Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Kerui ceramic fiber bulk is made by spinning process. So, its spinning fibers are long and the content of slag balls is low. Moreover, its performance is very stable at high temperatures. It is a filling material for gaps in the wall lining of high-temperature kiln heating devices. In addition, it is also the basic material for fiber series products.

  • Al2O3(≥): 35% – 52%
  • SiO2(≥): 47% – 55%
  • Classification Temperature: 1260℃ – 1430℃
  • Shot Content(≤): 12% – 15%
Ceramic Cotton

Ceramic Fiber Bulk Introduction

Ceramic fiber loose cotton is also called aluminum silicate fiber cotton or aluminum silicate cotton. Moreover, it is a bulk cotton-like high-efficiency thermal insulation and fire-resistant thermal insulation material. The cotton-like one is ceramic fiber loose cotton and the rolled felt-like one is aluminium silicate blanket. Besides, ceramic fiber loose cotton is classified according to the fire resistance temperature: ordinary type (1050℃/1922℉), standard type (1260℃/2300℉), high purity type (1260℃/2300℉), high aluminum type (1300℃/2372℉) and zirconium-containing type (1430℃/2606℉). Moreover, the long-term working temperature of ceramic fiber wool is 800℃(1472℉) – (1430℃2606℉). In addition, its fiber has good elasticity and small shrinkage at high temperatures. Therefore, it is the basic raw material for manufacturing ceramic fiber products at various temperature levels.

KERUI Ceramic Fiber Bulk For Sale
Sprayed Ceramic Fiber Cotton Used in Furnace Lining
KERUI High Performance Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Technical Parameters of Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Item/GradeSTD BulkHP BulkHA BulkHZ Bulk
Classification Temperature/ºC126012601260126013501430
Chemical Compositionω (Al2O3) ≥/%434343445235
ω (SiO2) ≥/%545454554749
ω (ZrO2) ≥/%/////15
Shot Content ≤/%151512151512
Fiber Diameter (μm)3-52-42-43-52-43-5

Tips: this table is formulated concerning Chinese refractory industry standards. The above data is for reference only. The specific usage depends on the working environment of ceramic bulk fiber. Besides, you can contact us or follow us on YouTube for more information.

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Bulk Characteristics

Kerui has been continuously improving the quality of our refractory anchor brick and high temperature ceramic fiber. The high-quality ceramic fiber cotton we produce has the following characteristics:

  • Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, high refractoriness and high thermal sensitivity;
  • Light weight, high strength and good flexibility;
  • Excellent resistance to wind erosion and mechanical impact;
  • Excellent sound absorption and fire resistance;
  • White color, accurate size, easy to cut and install, convenient construction, saving man-hours;
  • It does not contain any binding agent and can be used for a long time in neutral and oxidizing atmospheres;
  • Automated production, stable density and performance.

Ceramic Fiber Cotton
Ceramic Fiber Bulk Density
Package of Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Typical Applications of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Bulk

You can use Kerui ceramic fiber cotton as full fiber lining in various industrial equipment and high-temperature pipelines. Such as metallurgical machinery and equipment, petrochemical equipment, ceramic and electrical porcelain equipment and hot air ducts. Besides, the following are the specific applications of ceramic fiber cotton:

  • Secondary products, such as high temperature ceramic fiber board, blankets, paper, modules, special-shaped parts and raw materials for textiles;
  • Industrial kiln and boiler lining and backing insulation and fire-resistant insulation;
  • Thermal insulation of steam engines, gas engines and other thermal equipment;
  • High-temperature pipeline flexible insulation materials; high-temperature gaskets; high-temperature filtration;
  • Thermal insulation of thermal reactors;
  • Thermal insulation materials for incineration equipment;
  • Thermal insulation of investment castings;
  • Fire protection of various industrial equipment; thermal insulation and fire protection of electrical components;
  • Building fire protection and sound absorption;
  • Filling of stick holes or heating rods in various industrial kilns;
  • Expansion joint fillers for high temperature kilns, heating units and wall linings;
  • Insulating filling materials for raw material corners and complex spaces;
  • High temperature filling seals such as expansion joints, kiln cars, pipes, kiln doors and chimney insulation.

Uses of Ceramic Fiber Cotton
Applications of Ceramic Fiber Cotton
Uses of Ceramic Cotton

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Cotton Supplier Provides Technical Support

Professional Technical Consulting

Kerui’s engineers can recommend the most suitable ceramic fiber cotton model based on the customer’s specific application needs. Moreover, we also provide detailed product technical parameters and user manuals to help customers fully understand product characteristics. Therefore, Kerui can ensure its best use effect and economic benefits.

Training Services

We guide our customers on how to properly install and maintain high temp refractory products. In other words, Kerui ensures customers’ safety and efficiency in use and extends its service life. In addition, we also regularly update information about new products and new technologies to help customers stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

Quick Response

Kerui has established an all-weather customer service system. We use modern communication means to provide remote technical support. As a result, we can quickly resolve customer issues and reduce customer equipment downtime. When necessary, we will dispatch technicians to the customer’s site for technical support and problem solving.

After-Sales Service

As ceramic fibre and high alumina cement suppliers, Kerui conducts regular customer return visits to understand product usage and customer needs and solve potential problems in a timely manner. In addition, we provide fast after-sales maintenance and product replacement services to ensure that our customers’ production is not affected.

Kerui Chemical Laboratory
Kerui Chemical Laboratory
Automated Production
Fully Automatic Robotic Arm

KERUI Ceramic Fiber Bulk Factory


Customers can safely choose Kerui as a supplier of ceramic fiber bulk. What’s more, we have the advantages of high-quality refractory products, strong technical support, customization capabilities, competitive prices and short delivery times. Therefore, we have won the trust and long-term cooperation of many customers. Kerui welcomes customers in need to contact us for quotations at any time!

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