Ceramic Fiber Module

Kerui ceramic fiber module is designed to provide efficient insulation and protection in a variety of industrial applications such as furnaces and other high-temp environments. Kerui continually strives to provide effective solutions to meet the changing needs of the global high temperature industry.

  • Al2O3% (≥) :35-52
  • Bulk Density (kg/m3) :160-220
  • Classification Temperature (℃) :1260-1430
  • Permanent Linear Change (%) :2.5 – 3.0
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Basic Information of Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic fiber modules are pre-fabricated ceramic fiber products designed for high-temperature applications. It consists of alumina-silica or high-purity alumina fibers with excellent thermal insulation and high temperature resistance. Kerui ceramic fiber modules have easy installation and provide effective thermal insulation in various industrial furnaces and thermal processing equipment.

Kerui Fiber Module Types for Sale

Different fiber module types have different parameters, and the specific parameter information of the refractory manufacturers ceramic fiber module is shown in the table below.

Classification Temperature/℃1260126013501430
Chemical Compositionω (Al2O3) ≥/%43445235
ω (SiO2) ≥/%54554749
ω (ZrO2) ≥/%///15
Bulk Density (kg/m³)160-220160-220160-220160-220
Permanent Linear Change ≤/%1000℃*24h
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient/[W/(m·K)]400℃

Unique Properties of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Insulation Modules

Kerui Ceramic fiber modules possess several important properties that make them an ideal choice for high-temperature insulation applications.

Thermal Insulation

Ceramic fiber modules provide superior insulation, minimizing heat transfer and reducing energy consumption. These modules form a barrier that reduces heat transfer and helps maintain high temperatures within the system.

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Thermal Conductivity

Like refractory bricks for sale, Kerui module fiber has a low heat storage capacity, which allows for rapid heating. This characteristic contributes to faster temperature changes and improves thermal efficiency.

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High-Temp Resistance

Designed to withstand high temperatures, Ceramic fiber module can typically operate in temperature ranges from 1000°C (1832°F) up to 1600°C (2912°F) or even higher, depending on the specific type and composition of the module.

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Thermal Shock Resistance

These fiber modules can withstand sudden temperature fluctuation. Meanwhile, their ability to handle thermal shock ensures long-lasting, durable and reliable insulation in environments with rapid temperature fluctuations.

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Chemical Stability

Kerui Ceramic fiber modules have good mechanical strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Besides, they are highly resistant to chemical corrosion, ensuring their durability and longevity in harsh environments.

Ceramic Fiber Module from Kerui

Wide Applications of Fiber Modules

Ceramic fiber modules have wide applications in various high-temp environments due to their excellent thermal insulation properties.

Widely Applied in High-temp Industries

Usage in Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Usage in Power Industry
Power Industry
Steel Industry

Due to their excellent thermal insulation properties, ceramic fiber modules as the steel furnace refractory, can effectively reduce heat loss and have wide usages in the steel industry in equipment such as ladle hoods, heating furnaces and hot air ducts.

Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical industry, ceramic fiber modules are used in insulating equipment for kilns, reactors and pipelines. They help maintain the high temperatures required for chemical processes, reduce energy consumption and prevent heat loss.

Glass Industry

Ceramic fiber modules are vital in glass manufacturing and have a wide range of applications in glass melting kilns, annealing furnaces and glass fiber production. Temperature control during glass production is very important, and the excellent insulation properties of module fiber minimize heat loss and keep it on track.

Ceramic Industry

In the cement industry, ceramic fiber modules are commonly used in cement kilns and preheater towers. By maintaining high temperatures in the kiln, ceramic fiber modules help to increase fuel efficiency and improve the overall performance of cement production operations.

Power Industry

This module fiber plays a vital role in the power industry. They have wide usage on parts such as boilers, piping systems and exhaust systems to reduce heat loss and improve the overall efficiency of the plant.

Widely Applied in High-temp Kilns

Ceramic Fiber Module in Furnace
Blast Furnace
Good Ceramic Fiber Module in Furnace
Melting Furnace
Blast Furnace

Ceramic fiber modules have extensive applications in the walls and roofs of blast furnaces. Because they provide effective thermal insulation. So they can reduce heat loss to ensure high temperatures in the furnace. Meanwhile, module fiber helps to optimize fuel efficiency, promote even heat distribution and contribute to the successful operation of the blast furnace.

