High Temperature Refractory Cement

High temperature refractory cement can withstand extremely high temperatures, resist acid and alkali corrosion and perform well in harsh environments. Kerui provides you with high-quality high temperature refractory cement designed to meet your various construction and engineering needs.

  • Flexural Strength (Mpa): 6.0-12.5
  • Compressive Strength (Mpa): 30-82
  • Specific Surface Areas (㎡/kg): 300 – 350
Kerui High Temperature Refractory Cement

Introduction of High Temperature Refractory Cement

High temperature refractory cement, also known as high alumina cement or aluminous cement, is a specialized type of hydraulic cement. It is made of natural bauxite or industrial alumina and calcium carbonate (limestone) in a certain proportion. Besides, high temperature refractory cement is obtained by heating a mixture of limestone (calcium carbonate) and bauxite (aluminum ore) in a kiln to high temperatures about 1500℃(2732℉). The resulting clinker is finely ground to produce high temperature refractory cement. In addition, it is also made by melting bauxite and limestone.

CA50 High Temperature Refractory Cement
CA50 High Temperature Refractory Cement
CA70 High Temperature Refractory Cement
CA70 High Temperature Refractory Cement
CA80 High Temperature Refractory Cement
CA80 High Temperature Refractory Cement

Technical Parameter of Kerui High Quality Refractory Cement

Chemical Compositionω (SiO2) ≤/%
ω (Al2O3)/%50.0 51.0 53.568.5-70.568.5-70.568.5-70.569.5-71.578.0-81.078.0-81.0
ω (Fe2O3) ≤/%
ω (CaO)/%///28.5-30.528.5-30.528.5-30.527.5-29.517.5-20.517.5-20.5
ω (MgO) ≤/%///
ω (R2O) ≤/%
ω (S) ≤/%
ω (Cl) ≤/%
-45μm ≤/%///8.0 5.0 5.0 8.0 5.0 5.0
Setting TimeInitial Setting Time (min)≥45≥60≥90120-18030-90180-240150-21030-9090-150
Final Setting Time (min)≤6≤6≤6150-24090-180240-330210-30090-180270-360
Strength (ISO)Flexural Strength/Mpa24h6.0 6.58.0 7.5-10.08.0-10.58.0-10.58.5-11.05.0-7.55.0-7.5
72h7.0 7.510.0 10.0-12.010.5-12.510.5-12.511.0-12.56.0-8.56.0-8.5
Compressive Strength/Mpa24h45557240-5045-5545-5550-6030-4030-40
325M ≤/%15128//////
Specific Surface Areas ≥/ (㎡/kg)300320350//////

Properties of High Temperature Refractory Cement for Sale

High Heat Resistance

High temperature refractory cement recipe exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures and thermal shocks. It can withstand temperatures up to 1,500℃(2,732℉), making it ideal for use in refractory applications such as furnace linings, kiln linings, and high-temperature industrial processes.

Acid and Chemical Resistance

Heat stop refractory cement offers high resistance to acidic environments and chemical attacks. It is commonly used in wastewater treatment plants, sewage systems, and other applications where exposure to aggressive chemicals is a concern.

Low Shrinkage

During the curing process, high temperature refractory cement demonstrates minimal shrinkage. Moreover, this property reduces the risk of cracking and structural damage, contributing to the overall durability of the refractory cement at 3000 degrees.

Rapid Hardening

The 4000 and 5000 degree refractory cement has a rapid setting time, allowing for quick hardening and early strength development. So it can achieve high strength in a short period, which is advantageous for applications requiring fast repair or construction.

High Durability

The combination of high heat resistance, acid resistance, and low shrinkage makes high temperature refractory cement highly durable. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term performance and structural integrity.

Good Workability

Kerui heat refractory cement has good workability and is easy to perform in various construction operations (mixing, transportation, pouring, and compacting). Moreover, the quality is uniform and the molding is dense. So we can mix and place it using traditional construction techniques.

Kerui Refractory Cements for Sale
Kerui Refractory Cement for Sale
Kerui High Quality Refractory Cements for Sale

What are The Uses of High Temperature Refractory Cement for Sale?

Heat refractory cement is widely used in various fields due to its special properties. Here are a few common uses for high temperature refractory cement.

Application in Kilns
Raw Materials of Refractory Castable
Raw Material of Refractory Castable

High temperature refractory cement is the raw material in the preparation process of refractory castables. Refractory sand and High temperature refractory cement are mixed together to form strong refractory bricks, refractory castables or prefabricated profiles. Refractory cement maintains stable chemical and physical properties in high temperature environments.

