Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale

If you are looking for an excellent supplier of ceramic fiber board for sale, Kerui is your best choice. Kerui ceramic fiber board for sale has excellent quality and performance to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Whether it’s high-temperature insulation or customized options, Kerui’s ceramic fiber board can meet your expectations.

  • SiO2% (≥): 46 – 48
  • Modules of Rupture (MPa): 0.45 – 0.55
  • Maximum Use Temperature (℃): 1000
  • Compressive Strength (MPa):0.75 – 0.95
Various Ceramic Fiber Board made by Kerui

Basic Parameters of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale

Kerui high density ceramic fiber board is a high-temperature insulation material widely used in various industries. At the same time, there are different types of ceramic fiber boards, each with its own specific performance, parameters and applications.

Types of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Standard Ceramic Fiber Board

This is a general-purpose board made of high quality ceramic fibers. Standard ceramic fiber board provides excellent insulation performance and can withstand temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C ). Thus, it is commonly used in applications such as furnace lining, kiln insulation, and insulation covers.

High Purity Ceramic Fiber Board

The board consists of ultra-high purity ceramic fibers and adhesives. Meanwhile, it has low thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to chemical attack, and can withstand temperatures up to 3000°F (1649°C). So the board is suitable for applications in high-temperature environments and corrosion resistance.

Zirconia Ceramic Fiber Board

This fiber board uses zirconia fiber as the raw material, which enhances its strength and thermal shock resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to 3600 °F (1982°C) and is used in extreme high-temperature applications such as aerospace and nuclear industries.

High Alumina Ceramic Fiber Board

This type of board is made of high-purity alumina fibers. It can withstand temperatures up to 3000°F (1649°C). This type of fiberboard is used in applications that require high alumina refractory, such as the petrochemical and steel industries.

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Kerui Refractory High Density of Refractory Insualtion Board

Parameter Table of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale

Item/GradeSTD BoardHP BoardHA BoardHZ Board
Classification Temperature/℃1260126013501430
Bulk Density (kg/m³)250/300/360250/300/360300/360300/360
Modules of Rupture ≥/MPa0.
Compressive Strength/MPa (10% relative deformation)0.15/0.25/0.30.25/0.30.25/0.30.25/0.3
Loss of Ignition ≤/%6666
Permanent Linear Change ≤/%1000℃ x 24h
1100℃ x 24h
1200℃ x 24h
1350℃ x 24h
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient /[W/(m·K)]400℃

Introduction of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale

Ceramic fiber board is a lightweight rigid board and consists of high-purity ceramic fiber and adhesives. This versatile ceramic fiber material is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from 2300°F (1260°C) to 3000°F (1649°C), based on the type. Kerui ceramic fiber board has important industrial applications such as metallurgy, petrochemicals, power generation, aerospace, and more.

Composition of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

As the one of ceramic fiber products, Ceramic fiber board includes high-purity ceramic fibers and adhesives. The composition of Kerui ceramic fiber board can be adjusted according to customer needs. The general composition includes the following elements:

  • Ceramic Fibers: The main component of ceramic fiber board is high-purity ceramic fibers, usually made of alumina, silica, zirconia or a combination of these materials. These fibers have excellent insulation and high-temperature resistance.
  • Binders: Binders are added to ceramic fibers to provide the cohesion and strength of the fiber ceramic board. Common binders include organic or inorganic materials. So binders help maintain the structural integrity of ceramic fiber boards.
  • Additives: Various additives can be added to ceramic fibers to enhance the specific properties of the board, such as increasing strength and improving thermal stability. These additives can include fillers, stabilizers, or reinforcing agents.

The precise composition and proportion of these components are carefully formulated to achieve the required performance of Kerui ceramic fiber board for sale, which includes thermal insulation, mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance and chemical degradation.

Fiber Insulation Board for Sale
Kerui Supports Customized Service

Properties of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Good High Temperature Resistance

Kerui ceramic fiber board can withstand extremely high temperatures like insulation bricks, typically up to 3000°F (1649°C). Thus, this makes it suitable for use in high temperature environments where other insulating materials may fail.

Kerui Excellent Performance Refractory Insulation Board

Low Thermal Conductivity

Due to the low thermal conductivity of Kerui ceramic fiberboard, it reduces heat transfer and energy loss. At the same time, this helps to maintain stable temperatures, save energy, and improve performance in industrial processes.

Wide Application of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Extraordinary Chemical Resistance

Kerui ceramic fiber board has good chemical resistance, which can withstand erosion of many acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. As a result, It can maintain structural integrity in the application environment of the chemical processing industry.

Good Performance of Fiber Board Used in High-temp Industry

Excellent Thermal Stability

These ceramic fiber boards have excellent thermal stability, which means they can withstand rapid temperature changes. Therefore, Kerui ceramic fiberboard has become an ideal choice for thermal cycling applications.

Fiber Ceramic Board from Kerui

Low Heat Storage

The low thermal storage of ceramic fiber board ensures the smooth progress of rapid heating. Meanwhile, this property of ceramic fiber board, like soft insulating fire brick is advantageous in processes that require rapid temperature changes.

