High Alumina Mortar

High alumina mortar is composed of high temperature resistant inorganic refractory materials. It has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and does not produce toxic gases. Moreover, it is easy to use and operate. The construction workers can just add water and mix on site.

  • Al2O3(≥): 55% – 90%
  • Refractoriness(≥) : 1760℃(3200℉) – 1800℃(3272℉)
  • 0.2MPa Softening temperature load degree T0.6/℃: 1400℃(2552℉) – 1650℃(3002℉)
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Technical Specifications of High Alumina Refractory Mortar

W(Al2O3)/% ≥55657565758590
Modules of Rupture/MPa ≥1101112222
1400 * 3h44466
1500 * 3h66
0.2MPa Softening temperature load degree T0.6/1400140016001650
Permanent Linear Change/%1400 * 3h-5 ~ +1
1500 * 3h-5 ~ +1
Bonding Time(min)1 ~ 3
0.5mm, ≤2
0.075mm, ≥5040
Note: If there are special requirements, the bonding time is determined by the supplier and the buyer.

The Application Value of Kerui High Alumina Mortar

Long Service Life

Its main components are high-purity alumina and aluminum silicate. Therefore, Kerui high-aluminum mortar has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance. Use it to reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements. So, this reduces the company’s operating costs and improves production efficiency.

High Cost Performance

Although the raw material cost of Kerui calcium aluminate mortar is relatively high, it has a long service life and good fire resistance. This can effectively reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime. Therefore, taken together, the overall cost of Kerui’s high-aluminum mortar is relatively low in long-term operations.

Convenient Construction

You can pour or spray the Kerui best mortar for firebrick according to specific construction needs. The construction process is relatively simple and quick and does not require highly complex equipment and processes. So, this reduces the construction period and labor costs and improves construction efficiency.

Kerui High Quality High Alumina Mortar
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The Main Uses of High Alumina Mortar

For Construction

We can widely use calcium aluminate mortar in masonry and lining construction of high heat bricks, refractory castables, etc. Moreover, its excellent bonding performance and high temperature resistance enable it to play an important role in the lining construction of high-temperature equipment. Such as blast furnace, rotary kiln, melting furnace, etc.Refractory Mortar Used for Fire Bricks

For Maintenance

During the operation of high-temperature equipment, the lining material may be subject to thermal shock, chemical attack and mechanical wear, resulting in localized damage. What’s more, we can commonly use high alumina refractory mortar for the repair and maintenance of this equipment. This extends its service life and reduces downtime.Application of Ramming Mass

Kerui High Alumina Mortar Application Cases

Steel Plant Blast Furnace Lining Repair

At a large steel plant in Pakistan, the blast furnace lining suffered severe wear and cracks due to long-term exposure to high temperatures and chemical attacks. They used Kerui high-aluminum mortar to repair and reinforce the lining. Moreover, they say this avoids high replacement costs and greatly improves overall productivity.

Kiln Mouth Sealing of Cement Plant Rotary Kiln

The sealing effect of the rotary kiln entrance of a cement plant in South Korea was poor, resulting in heat loss and environmental pollution. After the successful implementation of the sealing renovation plan use of high alumina cement mortar lining, the heat loss at the kiln entrance was reduced by 20% and exhaust gas emissions were reduced.

Glass Factory Furnace Head Repair

The furnace head of a glass factory in Russia experienced peeling and cracks due to long-term high-temperature operation. After they use Kerui’s high alumina mortar to repair the kiln head, it enhanced the structural stability and reduced unexpected shutdowns. This improves glass product quality and extends the life of the furnace.

Cracking Furnace Refractory Layer Maintenance

The refractory layer of a cracking furnace in an Italian petrochemical plant cracked and fell off under the action of high temperature and chemical media. Through Kerui’s high alumina mortar maintenance program, the overall performance of the cracking furnace has been enhanced and the maintenance cycle has been extended.

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Kerui Provides After-Sales Repair and Replacement Services

After-Sales Service Responds Promptly

No matter what kind of problems customers encounter, including quality problems with high alumina fire bricks and mortar, or customer confusion during use. Kerui Company will guarantee to respond to customers as soon as possible and assist in solving problems.

Periodic Inspection

Kerui Company provides regular inspection services to customers to ensure the normal use of high-aluminum mortar products. Regular inspections can help identify potential problems and address them promptly, thereby extending the life of your product.

Quick Repair

Kerui Company promises to provide fast and efficient repair services. We will arrange for professional technicians to go to the site to perform troubleshooting and repair as soon as possible. Kerui ensures that customers’ production and construction plans are not affected.

Replacement Service

If the refractory ramming mass or mortar has quality problems and needs to be replaced, Kerui Company will provide corresponding replacement services. So, we ensure that the replaced refractory products can be put back into use and normal production can be resumed.

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Kerui has extensive experience in high-aluminum mortar production. Furthermore, our factory also produces refractory castables, refractory cement, ceramic fiber products and refractory bricks in various sizes. In addition, if you have special needs for refractory materials, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, you can also get more details about refractory products on our Pinterest page.

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