for access to a wide range of refractory bricks from trusted suppliers. Due to lower labor and production costs, refractory bricks made in China tend to be cheaper than those made in other countries. So if you need a large quantity of bricks, it is undoubtedly the best choice to buy great refractory bricks through Kerui website.

Buy Bricks from Kerui Or Other Suppliers

It is a bit difficult to choose the most reliable one to buy from among the many manufacturers of refractory bricks. So you should consider purchasing from Kerui or other refractory bricks suppliers in many aspects. It is worth noting that suppliers must have relevant production licenses to ensure that manufacturers can produce products that meet quality standards and legal requirements. At the same time, service is also important. Compared with other insulating refractory brick suppliers, Kerui always provides high-quality products and one-stop service. Therefore, it is your most reliable choice

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Why Buy Kerui Refractory Bricks?

Strict Production Process of Refractory Bricks

Screening of Raw Materials

The first step is to obtain the necessary raw materials, including alumina, mullite, silica, and so on. These materials are carefully selected based on their purity and quality to ensure the desired properties of the refractory brick.

Bricks Raw Material


The raw materials are mixed together in precise proportions to achieve the desired composition. The mixture of the refractory bricks is then molded into bricks through a molding process such as extrusion or pressing.

Kerui Forming of Buying Refractory Bricks


After forming, the refractory bricks are dried to remove moisture and ensure dimensional stability. The bricks are gradually heated to evaporate the moisture by controlling the temperature and airflow conditions.

Drying Kerui Fire Brick


Dry refractory bricks are fired in a high-temperature kiln. The firing process involves heating the bricks to a specific temperature. This step helps to sinter and fuse the raw materials, which results in a strong and durable structure.

Firing Fire Brick


Heating and cooling of refractory bricks refer to the gradual cooling of the kiln after the brick’s heating and firing process is complete. The cooled refractory bricks are then inspected for quality control to ensure they meet the standards.

Kerui Cooling of Good Fire Bricks


The final step includes packaging refractory bricks for shipping and distribution to customers or end users. The bricks are generally carefully packaged to prevent damage during handling and transportation.

KERUI Package of Buy Fire Bricks

Wide Applications

  • Steel Industry: refractory bricks are suitable for use in the steel furnace refractory, particularly in blast furnaces, ladles, and steel-making converters. Because they can withstand the intense heat and chemical reactions involved in steel production.
  • Glass Industry: using refractory bricks in glass melting furnaces, you can prevent excessive heat from damaging the structure and maintain thermal efficiency.
  • Cement Industry: they play an important role in cement kilns to ensure efficient production in the cement industry. For example, these bricks in the burning zone of the kiln are suitable to the highest temperatures. So they protect the kiln shell and maintain the desired thermal conditions for clinker formation.
  • Petrochemical Industry: in refineries and petrochemical plants, the refractory bricks are suitable for use in cracking units, reformers, and reactors. Because they can provide insulation and chemical resistance to contain corrosive substances.
  • Power Industry: refractory bricks can withstand the high temperatures generated by burning coal, oil, or natural gas, ensuring efficient energy production. Thus, they are also suitable for use in boilers, furnaces, and incinerators within power plants.

Applications of Buying Good Refractory Bricks

Competitive Prices

Kerui Refractory is in Xinmi City, Henan Province, where is renowned as “China’s Refractory Capital”. This advantageous location grants us access to abundant and high-quality refractory materials. Meanwhile, the proximity of our facility to these resources allows us to minimize material delivery costs. Therefore, as an original factory, we take pride in offering factory-direct selling prices. You can trust Kerui to deliver exceptional products at affordable refractory brick prices.

Benefits Offered by Kerui

3 Tips to Buy Excellent Refractory Bricks

1 Clarify Purchase Requirements

Kerui has all kinds of bricks. They are suitable for different fields. So it is necessary for purchasers to think about the types, fire resistance, technical indexes, and where to use at first. If you feel curious about them, you can contact us for help. Our technical team will guide you to choose the best solution.

2 Choose A Reliable Supplier

When choosing a supplier, buyers need to carefully compare different suppliers. Therefore, you can examine them from aspects such as production qualifications, product prices, technical teams and customer reviews. No doubt that Kerui will definitely be your best choice. So you can contact us to buy bricks at any time.

3 Establish Long-term Cooperation

If you need to purchase refractory bricks in large quantities, establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with Kerui is a good way. By establishing such a relationship, you can benefit from more favorable prices. What’s more, it can reduce the cost of constantly searching for suppliers repeatedly.

KERUI Reliable Refractory Bricks Certificate
Kerui is always here to supply high-quality refractory bricks for you. If you want to more information about Kerui, please contact us soon. Or you can also find Kerui on Facebook.

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