Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Magnesia iron spinel brick is a new generation of chromium-free alkaline refractory materials. What’s more, it is usually used in the firing zone of large-scale rotary kilns. Besides, we also can customize this magnesia hercynite brick according to your kiln and your request.

  • MgO(≥): 85%
  • Bulk Density: 2.90g/cm3 – 2.95g/cm3
  • Refractoriness Underload(≥): 1600℃ – 1650℃
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 50MPa – 55MPa

KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

What is Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick?

The raw material of this magnesia iron spinel brick is high purity spinel. In addition, we make use of the characteristics of solid melting of iron oxide in magnesium oxide to produce chromium-free environmentally friendly magnesia hercynite brick during high-temperature sintering. This manufacturing method solves the problem of chromium-free alkaline bricks being difficult to stick to the kiln skin. Moreover, magnesia hercynite brick is easier to adhere to the kiln skin than directly combined magnesite chrome brick. This makes its use effect more stable and excellent. Therefore, this effectively solves the problem of chromium pollution in the environment caused by magnesia chrome bricks used in cement kilns during use.

KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick
Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick for Sale
Magnesia Iron Spinel Bricks

Physical and Chemical Indicators of Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Tips: this table is formulated with reference to Chinese refractory industry standards. Contact us or follow us on YouTube for more information.

ω (MgO) ≥/%8585
ω (Al2O3)/%3-53-5
ω (Fe2O3)/%4-64-6
Bulk Density ≥ (g/cm³)2.952.90
Cold Crushing Strength ≥ (MPa)5550
Refractoriness Underload ≥ (T0.6℃)16501600
Thermal Shock Resistance ≥ (950℃ Air Quenching, Cycle)10090
Thermal Conductivity ≤ (1000℃) [W/(m·K)]2.62.6
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (1400℃)/%1.61.6

The Advantages of Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

High Compressive Strength
Good Thermal Creep Performance
Great Thermal Shock Stability
Strong Corrosion Resistance
Strong Anti-Penetration Ability
High Load Softening Temperature

Excellent Structural Flexibility

Magnesia spinel brick can withstand thermal expansion and cold contraction at high temperatures. Furthermore, it has lower thermal stress and thermal fatigue cracking tendency. Besides, this structural flexibility allows the mafic spinel bricks to withstand temperature changes and thermal shock during high-temperature processes. So, this ensures the structural stability and safety of industrial equipment.

Easy to Stick and Hang Kiln Skin

Hanging kiln skin is a ceramic coating used to protect the surface of bricks and improve fire resistance. In addition, the surface of magnesia iron spinel brick has a special chemical composition and structural characteristics. So, its bonding ability with the kiln skin is strong. That is to say, it can effectively prevent the kiln skin from falling off and extend the service life of the excellent refractory firebricks.

Environmental Friendly

Chromium compounds have certain toxicity and environmental pollution risks. In contrast, magnesia iron bricks are produced using a chromium-free formula and do not contain harmful chromium compounds. Therefore, there will be no pollution to the environment during industrial production. This complies with industrial environmental standards, making magnesia iron bricks a sustainable choice.

KERUI High Quality Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick
Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Packing of Heat Insulation Bricks

Application Scope of Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Cement Industry

We mainly apply magnesia spinel bricks in the firing zone of rotary kilns, vertical kilns and other kilns in cement production. Alternatively, you can use mafic spinel bricks as lining material. It is resistant to high temperatures and alkali corrosion and can extend the service life of equipment.

Steel Industry

In addition, we will also use magnesia iron spinel brick in high-temperature kilns in the steel smelting process such as steel-making furnaces and converters. What’s more, it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Therefore, magnesia hercynite brick can be used in the lining of kilns.

Aluminum Industry

In the aluminum smelting process, magnesia hercynite brick can be used as a lining material for aluminum electrolytic cells. Magnesia spinel bricks can withstand the corrosion of liquid aluminum at high temperatures. Moreover, magnesia hercynite brick protects the structural integrity of the equipment.

Glass Industry

In a glass melting furnace, you can use magnesia spinel brick for lining. Kerui magnesium bricks can resist chemical attacks at high temperatures and ensure the normal progress of glass production. Also, if you are not sure which type of refractory bricks to use in your kiln, contact us for a free consultation.

Magnesia Alumina Spinel Bricks of Aluminum Electrolytic Cell of Cement Rotary Kiln
Used in Cement Rotary Kiln
Steel Smelting Furnace
Used in Steel Smelting Furnace

Applications of Kerui Products

Powerful Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick Production Factory – Kerui Company

Factory Direct Sales

Kerui refractory and insulating fire brick for sale directly to customers from its production base, eliminating the need for intermediate links. So, we can offer more competitive prices. Moreover, Kerui can ensure the stability of product quality and service, allowing customers to purchase with more confidence.

Strong Productivity

We have advanced automated production equipment and a professional technical team. This means that Kerui has strong production strength and production capacity. Therefore, we are able to deliver large batch orders on time and ensure stable and reliable quality of magnesia iron spinel brick.

Provide Technical Support

Kerui not only provides magnesia brick sales but also provides customers with professional technical support. We have an experienced technical team that can help customers solve various technical problems encountered during use. So, Kerui ensures that customers use the product smoothly.

Guaranteed Worry-Free After-Sales Service

Kerui Company pays attention to after-sales service and guarantees product quality. If there are quality problems or other after-sales needs for advanced refractories, we will respond promptly and provide solutions. Therefore, Kerui ensures that customers have no worries during the purchase and use process.

Kerui Meeting on technical discussions


The chromium-free magnesia iron spinel brick produced by Kerui is of high quality. Moreover, its environmentally friendly properties also meet the requirements of sustainable development. This provides customers with a more environmentally friendly and safer choice for industrial production. Feel free to contact us for a free quote!

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