Fire Bricks Manufacturers

With the increasing demand from customers, there are many fire bricks manufacturers in the market. Kerui stands out among these enterprises. Moreover, Kerui Refractory has been in the refractory industry for more than 20 years.

  • Al2O3%% (≥): 55-99
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3): 1.9-3.9
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃): 1250-1790
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa): 25-200

KERUI Refractory Bricks

Global Direct Manufacturers of Fire Bricks – Kerui Refractory

As a global direct manufacturer of high temperature refractory bricks, the fire brick company of Kerui has outstanding advantages in the refractory brick industry. Such as product quality, customer customization and global supply chain management. Besides, by providing high-quality refractory brick products, we meet the unique needs of our customers and establish an efficient fire brick supply chain network. Therefore, Kerui refractory brick suppliers play an important role in the global market.

Kerui Fire Bricks Manufacturers

Various Sizes Products of Fire Bricks Manufacturers

Standard Fire Bricks are in Stock

With its stable firebrick supply chain and efficient logistics system, fire brick manufacturers provide spot services for standard refractory bricks. The size of Kerui standard bricks is 230mm×114mm×65mm. Whether you need high alumina bricks, silica bricks or magnesia bricks, we can provide them in time. In other words, this means that you can get the refractory bricks you need immediately.

Commonly Used Fire Bricks are in Sufficient Stock

We maintain adequate stocks of commonly used refractory bricks. Kerui suppliers have a variety of specifications and grades to choose from. Besides, having ample inventory means you can get the refractory bricks you need quickly without worrying about supply shortages or late deliveries. That said, this is great for situations where you need to replace refractory bricks quickly.

Support Customized Fire Bricks

In addition, Kerui suppliers also support the service of fire bricks cut to size according to drawings. If you have special needs or specific design requirements, you can provide relevant drawings or design requirements. Besides, we will customize production according to your requirements. Therefore, this ensures you get refractory fire bricks that meet your specific application needs.

Size of Refractory Bricks

Benefits of Choosing Products from Reliable Fire Brick Manufacturers

High Temperature Stability
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Shock Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Wear Resistance
High Mechanical Strength

Keep the Structure Stable

Firstly, fire bricks have excellent high temperature resistance. It can withstand extremely high temperatures without melting or deforming. Secondly, fire bricks have a low thermal expansion coefficient and can resist the generation of thermal stress. Besides, these properties make high heat fire brick an ideal lining material for high-temperature furnaces. Therefore, it ensures that the kiln structure remains stable during long-term operation.

Maintain Service Life

The firebrick supply of fire bricks manufacturers has excellent wear and corrosion resistance. So, we can use it for a long time in harsh working environments. The material composition and structural design of firebricks make them resistant to chemical attack and mechanical wear. They can withstand chemical corrosion, molten metal and exhaust gas attack at high temperatures. So, it extends the service life of the equipment and improves the energy efficiency of the furnace.

Protect the Surrounding Environment

First, the high-temperature resistance of fire bricks enables them to effectively isolate the heat generated by high-temperature processes. This prevents heat from being conducted in the surrounding environment and reduces thermal pollution. Secondly, fitting fire bricks can resist chemical erosion and block the spread of harmful gases and corrosive substances. This ensures the safety of the surrounding environment and reduces environmental pollution.

Physical Test
Packaging of Fire Brick Manufacturers
Fire Brick from Fire Brick Manufacturers China

Advanced Fire Bricks Manufacturing Process of Fire Brick Manufacturers

Do you know how to make fire bricks or what are firebricks made of? Its production process is very complicated, and the most important thing is that every step of the production is very strict. Nest I will introduce to you the specific steps for how are fire bricks made.

Fire Bricks Raw Material

Sintering Fire Brick

Raw Material Preparation

The main raw materials of refractory bricks include kaolin, quartz sand, expansion agents, binders, etc. First, refractory firebricks suppliers need to prepare these raw materials and conduct strict quality control. Therefore, this ensures that raw materials meet production requirements.

Raw Material Mixing

The prepared raw materials are mixed in specific recipe proportions. The purpose of mixing is to distribute the various raw materials evenly. Then, we keep the chemical composition and physical properties of the final product up to standard.

