JM23 Insulation Brick

The main chemical components of JM23 insulation brick are Al2O3 and Fe2O3. Therefore, it can maintain structural stability in high temperature environments. In addition, Kerui high-performance JM23 insulation brick has outstanding advantages. This makes Kerui insulation brick one of the most commonly used insulation materials in many industrial fields.

  • Al2O3(≥): 42% – 48%
  • Bulk Density: 0.6g/cm3 – 1.0g/cm3
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.19W/(m·K) – 0.31 W/(m·K)

KERUI JM23 Insulation Brick

Specification of JM23 Insulation Brick

ω (Al2O3)/ ≥ %424548
ω (Fe2O3)/ ≤ %1.21.0 1.0
Bulk Density (g/cm³)0.60.81
Cold Crushing Strength/MPa1.52.33.0
Permanent Linear Change/% (T/℃*12h)126013001300
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ≤/[W/(m·K)] (350℃)

Benefits of JM23 Insulation Brick

High Refractoriness
Low Thermal Conductivity
Strong Corrosion Resistance
Good Thermal Stability
Light Weight
High Strength
High Compressive Strength

No Cracking at High Temperature

JM23 insulation bricks have excellent thermal stability and high temperature resistance. Therefore, it can be used stably for a long time in high temperature environments without cracking problems. This characteristic makes JM23 insulation bricks suitable for equipment and process devices that require high temperature continuous operation. Non-cracking properties extend the life of the equipment.

Save Equipment Operating Costs

Kerui insulating firebricks j23 has good thermal insulation properties and can effectively insulate and reduce heat loss. We use JM23 insulation brick on equipment and components to reduce heat conduction and heat dissipation. Thus, this reduces energy consumption and fuel costs. In addition, it can also improve the thermal efficiency of the equipment, thereby saving equipment operating costs.

Easy to Construct

The 19 insulating firebrick J23 has good processing performance and is easy to cut and install. Therefore, this makes our construction process easier and faster. Moreover, workers can flexibly cut and assemble JM23 brick according to actual needs. In other words, Kerui insulation bricks are suitable for equipment and components of various shapes and sizes. This greatly improves construction efficiency.

Mullite Insulation Bricks
Packing of Heat Insulation Bricks
Kerui Mullite Insulation Brick

Uses of JM23 Insulation Brick

Generally speaking, JM bricks play an important role in industrial equipment that needs to resist high temperatures and corrosion. Additionally, it protects the integrity of refractory materials and equipment. Moreover, it ensures the safety and efficiency of the production process. The following are some application equipment and application parts of JM23 insulation bricks.

  • Furnace: aluminum anode baking furnace, insulation melting furnace, secondary remelting furnace, galvanizing furnace and atmosphere furnace;
  • Hot air equipment: petrochemical heaters, hot air furnaces, heat treatment, hot air main pipes and loop pipes;
  • Equipment lining: Hot surfaces and back-up insulation in industrial furnaces;
  • Other equipment: primary electrolyzer, flue, refining vessel and reaction chamber.
Use of Insulation Bricks
Uses of Mullite Insulation Brick
Hot Air Equipment
Applications of Kerui Products
Equipment Lining

JM23 Insulation Brick Manufacturing Process

Mullite JM23 Insulation Brick

KERUI Package of Buy Fire Brick

Raw Material Preparation

Mix mullite powder and other additives according to a certain proportion. Mullite powder is the main raw material and additives include binders, reinforcing agents, etc.


Put the mullite powder and additives in the ingredients into a blender and mix thoroughly. That is to say, this step is to mix the components evenly for perfect shaping in the next step.


Then, we pour the mixed materials into the mold to shape the insulation bricks. In addition, Kerui supports the design of the shape and size of the mold according to actual needs.


A press is used to compress the material in the mold to increase the density and strength of the bricks. What’s more, the amount and duration of pressure can be adjusted according to the customer’s specific requirements.


Place the shaped brick insulation into a drying chamber or a drying kiln for drying. The purpose of drying is to remove moisture from the material. This gives the bricks some strength and stability.


In this step, the dried insulation bricks are put into the kiln for high-temperature sintering. During the sintering process, the binding agent in the mullite powder undergoes chemical changes. The bricks are then allowed to form a solid structure.


There are rough pores on the surface of the brick after sintering. Therefore, we need to polish the surface of the insulation bricks. In addition, we mechanically polish the insulation bricks to give them a flat and smooth surface.


Like high heat fire brick, after sintering is completed, the JM23 insulation brick is inspected for quality. This step is to ensure that the product meets the specified technical specifications. Finally, qualified products are packaged for storage and shipping.

Product flow chart of refractory bricks

Value for Money of Kerui Refractory

One-Stop Service

Kerui Group provides professional pre-sales consulting services. We can provide detailed technical guidance and answer questions based on customers’ specific needs and application scenarios. In addition, whether it is special size, shape or specific technical requirements, we support customization according to drawings. Moreover, if you have any questions while using our products, Kerui can solve them for you.

High Quality JM23 Insulation Brick

Although our JM23 insulation brick price is low, it has undergone strict quality control and testing. We have also obtained relevant quality certificates such as CE, QMS, EMS and OHSM. In addition, Kerui has advanced production equipment and technology, as well as experienced engineers. Therefore, we can achieve the stability of JM23 brick quality and ensure that the product meets high quality standards.

Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate

Size of Refractory Bricks


If your industrial equipment requires JM23 insulation brick or mullite series insulation brick products, please contact us. Moreover, Kerui Refractory manufacturer will provide you with high-quality products and reliable service guarantees. In addition, if you want to know more details, you can follow us on Pinterest.

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