Kerui Fire Bricks are Once Again Sold to Russia in April 2024

Kerui Refractory has once again successfully sold its refractory bricks to customers in the Russian aluminum industry. Kerui has always been committed to providing high-quality refractory materials and providing stable and reliable products for the construction and maintenance of high-temperature industrial equipment. In this transaction, Kerui’s cooperation with Russian customers has been affirmed again.

Kerui Fire Bricks are Once Again Sold to Russia

Packaging and Shipping Details of Fire Bricks

In order to ensure the safe delivery of refractory bricks to their destination, Kerui Company has adopted a series of strict packaging measures. First of all, Kerui Company carefully selected high-quality packaging materials to ensure that they can effectively resist external pressure and vibration. Secondly, Kerui Company carefully packages its products. We use multi-layer packaging to wrap the products tightly to prevent collision damage during transportation. Finally, after we package them, we also conduct strict inspection and acceptance. Therefore, we ensure that every batch of refractory products meets quality standards and meets customer requirements.

After the high density fire brick was ready, Kerui carefully organized the delivery work. We ensure timely and accurate delivery of refractory products to Russian customers. Kerui’s delivery team has received professional training and has rich experience and efficient work capabilities. They cooperate closely during the delivery process to ensure every step goes smoothly. During the loading process, Kerui’s staff strictly followed the prescribed procedures and accurately loaded the fire bricks into the transport vehicle. At the same time, Kerui maintains close contact with transportation companies. They keep track of and share the shipping status of fire bricks with Russian customers. Finally, we safely and quickly delivered this batch of refractory bricks to the Russian customer.

Packaging Acceptance of Refractory Bricks
Detailed Display of Kerui Fire Brick Loading
Packing and Loading of KERUI Fire Bricks


This cooperation again proves the reliability of Kerui Refractory bricks China quality. In addition, this also demonstrates Kerui’s professionalism and management capabilities in packaging and transportation. Kerui’s professional team provides customers with a reliable logistics guarantee and excellent service experience.

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