High Alumina Cement Suppliers

Finding the right high alumina cement suppliers can be the key to your project’s success. Besides, the refractory cement produced by Kerui has the advantages of fire resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength. Therefore, when choosing a high alumina cement supplier, Kerui Refractory is undoubtedly your best choice.

  • Price Advantage: located in Xinmi, the hometown of refractory materials, with abundant resources and affordable prices.
  • After-Sales Advantage: one-on-one tracking service, technical support provided by the chief engineer.
  • Supply Advantage: customized fire cement is delivered from the kiln in 3-7 days and standard fire cement is shipped directly from stock.
Kerui High Alumina Cement Suppliers

Professionalism and Experience of High Alumina Cement Suppliers

As a professional high alumina cement supplier, we have many years of industry experience and expertise. We have an in-depth understanding of the requirements and application fields of refractory materials and continue to pay attention to technological innovation and market trends. In addition, every batch of products supplied by our alumina refractory cement undergoes strict quality control and testing. We have advanced production equipment and laboratories to ensure product stability and consistency. What’s more, our products comply with international standards and have obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Moreover, our professional team will provide customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate

Use and Application of High Alumina Cement

Based on high-quality high temp refractory cement, Kerui provides various refractory materials to meet a wide range of application needs. Our fire cements have excellent fire resistance, excellent chemical stability and excellent wear resistance. Therefore you can use it widely in industrial fields such as steel, metallurgy, cement and chemicals.

  • Refractory manufacturing: we use it extensively in manufacturing various refractory materials. Such as refractory bricks, high temperature castable refractory, refractory coatings, etc. Moreover, you can use them for lining high-temperature industrial equipment, lining kilns and insulating thermal equipment.
  • Cement products: you can also use high alumina cement to produce various special cement products. Such as high wear-resistant cement, high impermeability cement, acid and alkali-resistant cement, etc. In addition, we often use these refractory cements in industrial projects in special environments. Such as chemical plants, power plants and sewage treatment plants.
  • Aluminum alloy smelting: you can use it as lining material for aluminum electrolytic cells. Fire cement has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can protect the inner wall of the electrolytic cell and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • Preparation of special materials: we can also use high alumina cement to prepare some special materials. Such as high-temperature adhesives and high-strength mortars. These materials are used to repair and reinforce high-temperature industrial equipment.
  • Environmental protection projects: high alumina cement also has certain applications in environmental protection projects. For example, we use it to prepare corrosion-resistant materials for sewage treatment equipment and high-temperature-resistant materials for incinerated waste treatment equipment.

Kerui Case Show about High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement Manufacturing Process

High alumina cement is a special type of cement and its production process has some differences compared with ordinary cement. However, different high alumina cement manufacturers may have some subtle differences and improvements. In addition, you can also follow us on YouTube to get more detailed information on the high alumina cement testing and production process.

  • Raw material preparation: the main raw materials of high alumina cement are high alumina bauxite and limestone. These two raw materials require pre-processing steps such as crushing,
  • grinding and mixing: this step is to ensure the uniformity of the raw materials and the appropriate particle size.
  • Mineral reaction: after the raw materials are mixed, they enter a rotary kiln for mineral reaction. In the kiln, the raw materials are calcined at high temperatures. Then, this causes the aluminum oxide in the high-alumina bauxite to react with the calcium oxide in the limestone to form calcium aluminate minerals.
  • Grinding minerals: the product of the mineral reaction is called clinker, which needs to be finely ground. Kerui production workshops usually use cement mills to grind minerals. In this way, this ensures the fineness and uniformity of the mineral powder.
  • Mixing and firing: the ground high-aluminum mineral powder is mixed with an appropriate amount of gypsum (to adjust the setting time) to form the final high-alumina cement clinker. We then further grind the clinker into cement powder of appropriate fineness. Finally, refractory cement manufacturers sinter or calcine the cement powder to improve its strength and stability.

KERUI Product Flow of High Alumina Cement

Top High Alumina Cement Suppliers – Kerui Refractory

High Performance Products

First of all, Kerui adopts advanced production technology and a strict quality control system to ensure product stability and reliability. Whether it is refractory firebricks, refractory castables or special cement products, Kerui Refractory’s products have been carefully designed and strictly inspected. So, they can meet customer demands for high-performance materials.

Physical Test
Physical Test

Professional Team

Secondly, they have a professional sales team and technical support team that can respond to customer needs in a timely manner and provide a full range of technical support and solutions. This includes product consultation, technical guidance or after-sales service. In other words, Kerui always focuses on customer needs and provides customers with high-quality service experience.

Meeting on technical discussions
Kerui Technical Discussions

Innovative Technology

In addition, Kerui Group China continues to invest resources in technology research and development and innovation, aiming to improve product performance and quality. They work closely with customers and continuously innovate technology. Therefore, Kerui not only meets the needs of customers but also makes positive contributions to the development of the industry.

Chemistry Experiment
Chemistry Experiment


As experienced high alumina cement suppliers, we provide high quality products, professional services and reliable quality assurance. Moreover, Kerui Refractory will become a reliable partner in your project. We will provide you with high quality high alumina cement and services. Contact us for a free technical solution and quote!

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