Kerui High-Quality Refractory Bricks Help Indonesian Customers Smoothly Construct Boiling Furnaces

Recently, an Indonesian customer chose Kerui high-quality refractory bricks in the boiling furnace project of its energy power plant. These refractory bricks are specifically designed to withstand extreme environments of high temperature and chemical attack. Moreover, its excellent performance has been fully demonstrated at the construction site. Below are details from the construction site.

Kerui Refractory Bricks for Boiling Furnace

Benefits of Kerui Refractory Bricks to Boiling Furnaces

Refractory Bricks Available in Different Sizes

Kerui offers a wide variety of fire bricks sizes and specifications to meet the specific needs of Indonesian customers. This flexibility allows construction crews to install and assemble refractory bricks efficiently. Therefore, this ensures the structural stability and sealing performance of the boiling furnace.

Ensure Safe Operation of Boiling Furnaces

Boiling furnaces operate at very high temperatures. But, Kerui’s refractory bricks have excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength and can maintain structural integrity and stability in high temperature environments. Therefore, our products ensure the safe operation of boiling furnaces.

Extend the Life of Boiling Furnaces

The exhaust gases produced in boiling furnaces are often acidic or alkaline. However, Kerui produces refractory bricks with outstanding corrosion resistance by optimizing material formulas and processes. This thermal refractory can effectively resist corrosion from exhaust gas and reduce maintenance costs.

Provide Technical Support and Guidance

At the boiling furnace construction site, Kerui professional technical team provided full support and guidance. They work closely with their customers to ensure fire bricks’ correct installation and construction quality. They strictly supervise the construction process to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

Kerui High Quality Bricks for Boiling Furnace
Boiling Furnace Construction Site


Kerui high-quality refractory bricks have demonstrated excellent performance and reliability at the Indonesian customer’s boiling furnace construction site. This provides a solid foundation for construction. In addition, by choosing Kerui fire bricks, Indonesian customers have obtained reliable solutions for their boiling furnace projects. What’s more, Kerui will continue to provide high-quality refractory materials and professional technical support to meet customer needs.


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