Kiln Furniture for Sale

Kiln furniture for sale refers to refractory products that are recycled in industrial kilns to support or protect the fired products. During use, we generally make kiln furniture thinner to reduce heat storage and save energy, but it must have a certain load-bearing capacity. Therefore, this requires refractory kiln furniture to have higher room temperature and high temperature strength.

KERUI Kiln Furniture for Sale

Categories of Kiln Furniture for Sale

The quality and performance of kiln furniture affect the quality, output, energy consumption, qualified rate and grade rate of fired ceramic products. This also plays a decisive role in the production cost and economic benefits of the entire enterprise. Therefore, improving the material performance and quality of kiln furniture, reducing the weight of kiln furniture and extending its service life play an important role in firing high-quality products. The following are the two main product categories of Kerui pottery and glass kiln furniture.

Silicon Carbide Kiln Furniture

Silicon Carbide Plate
Excellent Silicon Carbide Plate
Silicon Carbide Beam
Silicon Carbide Beam
Silcion Carbide Support
Kerui Silcion Carbide Support
Kiln Furniture of Silicon Carbide Roller
Silicon Carbide Roller

Kiln Furniture of Silicon Carbide Radiant Tube
Great Silicon Carbide Radiant Tube
Silicon Carbide Vortex Hollow Cone
Silicon Carbide Vortex Hollow Cone
Kiln Furniture of Silicon Carbide Nozzle
Silicon Carbide Nozzle
Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide Cantilever
Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide Cantilever

Cordierite Mullite Kiln Furniture

Kiln Furniture of Cordierite Mullite Batts
Cordierite Mullite Batt
Cordierite Mullite Plate
Kerui Cordierite Mullite Plate
Cordierite Mullite Supports
Kerui Cordierite Mullite Support

Kiln Furniture of Cordierite Mullite Sagger
Cordierite Mullite Sagger
Cordierite Mullite Setter Crank
Cordierite Mullite Setter Crank
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Performance Requirements of Kiln Furniture for Sale

The fast firing process of ceramics requires kiln furniture to have better thermal shock resistance. For electronic ceramics, in order to prevent the products from being contaminated, we require kiln furniture to have good chemical stability. Modern industry requires kiln furniture to have precise dimensions or diy kiln furniture during mechanical operation to ensure normal production. You can also follow Kerui’s Facebook to learn more about other uses and performance of kiln furniture.

Characteristics of Various Refractory Kiln Furniture

Structural kiln tools: structural kiln tools are important components of industrial kilns. When in service, the temperature inside the kiln is high and it is in direct contact with the gas flame or radiated heat from the heating element. The main kilns used are shelves (beams and columns are usually used in conjunction with shelves, with shelves as the representative), push plates and rollers.

Sintering vessels: special kiln tools that support the firing of ceramic bodies, or saggers that hold powders and then heat-treat in roller kilns, push plate kilns and tunnel kilns. Depending on the firing process of the manufacturer, this type of kiln tool will be subjected to different heating conditions. The material of these types of refractory products depends on the kind of body sintered and the heat treatment process.

Uses of Kerui Kiln Furniture for Sale

Kiln furniture for sale and light weight hollow bricks are widely used in the production of daily-use ceramics, building ceramics, sanitary ceramics and advanced ceramic materials. In recent years, the new energy industry has developed rapidly. Lithium battery-positive electrode materials also require a large number of high-performance kiln furniture for tiles in the production process.

Application of KERUI Kiln Furniture for Sale

Kerui Provides Customers with Comprehensive Solutions

Professional Customization

With its deep technical accumulation and professional team, Kerui is able to tailor-make all kinds of industrial kiln furniture for customers. Our team of engineers will conduct detailed design analysis and simulation according to the specific needs of customers. So, contact us and Kerui can ensure that each kiln furniture can achieve the best performance indicators.

Innovative Technology

As a technology-driven enterprise, Kerui continues to invest in research and development and innovation. We introduce the latest technologies and processes, continuously optimize existing products and develop new kiln furniture. We are committed to improving the efficiency and performance of kiln furniture and creating greater competitive advantages for customers.

Reliability First

We ensure that each kiln furniture meets industry standards and customer expectations from the selection of raw materials to the control of manufacturing processes. Each kiln furniture and high temp fire brick¬†undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before leaving the factory. Its stability and reliability provide support for customers’ production lines.

Global Service Network

Kerui’s service network covers 5 continents and more than 30 countries. No matter where the customer is, we can respond in time and provide professional after-sales service support. Our technical team is ready to solve technical problems for customers at any time. Kerui also guarantees the long-term stable operation of kiln furniture kits and the continuity of customer production lines.

Aerial View of Kerui Factory


As kiln furniture manufacturers, Kerui’s kiln furniture for sale has always performed steadily in the field of industrial firing equipment. We provide reliable solutions to customers around the world. Moreover, our product design focuses on performance and durability, helping you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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