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At Kerui Refractory, innovation is at the very core of everything it does. After several years of overcoming difficulties, Kerui technical team developed “A Special Refractory Brick and Manufacturing Method for Flue Wall of Anode Baking Furnace (ABF)”. This article will introduce this pioneering invention patent for you.

Basic Description of Anode Baking Furnace

An anode baking furnace or anode baking oven, is a crucial piece of equipment in the aluminum smelting industry. Normally, an anode baking furnace is designed to heat and bake pre-formed carbon anode blocks.  Therefore, this equipment plays a key role in the production of carbon anodes used in the electrolytic process to produce aluminum metal.  Meanwhile, no doubt that the selection of its high density fire bricks is of great significance for extending service life and reducing costs.

Flue Wall of Anode-Baking Furnace

Technical Issues of Refractory for Anode Baking Furnaces

The anode baking furnace has been experiencing technical difficulties for many years: serious negative pressure air leakage, unstable operation, large heat loss, and reduced product qualification rate. As a result, these difficulties cause the company’s costs to continue to rise. With Kerui’s invention patent, special refractory bricks for anode baking furnaces can solve these problems very well.

Kerui Invention Patent
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Refractory Installation Method for Flue Wall of Anode Baking Furnace

Key Points of Various Refractories Installation

Installers Should strictly control the flatness, horizontal elevation, groove size, reserved size of expansion joints, fullness of refractory mud, filling thickness of refractory fiber felt, etc. If you want to get more information about these points, please contact us.

4 Tips for Refractory Brick Installation
  1. The reserved size for the expansion joint of the flue wall is 1mm. Besides, it is necessary to use slightly thinner refractory mud for masonry.
  2. The construction of flue wall bricks and horizontal wall bricks must be carried out simultaneously. During construction, double auxiliary lines should be pulled for construction. The expansion joints at both ends of the flue are filled with refractory fiber felt at the height of each brick. The thickness should comply with the requirements of design and construction.
  3. Kerui Refractory reminds you must lay pull bricks and flue well bricks at the same time, not one after the other.
  4. Simultaneously lay the notched wedge bricks and flue wall bricks on both sides of the connection between the flue wall and the cross wall. Additionally, if the last wedge brick is higher than the top of the cross wall when laying, proper processing is indispensable. Note that you should build the furnace chambers one by one in sequence.

Kerui Achievement on Anode Baking Furnace
Kerui Refractory Brick in Anode Baking Furnace

This unwavering commitment from Kerui to innovation is not only evident in our exceptional products but also reflected in our ever-expanding portfolio of invention patents. Thus, Kerui Refractory will constantly improve refractory technology. If you want to cooperate with Kerui, you can contact us at any time. Or you can find us at Youtube.

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