JM26 Insulation Brick

JM26 insulation brick is an advanced product with high efficiency, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection. In other words, it is the best insulation material for various industrial furnaces. In addition, Kerui is a professional insulation brick manufacturer, you can contact us at any time for free consultations.

  • Al2O3(≥): 54% – 56%
  • Bulk Density: 0.7g/cm3 – 1.0g/cm3
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.21W/(m·K) – 0.32 W/(m·K)
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 2MPa – 3.2MPa

KERUI JM23 Insulation Brick

Description of JM26 Insulation Brick

Excellent Thermal Insulation
Low Thermal Conductivity
High Cold Crushing Strength
High Compressive Strength
Good Thermal Shock Stability
Perfect Energy Saving

The main components of JM26 insulation brick are high-purity alumina and talc. Kerui will strictly grade filling materials according to the different needs of customers. Furthermore, these fillers are burned during the manufacturing process to create a uniform pore structure. Therefore, it has good fire resistance and thermal insulation properties. In addition, each grade of the product is uniquely designed to meet different thermal, physical and chemical needs. We usually use JM26 mullite insulation bricks for sale for thermal insulation of high-temperature industrial equipment. Moreover, it can effectively reduce the surface temperature loss of equipment and improve energy efficiency. That is to say, the application of JM26 insulation brick extends the service life of the equipment.

Jm26 Insulation Brick
High Quality Jm26 Insulation Brick
Insulation Brick

Technical Data Sheet of JM26 Insulation Brick

ω (Al2O3)/ ≥ %54555656
ω (Fe2O3)/ ≤ %0.90.911
Bulk Density (g/cm³)
Cold Crushing Strength/MPa22.32.83.2
Permanent Linear Change/% (T/℃*12h)1400140014001400
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ≤/[W/(m·K)] (350℃)

Application of JM26 Insulation Brick

JM26 thermal lightweight fire brick relies on its excellent thermal insulation performance, lightweight design and excellent durability. So, this makes it the first choice for various high temperature applications.

  • Electric power industry: boilers, chimneys, heat storage tanks;
  • Metallurgical industry: blast furnace, hot blast furnace, heating furnace;
  • Non-ferrous metal industry: aluminum electrolytic cell, copper smelting furnace;
  • Ceramic industry: roller kiln, kiln;
  • Petrochemical industry: petroleum refining equipment, cracking furnaces, hydrogenation units;
  • Glass industry: glass furnace regenerator;
  • Other industries: tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, carbon furnace.


Attention to Detail When Using JM26 Insulation Brick

When using JM26 insulation bricks, there are some details that need to be paid attention to. By paying attention to the following details, the service life and insulation effect of JM26 insulating fire brick can be effectively improved. Moreover, it can also ensure the normal operation and safety of industrial equipment.

  • Selection of supporting materials: when using JM26 insulation bricks, supporting materials that meet the requirements should be selected. Such as binders, high temperature refractory cement, etc. to ensure the overall use effect;
  • Flat installation: we must install the insulation bricks on a flat and solid foundation. In addition, we also need to ensure that the connections between the refractory bricks are tight to avoid gaps;
  • Waterproofing: when using JM26 insulation bricks, you need to pay attention to waterproofing to avoid damage to the bricks caused by long-term exposure to moisture;
  • Avoid collisions: when transporting and installing JM26 insulation bricks, avoid collisions and falls. This can prevent brick damage from affecting the use effect;
  • Temperature control: the maximum operating temperature of insulation bricks should comply with its design requirements. This prevents the bricks from being deformed or damaged due to over-temperature use;
  • Avoid rapid temperature changes: when using JM26 insulation bricks, try to avoid rapid temperature changes to avoid causing thermal stress to damage the bricks;
  • Regular inspection: Regularly check the installation and status of the insulation bricks. If you find problems such as loose or cracked heat resistant bricks, repair them promptly.

KERUI Jm26 Insulation Brick for Sale
Insulatig Brick
Pakage of Insulation Brick

The Price Advantage of Kerui JM 26 Insulation Brick

Raw Material Cost Control

Kerui JM26 insulating fire brick uses high-quality raw materials to ensure that the product has good performance and durability. In addition, Kerui ensures stable supply of raw materials and preferential prices. Thus, we reduce production costs while ensuring quality.

Advantages of Bulk Ordering

Kerui Company has a large production scale and efficient production capabilities, which can meet the needs of large-volume orders. Therefore, we are able to achieve economies of scale in production costs, thereby making refractory brick prices more competitive.

Flexible Customization Capabilities

We can provide customized JM26 brick according to customers’ specific needs. Such as personalized customization in size, density, color, etc. to meet the individual needs of different customers. Meanwhile, this avoids unnecessary cost increases caused by over-customization.

Advanced Production Technology

Kerui adopts advanced automation equipment and refined management. This improves the production efficiency and quality stability of JM insulation bricks. Therefore, we can reduce the defective rate, reduce production costs and improve the cost performance of refractory products.

Chemistry Experiment
Chemistry Experiment
Automated Production
Automated Production


Kerui Fire Bricks Manufacturers


Kerui has specialized in the production of JM26 insulation brick for more than 20 years. In addition, Kerui has advanced production technology and experienced technical engineers. So, our JM26 bricks provide reliable performance and help improve efficiency and productivity in various industries. If you have any needs for JM26 insulating refractory bricks, please contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours! Besides, you can also follow us on Pinterest to get more information about refractory products.

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