Special Concrete

Heat refractory cement can be used to prepare high-performance concrete. For example, high-strength concrete, high-durability concrete and chemical-resistant concrete. It improves the properties of concrete and provides required special properties.

Fire Resistant Coatings

CAC cement is made into a paint or coating that provides fire protection and thermal insulation properties. This coating is widely used on the surfaces of industrial equipment, pipes and structures. heat refractory cement can improve their fire resistance.

High Temperature Adhesive

This wonderful high temperature refractory cement is often used as a cement in high-temperature environments. It has excellent heat resistance and bond strength and is suitable for bonding and curing needs in high-temperature processes. That is to say, this high-performance refractory cement can adapt to various high-temperature environments.

Quick Fixes and Additions

High temperature refractory cement also named alumina cement, is characterized by rapid hardening and early strength development. So it is often used to quickly repair and supplement concrete structures. In addition, it is also used to quickly fill cracks, repair damaged concrete elements or restore structural integrity. That is to say, CAC cement provides the ability for rapid recovery and strength.

Corrosive Environment

The high quality aluminate cement has good resistance to acidic environments and chemical attacks. Therefore, it is widely used in environments such as sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, and acid waste liquid treatment. It can be said to be an ideal material to protect the environment.

Price Advantages of Kerui Refractory Cement

Price Comparison Relative to Competitors

Kerui refractory cement is cheaper than similar products from other companies. Because Kerui refractory materials adopt efficient production processes and optimized supply chain management. So the cost of our high heat refractory cement is lower. In other words, Kerui high heat refractory cement can be provided to customers at a more affordable price.

Advantages of Large-Scale Production

Kerui has five major production factories, and each factory can achieve large-scale production. Our approach to mass production and bulk purchasing of materials has resulted in cost savings. Therefore, Kerui Company can reduce the manufacturing cost of high heat refractory cement through economies of scale. These cost advantages make our refractory cement highly competitive in price.

Low Cost of Use

refractory cement high temperature’s  lower operating costs in terms of use and maintenance are also a major advantage of Kerui product prices. Our automated high-tech production ensures the durability of refractory cement. Therefore, customers do not need regular maintenance during the use of this product, which saves maintenance costs. Our company has more advantages in the life cycle cost of refractory cement. Therefore, you can buy cheap refractory bricks and refractory cement in Kerui.

Promotions and Preferential Policies

For different refractory materials, Kerui will launch corresponding promotions and discounts. If you buy a large quantity of refractory materials, we will sell them to you at the ex-factory price. Of course, if the purchase quantity is not large, we will also have a corresponding small discount. If you have needs for refractory cement, please contact us. Kerui will let you feel the price advantage of purchasing our company’s products.

Kerui Factory Workshop Display

Reasons to Choose Kerui Refractory Cement as a Reliable Supplier

Automatic Equipment of Kerui Factory
Chemical Test
Product Quality

Our company has always committed to providing excellent product quality. In other words, we adopt strict quality control standards and advanced production processes to ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards. Our industrial fire brick and refractory cement are rigorously tested and verified to ensure their performance and reliability, providing customers with an excellent user experience.

Brand Power

Kerui has an experienced and professional team and has established a reliable brand reputation. Therefore, for more than two decades, we have earned a good reputation by providing customers with excellent products and quality services. What’s more, our annual output of refractory materials is 250,000 tons, and our export products cover 5 continents. So Kerui brand stands for trustworthiness, quality and sustainable development.

Factory Advantage

We have five major factories. The factory is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province. Moreover, it is an important refractory production base in China, mastering high-quality raw material resources and advanced technology. Moreover, the surrounding Xinmi City is rich in mineral resources for refractory materials, which can provide Kerui with stable raw materials. That is to say, this means we can respond quickly to customer needs and ensure on-time delivery.

Automated Manufacturing

Kerui constantly commit to technological innovation and the development of automated production. So we have introduced advanced technology and intelligent systems to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. So we can ensure the consistency and stability of refractory cement. Besides, through automated production, we are able to provide more efficient and reliable products that meet customer needs.

Supply Capacity

Kerui refractory has a stable supply chain and strong supply capabilities. We have established long-term relationships with reliable suppliers and have implemented effective inventory management measures to ensure timely supply. No matter how large an order our customers require, we are able to meet their needs and ensure timely delivery of refractory materials.

Technological Innovation

Focusing on technological innovation and product research and development is the foundation for a company’s long-term development. Kerui invests in research and development to continuously introduce innovative and competitive refractory products. Namely, we keep up with industry trends, pay attention to customer needs, and constantly improve and perfect our products.

