Fire Clay Refractory Cement

Fire clay refractory cement is a specially formulated refractory material. The addition of clay helps to enhance the refractory properties and chemical resistance of the refractory cement. Therefore, this enables it to better operate at high temperatures for a long time.

  • Price Advantage: located in Xinmi, the hometown of refractory materials, with abundant resources and affordable prices.
  • After-Sales Advantage: one-on-one tracking service, technical support provided by the chief engineer.
  • Supply Advantage: customized fire clay cement is delivered from the kiln in 3-7 days and standard fire clay cement is shipped directly from stock.
Fire Clay Refractory Cement

Presentation of Fire Clay Refractory Cement

We also call refractory cement aluminate cement or high alumina cement. Fire clay refractory cement is usually yellow or brown, but also gray. There is one biggest difference between fire clay mortar and clay refractory cement. We use fire clay mortar for laying clay fire bricks (mixed with water or other liquids). However, we use refractory cement as a binder material for various refractory aggregates. Moreover, refractory castables made from it are used as materials for kiln linings.

Characteristics of Fire Clay Cement

Kerui fire clay refractory cement is worthy of your trust. We start from the perspective of customers and aim to provide customers with cost-effective refractory cement and refractory bricks.

  • High temperature resistance:  high alumina refractory cement can maintain structural stability at temperatures above 1000℃(1832℉).
  • Chemical erosion resistance: resistant to erosion by acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for a variety of industrial environments.
  • Good mechanical strength: provides good physical properties, resistant to high temperature thermal shock and mechanical vibration.
  • Easy to process and construct: suitable for the manufacture of various shapes, including casting, coating and brickwork.

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Application Equipment of Fire Clay Refractory Cement

Raw materials for refractory products: used to make refractory bricks, castables and refractory mortar for sale;

Industrial kilns and heat treatment equipment: protect the inside of the kiln from high temperature thermal shock and chemical corrosion;

Steelmaking furnaces and casting equipment: maintain stable physical and chemical properties at high temperatures and extend the service life of equipment;

Chemical equipment: resist the erosion of chemical substances to ensure the safety and durability of equipment;

Thermal power plants: refractory lining for boilers and high temperature pipelines. It can improve the reliability and efficiency of equipment.

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Kerui Service Promise

Pre-sales service: including technical support, on-site inspection by technical engineers and participation in drawing review.

In-sales service: Kerui promises to follow up the entire process from material supply, kiln masonry, construction to later furnace baking and always maintain communication with customers and provide the necessary support. In addition, we will strictly abide by the contract agreement to ensure that the construction quality of customers using our thermal refractory products meets the quality engineering standards.

After-sales service: we provide later kiln maintenance services to ensure stable kiln operation. The kiln is running non-stop and our service also is non-stop.

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How to Choose the Right Fireclay Cement?

Choosing the right clay refractory cement depends on the following factors:

  • Use environment: consider environmental conditions such as working temperature, chemical corrosiveness and mechanical vibration.
  • Application method: determine whether castable, refractory mortar or refractory brick is required. In addition, you should also consider the required refractory grade and thickness.
  • Affordability: consider the performance and price of the product based on the budget and long-term use cost.

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Kerui has high performance fire clay refractory cement and professional service commitment. You can rest assured to buy any refractory products from Kerui. You can also continue to follow us on YouTube.

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