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale

Low Density Ceramic Fiber Board VS High Density Ceramic Fiber Board

Low density ceramic fiberboard and high-density ceramic fiberboard are two types of ceramic fiberboard, with different densities and physical properties. The following are the main differences between these two types:

KERUI Ceramic Fiber Board

Good Ceramic Fiber Board

Low density ceramic fiberboard has a lower density than high density ceramic fiberboard. The density range of low density boards is generally 200~400kg/m ³. Meanwhile, The density range of high-density boards is generally 600~1000kg/m ³. Thus, the difference in density affects their mechanical strength and insulation performance.
Mechanical Strength
High density ceramic fiber boards are generally stronger than low-density boards. They have higher compressive strength and better resistance to impact and mechanical stress. So this makes high density boards suitable for applications requiring higher strength and structural integrity.
Insulation Performance
Both low and high density ceramic fiber boards have good insulating properties. However, as the thermal refractory, low density boards have better insulation capabilities due to their lower density and higher air content. Therefore, choosing Kerui’s low-density board can give you a good user experience.
Compared to high density ceramic fiber board, low density ceramic fiber board is lighter in weight. As a result, this gives it advantages in applications that require weight reduction considerations, such as in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Common Applications of Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board plays an important role in many industries by providing reliable insulation, temperature resistance, and energy conservation. The following are some common industries for ceramic fiberboard applications:

Uses in Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Uses in Power Industry
Power Industry

Use Ceramic Fiber Boards in Metallurgical Industry

Ceramic fiber board has wide usages in the metallurgical industry as a lining for furnaces and other high-temperature equipment to provide insulation and prevent heat loss.

Use Ceramic Fiber Boards in Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical industry, ceramic fiberboard is used to insulate refinery processes, which include furnaces, reactors and piping, to maintain temperature stability and improve energy efficiency.

Use Ceramic Fiber Boards in Power Industry

Ceramic fiber boards have wide applications in insulating power plant boilers, turbine systems and exhaust ducts, to reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency.

Use Ceramic Fiber Boards in Chemical Industry

Ceramic fiberboard is applied to reactors, vessels, and storage tank equipment in chemical plants, like Kerui refractory bricks for sale,  to prevent heat loss and maintain process efficiency.

Use Ceramic Fiber Boards in Glass and Ceramic Industries

In glass and ceramic manufacturing processes, ceramic fiber boards have wide usages in insulated kilns and ovens to ensure controlled heating for optimal product quality.

Use Ceramic Fiber Boards in Automotive and Aerospace Industries

These industries use ceramic fiberboard in engine compartments, exhaust systems and aerospace components to insulate and improve fuel efficiency.

Competitive Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board Price

As the ceramic fiber board supplier, Kerui’s large-scale production has reduced the production cost of ceramic fiber boards, which is beneficial for customers. Meanwhile, our ceramic fiber boards have excellent insulation, fire resistance, and durability. In addition, Kerui ceramic fiber board is an inorganic material that does not release harmful gases or particles. Therefore, this enables customers to maintain good environmental quality during the production process. These excellent properties extend the service life of ceramic fiber boards and reduce customer replacement costs. Contact us to obtain Kerui ceramic fiber board price!

Benefits from Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Unique Advantages of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale

Kerui ceramic fiber board for sale offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice in various industrial applications. Here are the key advantages of Kerui ceramic fiber board:

Good Performance

Kerui ceramic fiber board is famous for its excellent insulation performance and low thermal conductivity. In addition, It provides reliable high-temperature protection as well as the ceramic fiber blanket, ensuring efficient thermal managemen.

Strict Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, Kerui maintains strict quality control measures to ensure that every ceramic fiber board meets strict quality standards. So this commitment to quality ensures the excellent performance of ceramic fiber boards.

Wide Applications

In metallurgy, petrochemical, power generation, glass, ceramics and other industries. At the same time, Kerui’s ceramic fiber board has a wide range of applications in furnace lining, furnace insulation, heat shield, expansion joint, fire prevention, etc.

Long Usage Time

High quality composition and structural stability allow Kerui ceramic fiber boards to last for a long time. As a sesult,  the properties of durability and abrasion resistance allow them to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments.

Customized Solutions of Insulating Board
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Ceramic Fiber Board Supplier in China – Kerui Refractory

Advanced Technology Manufacturer

Kerui Refractory is known for its advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment. Our leading manufacturing processes ensure the production of high quality ceramic fiber boards that meet industry standards.Besides, it invests considerable resources in developing new processes and products.

Fair Product Prices

On the premise of ensuring product quality, Kerui has always provided customers with fair product prices such as fair fire brick price and silica brick price. We sell 2-inch ceramic fiber board, ceramic fibre board 10mm, ceramic fibreboard 25mm, ceramic fibre board 50mm, etc.

Customized Options

Kerui offers customization options that customers select specific board sizes, thicknesses and performance characteristics based on their specific needs. As a result, this ensures that customers receive cutting ceramic fiber board that precisely match their application requirements.

Authentic Certification

The ISO 9001 and other certificates owned by Kerui indicate that its production processes and products comply with internationally recognized quality standards. Thus, the ceramic fiber boards we sell can guarantee quality. If customers receive products with quality issues, we will promptly resolve them.

Kerui Certificate

Kerui’s advanced technology manufacturing, fair product prices, customized options, and reliable certification make us an ideal supplier of ceramic fiber boards. If you need ceramic fiber board, don’t hesitate to contact us now! Or you can follow our Pinterest!

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