Complete and Considerate Service of Kerui Group

One-Stop Service

One-stop solution to meet the diverse needs of customers. No matter what you need, Corey can provide comprehensive services. From product consultation, customization, delivery to after-sales support, we will provide you with all-round support and assistance. Therefore, we will provide the required refractory materials in one stop according to the specific conditions of your industry and project. This way, you get all the services you need in one place, which is convenient and fast.

One-to-One Consultation

As a refractory cements and refractory bricks manufacturer, Kerui values each customer’s unique needs and requirements. We have professional business managers to conduct one-to-one consultation and communication with customers. In addition, our business managers have extensive product knowledge and industry experience and can accurately understand your needs and provide personalized suggestions and solutions. What’s more, we will listen patiently to your questions and concerns and ensure we provide detailed answers and guidance.

Pre-Sales and After-Sales Support

We focus on pre-sales and post-sales support and commit to exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our team will provide customers with comprehensive product information and technical support before purchasing our refractory cement. After product delivery, we provide timely after-sales support to ensure normal product use and customer satisfaction. That is to say, whether it is technical installation or maintenance, we will always provide timely help and solutions.

Timely Communication

We value communication with our customers and promise to respond to customer messages in a timely manner. We know your time is valuable, so we work hard to ensure we respond to your email, phone call or online message as quickly as possible. Namely, our customer service team remains efficient and professional at all times, ensuring you receive timely feedback and support.

Meeting on technical discussions
Kerui Trusted Brand

Precautions When Using Kerui Refractory Cement for Sale

When using refractory cement high temperature, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure safe and effective usage. Here are some precautions to consider.

Proper Mixing

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the cement accurately. Use clean tools and containers to prevent contamination. Moreover, improper mixing can affect the cement’s performance and strength.

Avoid Inhalation

Refractory cement high temperature contains fine particles that can become airborne during handling and mixing. What,s more, Avoid breathing in the dust by working in a well-ventilated area or using respiratory protection. Minimize dust generation by wetting the cement and using appropriate dust control measures.

Skin Protection

Avoid direct contact with the cement by wearing suitable protective gloves and clothing. If the cement comes into contact with your skin, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if irritation or allergic reactions occur. Besides, when using other calcium aluminate cements, you must protect your skin carefully.

Eye Protection

Wear safety goggles or a face shield to protect your eyes from splashes or airborne particles. In case of eye contact, immediately flush your eyes with clean water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical assistance.

Working Time and Curing

High temp refractory cement sets and hardens quickly, so work efficiently and avoid prolonged exposure. S0, follow the recommended curing procedures to achieve the desired strength and durability of the cement.

Storage and Handling

Store high temperature refractory cement in a dry area away from moisture and humidity. Besides, keep the bags tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption. Additionally, follow proper lifting and handling techniques to avoid strain or injury.

Kerui Refractory Brick in Anode Baking Furnace
Refractory Cement for Sale

High Performance Refractory Cement Maintenance Method

Maintaining high temperature refractory cement structures involves regular inspections, cleaning, and addressing any signs of damage or deterioration. So here are some maintenance methods for high temp refractory cement.

Regular Inspections

Conduct routine inspections of the high temperature refractory cement structures to identify any cracks, spalling, or other signs of damage. Inspect both the surface and underlying structures to catch any issues early on.


Like protecting refractory bricks, keep the high temperature refractory cement surfaces clean by removing dirt, debris, and stains. Use mild detergent and water for regular cleaning. What’s more, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the cement.

Repairing Cracks and Spalling

Promptly repair any cracks or spalling in the High temperature refractory cement. Clean the damaged area thoroughly, removing loose material and debris. Besides, use appropriate repair materials, such as calcium aluminate-based repair mortars. Ensure proper curing of the repair materials for optimal bonding and strength.

Protection Against Chemicals

If the high temperature refractory cement is exposed to chemicals or corrosive substances, take appropriate measures to protect the surface. Apply suitable chemical-resistant coatings or sealants to prevent damage and ensure long-term durability.

Preventing Water Intrusion

High temperature refractory cement can be susceptible to water infiltration. In addition, ensure proper drainage and waterproofing measures to prevent water from penetrating the cement. In other words, seal any cracks or joints that may allow water entry.

Temperature and Thermal Expansion

Consider the effects of temperature changes and thermal expansion on high temperature refractory cement structures. Therefore, it provides expansion joints or accommodates thermal movement to prevent cracking or structural damage.

Kerui Refractory


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