Indonesian Customers Discussed Cooperation Matters with Kerui Refractory

Welcome Indonesian customers to visit Kerui Refractory for inspection! This time, the customer negotiated cooperation with Kerui on refractory brick products and nickel ore refining technical support. The goal of this cooperation between Kerui and Indonesian customers is to work together to improve their production efficiency and reliability. In addition, we look forward to further deepening our cooperation and seeking common development through this meeting. Moreover, as a professional refractory brick supplier, Kerui has been committed to providing high-quality products to customers around the world. So, if you need them, please contact us for free technical support.

Kerui refractory strength display

The Results of the Meeting Between Kerui and Indonesian Customers

Supply High Quality Refractory Bricks

To meet the needs of Indonesian customers, Kerui provides magnesia refractory bricks and aluminosilicon refractory bricks. Moreover, these products have excellent high-temperature stability, alkali corrosion resistance and wear resistance during the nickel ore refining process.

Technical Support and Solutions

Kerui’s technical team will work closely with customers to deeply understand their production needs and provide customized solutions. The purpose of our technical support is to improve customers’ production efficiency and ensure long-term stable operation of equipment.

Reduced Production Costs

Kerui helps customers optimize their nickel ore refining process. So, this helps reduce equipment maintenance costs and enhances their sustainable development capabilities. Besides, Kerui is committed to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with our customers.

Indonesian customers cooperated with Kerui
Indonesian customers visited Kerui
Indonesian customers discuss cooperation with Kerui


In its cooperation with Indonesian customers, Kerui Refractory has always adhered to the concepts of integrity, cooperation and win-win. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality refractory products and services. Therefore, Kerui believes that through the efforts and cooperation of both parties, we will jointly promote the development of the nickel ore smelting industry. In addition, Kerui looks forward to cooperating with more customers from all over the world for common development.

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