High Temperature Ceramic Blanket

High temperature ceramic blanket has excellent toughness and structural stability and has high strength after firing at room temperature. Therefore, it can be widely used in the fields of fire resistance, heat insulation and thermal insulation in various industries.

  • Al2O3% (≥): 35-52
  • Bulk Density (kg/m³): 64-128
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/m·k): 0.06-0.4
  • Tensile Strength (kPa): 30-70
High Temperature Ceramic Blanket for Sale

Brief Introduction of High Temperature Ceramic Blanket

High temperature ceramic blanket is white in color and regular in size. It integrates fire resistance, heat insulation and heat preservation functions. Additionally, it can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used in neutral and oxidizing atmospheres. What’s more, ceramic fire blanket can restore their thermal and physical properties after drying.

Kerui ceramic fire blanket insulation is made of special ceramic fibre filaments formed by a special reinforced double-sided needle punching process. Kerui enhanced double-sided needling process improves the interweaving degree and anti-delamination performance of ceramic fibers. Therefore, the refractory blanket has good tensile strength without affecting its flexibility. Kerui ceramic refractory blanket does not use any binding agent. Therefore, we can ensure the good reliability and stability of ceramic fireproof blankets under high-temperature conditions.

KERUI High Temperature Ceramic Blanket for Sale
Kerui High Temperature Ceramic Blankets
KERUI High Temperature Ceramic Blanket

Reference Parameters of High Temperature Ceramic Blanket

Item/GradeSTD BlanketHP BlanketHA BlanketHZ Blanket
Classification Temperature/℃1260126013501430
Chemical Compositionω (Al2O3) ≥/%43445235
ω (SiO2) ≥/%54554749
ω (ZrO2) ≥/%///15
Shot Content ≤/%15151512
Bulk Density (kg/m³)6496128961289612896128
Tensile Strength/kPa305070507050705070
Permanent Linear Change ≤/%1000℃*24h 2.51100℃*24h 2.51200℃*24h 3.01350℃*24h 3.0
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient /[W/(m·K)]200℃

Features and Advantages of Kerui High Temperature Ceramic Blanket

Low Thermal Conductivity
Excellent Thermal Stability
Corrosion Resistance
Good Chemical Stability
Strong Tensile Strength
Good Sound Absorption

Prevent Heat Loss

The ceramic thermal blanket is excellent at protecting against heat loss. It can effectively isolate heat conduction and radiation and reduce heat loss. Whether in high temperature industrial equipment, ductwork or building walls, refractory blanket insulation provides superior thermal insulation. Therefore, this reduces energy waste and heat loss to a great extent.

Maintain Structural Stability

Refractory ceramic fiber blanket maintains structural stability under extreme temperature conditions. They can withstand high temperature shock, thermal expansion and contraction. Ceramic fiber blanket is used in construction and industrial facilities to reduce the impact of thermal stress on structures. Therefore, it extends the service life of the structure.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Kerui high temperature ceramic blanket is constructed of high temperature resistant ceramic fibers with low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. Therefore, its use,  like ceramic fiberboard, can reduce heat loss in areas such as buildings and industrial facilities such as ceramic fiberboard. So it can effectively improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Environmental Friendly

Ceramic fiber blanket is usually made from natural ceramic fibers or recyclable materials and does not contain harmful substances. In addition, the manufacturing process of ceramic fiber blankets is relatively energy-efficient and low-carbon. That is to say, this helps reduce carbon emissions and environmental pressure.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket
white ceramic fiber blankets
white ceramic blankets

What Can High Temperature Ceramic Blanket Do?

As Industrial Kiln Wall Lining

As well as fiber module, refractory blanket has excellent thermal insulation properties and high temperature resistance, it is widely used as wall lining materials in industrial kilns. It can effectively reduce heat conduction and loss and improve the energy efficiency of the kiln. In addition, they isolate the furnace from high temperatures and protect external equipment and personnel.

As High Temperature Pipe Insulation

High temperature ceramic fiber blankets also play an important role in the field of high-temperature pipeline insulation. Its excellent thermal insulation properties can effectively reduce heat loss in piping systems and improve energy efficiency. In other words, high temperature ceramic fiber blankets can wrap pipes and form a thermal insulation layer to reduce heat conduction and loss.

As Building Fire Protection and Sound Absorption

Because of their excellent high temperature resistance and fire resistance, high temperature ceramic blankets can be used as fire protection layers in buildings. Ceramic fiber blankets can prevent the spread of flames and protect the structural safety of buildings. In addition, ceramic fiber blankets also have good sound-absorbing properties, which can reduce noise transmission.

