Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Shipped to Russia Again

Congratulations to Kerui for once again successfully launching a new round of cooperation with Russian customers! This time we are also providing high-quality refractory prefabricated blocks to Russian customers. Moreover, Kerui has become the preferred refractory supplier to the Russian industry due to its excellent quality and reliable supply chain.

Refractory Precast Blocks Shipped to Russia

The Process of Sending Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks to Russia

The process of sending Kerui refractory prefabricated blocks to Russia requires a series of steps, including production, packaging, transportation, etc. The following are specific details:

  • Production and manufacturing: Kerui Company produces customized high-performance prefabricated blocks according to customer needs and the special requirements of the Russian market. In response to the needs of the non-ferrous metal smelting field, Kerui uses high alumina refractory castable to make these refractory prefabricated blocks. Therefore, we ensure that it has good fire resistance and wear resistance.
  • Quality inspection: during the production process, Kerui strictly implements the quality management system. So, we ensure that the quality of each batch of refractory precast blocks meets the standards. Through strict quality inspection, we ensure that our products have excellent fire resistance and stable quality levels.
  • Packaging: completely produced refractory precast parts are carefully packed to prevent damage or wear during transportation. In addition, considering the weight and special properties of the prefabricated blocks, Kerui uses wooden boxes and waterproof and moisture-proof packaging materials. This ensures the integrity and safety of the wholesale refractory brick.
  • Transportation arrangements: Kerui works with reliable logistics partners to arrange transportation of refractory precast blocks. Considering the special properties and weight of the prefabricated blocks, Kerui chose land transportation. During the transportation process, the company ensures that the products reach their destination safely. At the same time, we minimize shipping time and costs.
  • Destination service: after the refractory prefabricated blocks arrived at the Russian destination, Kerui Refractory immediately provided installation guidance and after-sales service. Therefore, we ensure that our customers can properly use and maintain refractory precast blocks and maximize their performance benefits.

Refractory Precast to Russia
Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Shipped to Russia
Kerui Precast Block


Kerui engineers and technical experts will work closely with customers to customize high-quality refractory products according to their specific process requirements and furnace design. Moreover, we adopt advanced production processes and quality control measures. So, we ensure its excellent stability and durability in high temperature environments. Kerui welcomes more international customers to cooperate with us, which will be a good choice.

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