Crucible Furnace

Crucible furnaces benefit from ceramic fiber modules, commonly used in metal casting and melting applications. Because the modules provide insulation to the furnace walls. This can retain heat and maintain stable and controlled temperatures for efficient metal melting and casting processes.

Melting Furnace

Like ceramic fiber blanket for sale, ceramic fiber modules are suitable for high-temp melting furnaces such as induction and electric arc furnaces. They are arranged on furnace walls, roofs and doors to provide excellent insulation against heat loss during the melting process, which improves energy efficiency and saves costs.

Waste Incinerator

The application of ceramic fiber modules in waste incinerators enhances the thermal insulation of the waste incinerator and optimizes the combustion process in the waste incinerator. They line the walls, roof, and other hot surfaces of the incinerator. This improves the overall performance of the kiln and ensures safe and efficient waste treatment.

Waste Gas Treatment Furnace

Ceramic fiber modules are widely used in exhaust gas treatment furnaces for their excellent thermal insulation and high temperature resistance. Ceramic fiber modules are durable liners that can withstand the corrosive nature of exhaust gases and maintain thermal efficiency. They are quick and easy to install, which minimizes downtime during furnace maintenance.

The Latest Kerui Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products Prices

The latest Kerui ceramic fiber module price is constantly changing and is affected by module size, density, thickness, temperature rating and other factors. In general, larger modules or ceramic fiber modules with higher density and temperature resistance tend to be more expensive due to increased material and manufacturing costs.
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However, Kerui, as a ceramic fiber module manufacturer, has always offered competitive prices for module fiber  to our customers. In addition, Kerui also offers a range of options to meet the requirements of different customers. For example, we have different fire brick prices and ceramic fiber module prices to choose. If you need the latest price of Kerui ceramic fiber module, please contact us directly for a quote!

What to Consider When You Choose Fiber Module?

When selecting a ceramic fiber module, in addition to price, there are several key factors to consider to ensure optimal performance and suitability for your specific application. Below are some important considerations:

Ceramic Fiber Product Performance

Evaluate the insulation properties of the module fiber, such as resistance to high temperatures, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Look for modules with low shrinkage and high stability to ensure long-term performance. This can prolong the life of your device.

Ceramic Fiber Product Composition

Ask the manufacturer about the composition of the ceramic fiber modules, including the type of fibers used and whether additives have been added. Consider whether the amount of additives added will affect the effectiveness of the insulation. So you can judge whether the product meets your needs.

Ceramic Fiber Module Manufacturer Reputation

Look for reputable companies that can provide a proven history of high-quality ceramic fiber products. Then read customer reviews, seek advice, and ask about the supplier’s quality control processes. Meanwhile, about Kerui Refractory manufacturer, you can also visit Pinterest.

Ceramic Fiber Installation Method

Review the installation requirements and compatibility of ceramic fiber modules with your furnace design. Meanwhile, the size of the ceramic fiber module is important. So you need to make sure that the safe and efficient installation of the ceramic fiber module through the anchoring system and anchoring method.

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A Reliable Ceramic Fiber Module Manufacturer – Kerui

Rigid Quality Control

Kerui implements rigid quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, we adhere to international standards and employ state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure that our ceramic fiber modules meet or exceed performance specifications.

Stable Supply Capacity

Kerui Refractory has established a strong production system to maintain a stable supply capacity. Meanwhile, we have modern production facilities and a strong production capacity to meet our customers’ needs. Thus, this ensures that projects can run smoothly without delays due to supply chain issues.

Rich Export Experience

With years of export experience, Corey has been successfully supplying ceramic fiber modules to customers all over the world. At the same time, our extensive export experience demonstrates our ability to provide our customers with products that meet global standards.

Professional Customer Service

Kerui values customer satisfaction. Our sales team knows our products well. Therefore, they can help customers choose the right ceramic fiber module for our specific application. Meanwhile, we provide technical support and provide after-sales service to ensure a positive customer experience.

Reliable Supplier Kerui Refractory
Professional Kerui Refractory Factory

If you are looking for a reliable ceramic fiber module manufacturer, please contact us. We believe that our products and services will definitely satisfy you and look forward to our cooperation!

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