As Modular or Folded Block Processing Materials

High temperature ceramic fiber blankets can also be cut, folded and shaped into various shapes and sizes. This meets the requirements of specific applications. This flexibility makes ceramic fiber blankets ideal for applications such as heat shields, furnace linings, pipe linings and more. Meanwhile, their light weight makes them easy to carry and install, improving the efficiency of the project.

 Applications of ceramic fiber products

Reasonable Price of Kerui High Temperature Ceramic Blanket

Good Product Quality

As a quality-focused refractory company, Kerui is committed to producing high-quality high temperature ceramic blankets. We ensure our products meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of performance, durability and reliability. Kerui Group adopts advanced production technology and strict quality control measures to ensure that high-temperature ceramic blankets meet high-standard quality requirements in all aspects.

Source Manufacturer

As the source manufacturer of products, Kerui Refractory directly provides ceramic fiber blankets to the market. Therefore, this avoids the layer-by-layer increase in profits in the intermediate links. As a result, we are able to sell products to our customers at more competitive prices. Kerui is able to better control costs, so we are able to provide high-quality products at relatively low prices to customers.

Located in the Industrial Base

Industrial bases usually gather a large number of related industrial chains. This agglomeration effect can improve the efficiency of procurement and production and reduce costs. Secondly, Kerui can more easily obtain the latest technology and market information and respond to market changes in a timely manner. This geographical advantage allows Kerui to provide ceramic fiber blanket of 3000 degrees at more reasonable prices.

Additional After-Sales Service

Kerui Company attaches great importance to after-sales service and provides customers with comprehensive support. Whether it is problem solving or technical guidance during the use of ceramic heat blankets, we can provide professional help in a timely manner. Customers can purchase our products such as ceramic fire blanket or mullite brick with confidence and receive timely support and assistance when needed.

Product Testing and Packaging

How to Buy High Quality High Temperature Ceramic Blanket on a Budget?

Identify Needs and Budget Constraints

Before purchasing a high temperature ceramic blanket or high heat fire brick, you must first determine your needs and budget constraints. Determine required specifications, sizes, quantities and quality requirements. Understand your work environment and application scenarios in order to choose a suitable ceramic blanket. At the same time, develop a reasonable price range based on budget constraints to ensure a balance between quality and price.

Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchasing is one of the effective ways to obtain high-quality high-temperature ceramic blankets. You can get more competitive prices and better delivery terms by purchasing in bulk. Fully communicate with suppliers to find out whether there are discount policies or special offers for bulk purchases. In addition, bulk purchasing can also ensure sufficient stock for future use and avoid production interruptions or delays due to shortages.

Compare Prices

Before purchasing a high-temperature ceramic blanket, it is recommended to conduct a price comparison between multiple refractory bricks suppliers. Contact multiple suppliers to learn about their product quality, specifications, prices and after-sales services. But you need to ensure that when comparing prices, you not only focus on price, but also consider product quality and supplier reputation. Thus to ensure that you purchase high-quality products.

Establish Long-Term Cooperative Relationship

Establishing a long-term relationship with your supplier is another key factor in purchasing a high-quality high-temperature ceramic blanket. Through long-term cooperation, suppliers will pay more attention to your needs and provide better support and services. In addition, it can also make it easier for you to obtain product updates and technical support. At the same time, long-term relationships also result in more flexible delivery and payment terms.

Kerui refractory strength display

Strong Production Strength of Kerui Refractory


Kerui Group China has relevant certifications and certificates. This proves that we comply with international and industry standards and have the ability to manufacture high-quality products. These certificates include EMS, CE, QMS and OHSM. In other words, our company follows strict quality standards during the production process and has the ability to produce products that meet international quality requirements.

Rich Export Experience

Kerui Refractory has established cooperative relationships with the international market and successfully exported its products to different regions and countries. Our company has extensive experience in transportation, customs clearance, document preparation, etc. As a result, we are able to handle export matters efficiently and ensure products are delivered to our customers on time and safely.

Short Production Cycle

We have fast and efficient production capabilities and can complete the production and delivery of orders in a short period of time. Kerui adopts advanced production technology and equipment to optimize the production process and improve production efficiency. Therefore, Kerui Company can shorten the production cycle and meet customers’ needs for fast delivery while ensuring product quality.

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