Ceramic Wool Insulation Price

At Kerui, you can buy ceramic wool insulation at a competitive price. Ceramic insulation wool is the raw material of fiber blankets, fiberboards and fiber products. It is also the thermal insulation filling material for high-temperature kilns, heating devices, wall lining gaps and complex and special-shaped spaces.

  • Price Advantage: located in Xinmi, the hometown of refractory materials, with abundant resources and affordable prices.
  • After-Sales Advantage: one-on-one tracking service, technical support provided by the chief engineer.
  • Supply Advantage: customized ceramic wool is delivered from the kiln in 3-7 days and standard ceramic wool is shipped directly from stock.
Types of Kerui ceramic fiber

Ceramic Wool Insulation Price of Kerui

Through investigation, you can find that the choice of materials has a vital impact on production efficiency, product quality and cost control. Besides, as a material widely used in high-temperature insulation and fire-resistant fields, the performance and price of ceramic fiber wool have become the focus of attention of enterprises and customers.

With its excellent production capacity and market strategy, Kerui suppliers have successfully stood out in the ceramic fiber wool market. We provide ceramic wool fire insulation with both high quality and price advantages. For more detailed prices, you can contact us directly or send us a message on Facebook for a quotation.

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Ceramic Fiber Wool Insulation

Kerui Can Help Customers Reduce Costs

Custom Ceramic Fire Wool

According to the specific needs of customers, Kerui Group China generally provides customized solutions. We ensure that ceramic fiber wool insulation plays the best role in customers’ specific applications. Thus, this reduces unnecessary waste and loss.

Usage and Maintenance Training

We provide usage and maintenance training for ceramic insulation. Reduce material waste and equipment damage caused by improper operation of construction personnel. Besides, Kerui helps customers extend the service life of equipment and materials.

Quality Tracking

By choosing Kerui, you can reduce the losses caused by rework, returns and production stoppage due to quality problems. Kerui also ensures that customers can solve quality problems in time during use and reduce additional costs caused by quality problems.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support services. Kerui Group also responds quickly to customer questions and needs, reducing losses caused by problems not being solved promptly. Your industrial equipment will operate stably for a long time, reducing long-term use costs.

KERUI Ceramic Fiber Bulk Factory

The Biggest Feature of Ceramic Wool Insulation

Generally, Kerui’s ceramic fiber products include ceramic fiber tape, blankets, felts, boards, paper, cloth, ropes, coils, tiles, modules, special-shaped parts, etc.

  • Low thermal conductivity. Only 0.03W/(m·K) at room temperature; 1/5 of clay brick at 1000℃(1832℉).
  • Good chemical stability. It is almost not corroded by chemicals except strong alkali, fluorine and phosphate.
  • Ceramic insulation cotton has a low density, generally between 64kg/m3 – 500 kg/m3.
  • Low heat capacity, only 1/72 of refractory bricks and 1/42 of lightweight bricks.
  • Good insulation performance. Therefore, the volume resistivity at room temperature is 1×1013Ω·cm; the volume resistivity at 800℃(1472℉) is 6×108Ω·cm.
  • Good sound absorption performance. You also can use it as a high-temperature silencer.
  • Good processing performance. So, the fiber is soft and easy to cut, with strong continuity and easy winding.
  • Ceramic fiber has high reflectivity to light waves with a wavelength of 1.8μm – 6.0μm.

Excellent Ceramic Fiber
Ceramic Fiber Blanket

The Difference Between Ceramic Fiber and Glass Fiber

The cotton-like ones is ceramic fiber loose wool and the rolled felt-like ones is fiber blanket. Besides, Kerui’s ceramic fiber wool is divided into different types according to the refractory temperature. There are also ordinary type 1050℃(1922℉), standard type 1260℃(2300℉), high-purity type 1260℃(2300℉), high-aluminum type 1260℃(2300℉), zirconium-aluminum type 1350℃(2462℉) and zirconium-containing type 1430℃(2606℉). The long-term working temperature of ceramic fiber wool is 950℃(1742℉) – 1280℃(2336℉). We mainly use it as a filling material for heat insulation in kilns and as a raw material for secondary processed products.

The operating temperature of glass fiber wool does not exceed 500℃(932℉). In addition, the general operating temperature of glass fiber ultra-fine silk cotton is around 300℃(572℉). It is yellow, has glue and is relatively low in price. It is often used for low-temperature insulation and wall insulation. In addition, the operating temperature of glass fiber felt is around 400℃(752℉). Some glass fiber felts are covered with a layer of aluminum foil (gas barrier, anti-radiation). You also can use it for insulation of low-temperature pipeline equipment.

KERUI High Quality ceramic wool insulation price
Ceramic Wool Insulation
Glass Fiber Wool
Glass Fiber Wool

Applications of ceramic wool insulation

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