Heat Insulation Bricks

Kerui heat insulation bricks are made of high-purity raw materials, advanced production technology and fired at high temperatures. Therefore, they have high high temperature performance and good thermal shock stability. In addition, they are used in the heat insulation layer of medium and high temperature industrial kilns.

  • Al2O3% (≥): 30-99
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 0.5-1.9
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/m·k): 0.2-1.2
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa): 0.8 – 18
Heat Insulation Bricks Combination

How About Kerui Heat Insulation Bricks?

Heat insulation bricks are heat insulation products with regular shapes. Furthermore, they are lightweight thermal insulation refractory materials. The common characteristics of this type of material are small volume density, light bulk density and low thermal conductivity. However, their strength is low and their shrinkage is greater when refired at high temperatures. Therefore, the insulation bricks have good heat insulation and heat preservation effects.

KERUI Alumina Bubble Brick
Alumina Bubble Brick
KERUI Clay Insulation Brick
Fire Clay Insulation Brick
KERUI High Alumina Insulation Brick
High Alumina Insulation Brick

KERUI Mullite Insulation Brick
Mullite Insulation Brick
KERUI Silica Insulation Brick
Silica Insulation Brick
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5 Types of Kerui Heat Insulation Bricks

Kerui processes insulation brick with high precision and precise dimensions. Therefore, we can ensure that customers keep the brick joints consistent during masonry. Moreover, Kerui mainly sells insulation bricks in 5 categories. They are fire clay insulation brick, mullite insulation brick, high alumina insulation brick, silica insulation brick and alumina bubble brick. Please refer to the table below for specific parameters.

NameHigh Alumina Insulation BrickFire Clay Insulation BrickMullite Insulation BrickAlumina Bubble BrickSilica Insulation Brick
Main Content≥48% Al2O330%-46% Al2O340%-77% Al2O390%-99% Al2O3≥91% SiO2
Bulk Density0.5-1.2g/cm³0.5-1.5g/cm³0.5-1.35g/cm³1.3-1.9g/cm³1.0-1.2g/cm³
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient0.2-0.55 W/(m·K)0.23-0.65 W/(m·K)0.18-0.56 W/(m·K)0.9-1.2 W/(m·K)0.55-0.7 W/(m·K)
Cold Crushing Strength1.0-4.5 MPa0.8-6.0 MPa0.9-3.5 MPa6-18 MPa2-5 MPa

Performance Advantages of Kerui Heat Insulation Bricks

Low Thermal Conductivity

As a material with low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation fire brick blocks can effectively reduce heat transfer. Their unique structure and material composition enable them to prevent heat loss and reduce energy loads. So they provide good insulation.

low Heat Capacity

Low heat capacity means that the thermal insulation bricks can effectively absorb and release heat, making temperature changes more stable. This is very important for temperature regulation inside industrial equipment and can provide a stable operating environment..

High Refractoriness

The raw materials of Kerui insulation firebricks for sale are of high quality. So they can withstand high temperature environments without deforming or cracking. This makes it a fireproof isolation material in the industrial field, effectively improving the safety of workers.

High Apparent Porosity

This means that thermal insulation bricks have a large number of tiny pores inside the insulation bricks, providing good thermal insulation. These pores prevent the conduction of heat, thereby reducing heat loss. At the same time, the pores can also absorb noise.

low Bulk Density

The low volume density of insulation bricks makes them lightweight, which is beneficial to the structural design and construction of industrial equipment. The lightweight insulation bricks can reduce the weight of industrial equipment and reduce the structural load.

Chemical Resistance

High temperature insulation bricks can maintain stability and durability for a long time in harsh environments just like magnesia chrome bricks. This makes insulation bricks used in environments such as moisture, acid and alkali. Such as industrial plants and chemical equipment.

KERUI High Alumina Heat Insulation Bricks
KERUI Heat Insulation Bricks
Packing of Heat Insulation Bricks

Where Heat Insulation Bricks are Used in Industrial Equipment?

Furnace Wall

The walls of industrial furnaces need to have high-temperature insulation capabilities. We often use insulating bricks to construct furnace walls to provide excellent thermal resistance and fire resistance. In addition, it can maintain the stability of the furnace structure.

Flues and Chimneys

The excellent insulating bricks can be used on both the inner and outer walls of flues and chimneys to provide thermal insulation. At the same time, the insulation bricks with alumina cement can withstand the erosion and heat radiation of high-temperature flue gas.

Pipes and Pipe Supports

Heat insulating bricks can be used to cover the outer walls of pipes. They can effectively reduce the impact of smoke on the surrounding environment. In addition, We also use insulation bricks on the pipe supports to prevent heat from being conducted to the supports.

Kilns and Reactors

Thermal insulation bricks can be used on the inner and outer walls of kilns and reactors to provide thermal resistance and fire resistance. In other words, this improves the energy efficiency of the piping system and ensures efficient use of heat energy.

Application of Heat Insulation Bricks

Good Quality and Low Price of Kerui Heat Insulation Bricks

Strict Quality Inspection

In the production process, Kerui company adopts advanced production technology and equipment. Therefore, the Kerui Group insulation refractory bricks manufacturing process is precise and controllable. In addition, Kerui thermal insulation bricks have passed multiple quality inspection procedures. This includes visual inspection, dimensional measurements and physical performance testing. We ensure that the insulation bricks we produce comply with relevant standards and specifications.

Reasonable Price

First of all, the production process of Kerui high temperature insulation bricks is highly automated and large-scale and the production cost is relatively low. Secondly, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with suppliers and obtained preferential raw material purchase prices, further reducing costs. In addition, Kerui company pays attention to market competition and reasonable pricing. Therefore, the price of our insulation bricks has a great advantage over similar products.

Advantages of Kerui Dolomite Bricks

Buy Kerui Heat Insulation Bricks with Confidence

High Quality

Kerui strictly controls raw material selection, production technology and quality control. Therefore, we manufacture heat insulation bricks carefully to provide excellent thermal insulation properties, fire resistance and durability. So they can operate stably in high temperature environments. We work tirelessly to ensure the consistent quality of our insulation bricks and provide you with reliable products.

Many Certificates

Kerui company has certificates and certifications issued by multiple authoritative organizations attesting to the quality and compliance of our insulation bricks. These certificates include EMS, CE, QMS and OHSM. These certificates prove Kerui professional capabilities and commitment to quality management and environmental protection. At the same time, we will increase everyone’s trust in our products.

Fast Shipments

We have advanced logistics management systems and warehousing facilities to process orders in a timely manner and ship quickly. We work closely with our logistics partners to ensure products reach customers quickly and safely. This efficient delivery capability enables everyone to obtain the high temperature insulation bricks they need without delay. In other words, Kerui meets everyone’s project progress and needs.

Good After-Sales Service

Moreover, Kerui Refractory has established a complete after-sales service system. We provide customers with timely and professional technical support and consultation. Whether it is pre-sales installation or after-sales maintenance of products, Kerui company will actively respond and provide solutions. Our after-sales team has high professional quality and can effectively solve everyone’s problems.

KERUI Certificates


To sum up, you can get cost-effective insulation bricks from Kerui. In addition, we will continue to provide you with high-quality services. Welcome everyone to contact us on YouTube at any time, we are pleased to receive your message!

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