Mortar Preparation

The mixed raw materials are prepared by adding water to the mortar. What’s more, the quality and proportion of mortar have a significant impact on the performance of the final product. Therefore, as a firebrick and refractory company, Kerui will strictly control parameters such as moisture content, mixing time and mixing speed.


In this refractory bricks manufacturing process,  after the mortar is prepared, it enters how to make firebricks forming. So, common forming methods include extrusion and compression molding. What’s more, the Kerui factory uses press molding. Press molding is to put mortar into a mold and press it into shape through pressure.


We need to dry the formed refractory bricks to remove the moisture in the mortar. Drying is preparation for sintering. Therefore, fire bricks manufacturers need to dry it to remove the moisture. This can prevent the fire bricks from cracking due to sudden temperature rise during the sintering process. This step usually uses drying equipment for rapid drying.


The dried refractory bricks need to be sintered to improve their physical strength and fire resistance. Generally, the sintering process of fire bricks manufacturing usually takes place at high temperatures. Besides, this causes the particles in the bricks to bond with each other, forming a dense structure.

Quality Inspection

Like checking lightweight insulating fire bricks,  after production is completed, refractory bricks require quality inspection. We test the size, appearance, physical properties and chemical composition of the firebrick refractory. So the fire brick company of Kerui can ensure that products meet standard requirements.

Package and Storage

Refractory bricks of acceptable quality will be packaged and properly stored. Generally speaking, common packaging methods include wrapping in plastic film or stacking bricks on wooden pallets. During storage, care should be taken to prevent the bricks from getting wet, exposed to direct sunlight, or mechanically squeezed.

Product flow chart of refractory bricks

Target Industries of Fire Bricks Manufacturers

Steel Industry

Generally speaking, during the high-temperature smelting process, the steel industry requires a large number of fitting fire bricks as lining materials for high-temperature furnaces. In addition, Kerui refractory bricks can withstand extremely high temperatures and chemical attacks during the steel smelting process.

Ceramic Industry

In the ceramic production process, high-temperature kilns are required for sintering and drying processes. Refractory bricks serve as the lining material for kilns and can withstand high temperatures and chemical attacks. Therefore, it ensures the stable operation of the kiln and firebrick refractory quality.

Chemical Industry

The demand for making fire bricks in the chemical industry is also very large. Refractory bricks and aluminate cement are used as lining materials for equipment such as reactors, storage tanks and pipelines to withstand high temperatures and corrosion. Therefore, it maintains the stability and security of your device.

Power Industry

The power industry requires the use of large boilers and combustion equipment. We make fire bricks cut to size as lining materials inside boilers and can withstand thermal stress. At the same time, it can also resist the erosion of coal ash. The use of fitting fire bricks can improve the efficiency and life of the boiler.

Cement Industry

Cement production requires the use of high-temperature equipment such as rotary kilns for calcination and sintering. Firebrick refractory serves as lining material and can withstand high temperatures and chemical attacks. This ensures the stable operation of cement production equipment and product quality.

Metallurgical Industry

In the metallurgical process, high-temperature furnaces are required for processes such as metal smelting and refining. As the lining material of furnaces, high alumina fire bricks can withstand extremely high temperatures and corrosive gas erosion. This increases the service life of metallurgical equipment.

Applications of Kerui Products

Positive Feedback From Customers on Kerui Fire Brick Manufacturer

Excellent Product Quality

“The product quality of Kerui manufacturer is convincing. We have always been very satisfied with the quality of the products they provide. Whether it is the selection of raw materials or the manufacturing process, Kerui has demonstrated excellent professionalism.”

Efficient Delivery Service

“The shipping speed of Kerui manufacturer is impressive. In the process of business cooperation, we have always been satisfied with their efficient shipping services. Timely shipment not only saves us time, but also ensures that our project can move forward on time.”

Strong Technical Support

“Whether in terms of product selection, customization needs or after-sales service, Kerui has demonstrated professional technical strength. Their team is always on hand to provide us with solutions, They also ensure that we get the most out of the great products they offer.”

