Installation of Kerui Refractory Products for Fluidized Bed Furnace in Indonesia

In August 2023, Indonesian customers installed Kerui refractory products in their fluidized bed furnaces successfully! As a leader of the refractory industry in China, Kerui Refractory has consistently provided high-quality refractory products as well as professional technical guidance. This auspicious collaboration with the Indonesian company signifies the commencement of a new chapter in our partnership, which promotes continued cooperation and mutual growth.

Basic Information About This Cooperation

The triumph of our collaboration with the customers in Indonesia is tightly tied to their unwavering trust in Kerui and our unparalleled refractory products. On this occasion, the Indonesian customer specifically procured high alumina bricks, clay bricks, lightweight fire bricks, refractory castable and refractory mud. Besides, the total amount of these refractories is 2200 tons for the construction of two fluidized bed furnaces.
Among them, high alumina bricks and clay bricks maintain structural integrity at high temperatures. At the same time, they are very resistant to slag erosion. Therefore, Kerui chose these two types of bricks for the construction of fluidized bed furnaces.
Kerui not only ensured the timely arrival of the products, but also provided technical support for the construction of the boiling furnace. From design to providing recommendations on refractory material selection, our technical support team was there every step of the way. In this regard, customers expressed their high recognition of Kerui.

Refractory Products for Fluidized Bed Furnace

Reliable Logistics Services of Kerui

Zhengzhou Kerui (Group) Refractory Co., Ltd. promises to offer reliable logistics services to complement our exceptional refractory products. Efficient and timely delivery is crucial to customer’s operations, so Kerui strives to meet and exceed their expectations in this regard.

Refractory Products for Fluidized Bed Furnace Delivery Process

Pre-shipment Service

Kerui’s commitment to excellence begins long before our refractory bricks leave our factory. Our experienced team strictly inspects the quality of refractory products. After that, they package these products properly. Meanwhile, planning the most optimal route and mode of transportation is indispensable.

While-shipment Service

Because we recognize the significance of providing exceptional services throughout the shipment process. Through the traceability system, Kerui monitors the delivery and transportation process throughout the process. So you can get real-time logistics information. It will ensure your products are delivered on schedule.

Post-shipment Service

After delivery, Kerui provides technical support for the construction of fluidized bed furnaces, including installation design and refractory material selection. Combining the different temperatures, sizes, and pressure requirements of different parts in the furnaces, Kerui provides the best solutions to extend their service life.

Fluidized Bed Furnace in Indonesia
With a commitment to offer top-quality products and full services, Kerui is looking forward to cooperating with you. If you are willing to know more information about Kerui, you can also find us on Youtube. Trust Kerui can give you the best experience of timely shipping.


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