Hard Fire Brick

Hard fire brick is also referred to as dense firebrick. They have high fire resistance and high operating temperatures. Moreover, Kerui offers various types and sizes of heavy duty fire brick to meet customer requirements. Just leave your needs to Kerui.

  • Price Advantage: located in Xinmi, the hometown of refractory materials, with abundant resources and affordable prices.
  • After-Sales Advantage: one-on-one tracking service; technical support provided by the chief engineer.
  • Supply Advantage: customized bricks are delivered from the kiln in 3-7 days and standard bricks are shipped directly from stock.
KERUI Hard Fire Brick

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Bricks?

Heavy Duty Fire Bricks

Material Ingredient:

  • The main ingredients include alumina, silicate, etc;
  • Usually contain higher aluminum content, so they are called high alumina fire bricks, silicate refractory bricks, etc.

Physical Properties:

  • High fire resistance: it can withstand high temperature (usually up to 1500℃/2732℉ or above) environments and maintain stable physical and chemical properties;
  • High density: it has higher density, stable structure and excellent compression and flexural resistance;
  • Corrosion resistance: it can resist chemical corrosion and is suitable for lining industrial equipment in acid and alkali environments.

Application areas:

  • Mainly used for lining of various high temp industrial equipment. Such as blast furnaces, glass kilns, cement kilns, steel-making furnaces, etc;
  • It is suitable for working environments with long-term high temperature and stable operation.

Refractory fire brick for sale portfolio display

Soft Insulation Bricks

Material Ingredient:

  • The main ingredients are expanded perlite, gypsum, lightweight clay, etc;
  • Contains more pore structure and has better thermal insulation performance.

Physical Properties:

  • Lightweight: soft refractory brick has a lower density, usually half or less that of hard refractory bricks;
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance: its pore structure can effectively reduce heat conduction and has good thermal insulation effect;
  • Low mechanical properties: its compressive strength and flexural strength are poor and it is not suitable for withstanding high pressure.

Application Areas:

  • Mainly used for insulation layer of industrial equipment. For example, furnace walls, flues, pipes, etc;
  • It is suitable for environments that require thermal insulation without constant mechanical impact or high temperatures.

Heat Insulation Bricks Combination

Industrial Applications of Different Hard Fire Brick

High Alumina Bricks

  • For lining in high temperature industrial furnaces. Such as blast furnace, glass kiln, steel smelting furnace, etc;
  • Suitable for working environments that need to withstand high temperatures, fire resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

High Alumina Fire Bricks

Silica Bricks

  • Used in metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials. Such as cement kiln, glass kiln, iron-making furnace and steel-making furnace;
  • The silica fire bricks have good fire resistance and wear resistance in harsh environments such as high temperature, acid and alkali.

Silica Fire Bricks

Magnesia Bricks

  • Used for lining of high-temperature equipment such as glass kilns and cement kilns;
  • It has good resistance to chemical attack and fire resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for glass, cement and other production processes at high temperatures.

Wonderful Magnesia Bricks

Silicon Carbide Bricks

  • It is mainly used for the lining of cast iron and cast steel smelting furnaces and the heat insulation layer of high-temperature kilns;
  • The sic bricks have excellent high temp resistance and chemical resistance. So, it is suitable for special high temp industrial production environments.

KERUI Sales Silicon Carbide Bricks

High Performance Hard Fire Brick Production Process

Kerui has two 168-meter tunnel kilns for mass production of refractory bricks. Moreover, we also have automated robotic arms and digital production systems. In other words, Kerui’s production line has achieved full automation. Besides, our hard firebrick production process includes raw material preparation, mixing, shaping, drying, sintering, surface treatment, quality inspection and packaging storage. Besides, you can find us on Facebook watching videos detailing every step of the production of refractory bricks.

First, we prepare high-quality raw materials. Such as alumina and silicate materials. So, this ensures product performance and stability. Moreover, the raw materials are then mixed in proportions and shaped into brick shapes. After drying to remove moisture, we send the bricks into a tunnel kiln for sintering to form a dense crystal structure. Finally, we carry out surface treatment, quality inspection and packaging storage of the refractory bricks. This step ensures the production of high-quality dense refractory bricks that meet standards. Therefore, Kerui can fully meet the needs of refractory materials in the industrial field.
Product flow chart of refractory bricks

The Necessity of Choosing Kerui Hard Fire Brick for Sale

Provide Refractory Product Selection Guidance

Kerui hard refractory bricks have a variety of product models and specifications. According to the specific use environment and needs of the customer’s project, our engineers can help customers choose suitable refractory bricks. Therefore, this ensures that product quality and performance meet project requirements.

Provide Application Design

Our technical team can customize designs according to different application scenarios and process requirements of customer projects. Through application design solutions, Kerui can ensure the effective application of high density fire brick and extend their service life.

Remote and On-Site Technical Support

Kerui provides remote and on-site technical support services. Customers can obtain technical support on the installation, use and maintenance of refractory bricks by phone, email or on-site technical support team. Therefore, we guarantee that the product will work properly and maximize its performance.

Support After-Sales Repair and Replacement

Refractory bricks may become damaged or aged over time. However, Kerui provides after-sales repair and replacement services. Therefore, customers can promptly contact the after-sales service team for repair or replacement. So, this reduces production delays caused by high performance refractories problems.

Kerui Tunnel Kiln Production Line
Kerui Tunnel Kiln Production Line
Mgo Bricks
Precise Dimensional Control

The Strong Production Capacity of Kerui Factory


Kerui hard fire brick is a highly efficient refractory material used in industrial kilns or other industrial equipment. Moreover, Kerui is responsible for solutions, delivery and after-sales service issues. So, When you need custom refractory bricks or other refractory products, please send your request immediately.

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