Kerui Fire Brick Manufacturers Customers

Strong Production Strength of Fire Brick Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Advanced Technology

The firebrick and refractory company of Kerui has a professional technical team. These technicians have extensive industry experience and expertise. We continue to research and innovate and maintain technological leadership. Kerui provides customers with high-quality products and technical support.

Huge Factory

In addition, we have our own production factory with complete production facilities and production lines. Therefore, Kerui strictly manages the factory to ensure the quality and efficiency of the fire bricks manufacturing process, thereby providing a stable firebrick supply and timely delivery.

Abundant Resources

The sufficient supply of resources provides Kerui Compant with a stable fire brick supply and quality assurance. In other words, Kerui Refractory has established long-term cooperative relationships with multiple suppliers. So we ensure the stable supply of raw materials and quality control.

Advanced Equipment

By adopting automated and intelligent production lines, Kerui can improve its efficiency and product quality consistency. The application of advanced equipment can reduce production costs and increase production capacity. For example, our magnesite bricks have very high performance.

Stable Supply

Kerui is committed to ensuring the stability of making firebricks. Through scientific production planning and inventory management, Kerui Group China can allocate production resources promptly. We ensure the smooth flow of the supply chain and provide continuous and stable product supply.

Environmentally Friendly Production

Kerui has taken measures to reduce its impact on the environment during the production process. The fire brick company of Kerui also actively promotes the concepts of recycling and energy conservation. This improves resource utilization efficiency and promotes sustainable development.

Chemical Test
Kerui Refractory Workshop Display
Shipped from Kerui Fire Brick Manufacturers

The Advantages of Kerui Fire Bricks and Service

Stable Quality

Like other reliable fire brick suppliers, Kerui strictly controls and supervises every aspect from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing. We have precise craftsmanship and advanced testing equipment. So the products we produce comply with international standards.

Strict Quality Inspection

Our quality inspectors have extensive experience and expertise. So, we conduct a comprehensive inspection on every batch of firebrick refractory. Only products that pass strict quality inspection can be sold out of the factory to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

Reasonable Price

Kerui suppliers have developed competitive pricing strategies to ensure that customers receive value-for-money products. What’s more, Kerui Refractory focuses on long-term partnerships and is not oriented toward short-term interests, but pursues a win-win cooperation model.

Technological Innovation

Kerui company technical team pays close attention to industry development and customer needs. Through continuous innovation and improvement, we have developed high-performance refractory bricks that meet market needs. Kerui also cooperates with scientific research institutions.

One to One Service

Kerui Group sales team maintains close communication and cooperation with customers. We understand our customers’ needs, feedback and opinions and provide professional advice and technical support. Therefore, Kerui customers will receive satisfactory products and services.

After-Sales Follow-Up

Whether it is product installation or after-sales maintenance, the fire brick company of Kerui will provide all-around support. Kerui team actively communicates with customers and follows up to solve problems. We provide technical training and guidance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Kerui Fire Bricks and Service

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Fire Bricks Manufacturers

Research the Market and Fire Bricks Manufacturers

Get information about their credibility and market share. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different firebrick manufacturers, you can provide a reference for choosing the right supplier.

Supplier Experience and Expertise

Choose a manufacturer with extensive industry experience. Make sure they have the relevant technical expertise and capabilities. Besides, fire bricks firebrick suppliers can understand the needs of their customers.

Product Quality and Specifications

Ensure fire bricks manufacturers have strict quality management systems and quality inspection procedures. At the same time, suppliers should be able to provide diverse product specifications.

Manufacturing Facilities and Capabilities of Fire Bricks

In addition, learn about the factory and equipment used by the supplier to make fire bricks. That is to say, it is necessary to ensure that it has advanced production facilities and sufficient production capacity.

Customer Support and After-Sales Service

Also, fire brick suppliers should have good communication skills and quick response mechanisms. In addition, refractory material manufacturers should provide comprehensive after-sales services.

Price and Delivery

The firebrick suppliers should offer reasonable prices and be able to deliver goods on time. Besides, we need to consider the price and other factors comprehensively to select the most cost-effective supplier.



Fire bricks manufacturers are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent service experience, such as Kerui Refractory. If you want to cooperate with us, you can leave a message in the message box or contact us on Facebook.

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