Magnesite Carbon Bricks

Magnesite carbon bricks are a special refractory material made of components such as magnesium and graphite. Therefore, they have excellent fire resistance and thermal conductivity. We often use them in high temperature kilns and other special refractory applications.

  • MgO% (≥): 69-85
  • C% (≥): 5-18
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 2.87-3.15
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa): 30 – 50
Magnesite Carbon Bricks for Sale

Description of Magnesite Carbon Bricks

There are two kinds of raw materials for Kerui magnesite carbon bricks. One is the high melting point alkaline oxide magnesium oxide (melting point 2800℃/5072℉). The other is a high melting point carbon material that is difficult to be corroded by slag. In addition, various non-oxide additives and carbon binders are added during the magnesia carbon bricks manufacturing process. We mainly use magnesium carbon bricks for the lining of converters, AC electric arc furnaces, DC electric arc furnaces and the slag lines of ladles.

Magnesite carbon bricks are composite refractory bricks China. As magnesia carbon bricks manufacturers, we effectively utilize the strong resistance to slag erosion of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon. Therefore, this compensates to a large extent the biggest disadvantage of magnesia’s poor spalling resistance.

Good Magnesite Carbon Bricks for Sale
Kerui Magnesite Carbon Bricks for Sale
Kerui high quality Magnesite Carbon Bricks

Parameter Table of Magnesite Carbon Bricks

Item/GradeApparent Porosity/%Bulk Density (g/cm³)Cold Crushing Strength/MPaHigh-temperature Bending Strength
ω (MgO)/%ω (C)/%
MT-5A5.0 1.0 3.10 0.0550.0 10.0 //85.0 1.55.0 1.0
MT-5B6.0 1.0 3.020.0550.0 10.0 //84.0 1.55.0 1.0
MT-5C7.0 1.0 2.920.0545.0 10.0 //82.0 1.55.0 1.0
MT-5D8.0 1.0 2.90 0.0540.0 10.0 //80.0 1.55.0 1.0
MT-8A4.51.0 3.050.0545.0 10.0 //82.0 1.58.0 1.0
MT-8B5.0 1.0 3.00 0.0545.0 10.0 //81.0 1.58.0 1.0
MT-8C6.0 1.0 2.90 0.0540.0 10.0 //79.0 1.58.0 1.0
MT-8D7.0 1.0 2.87 0.0535.0 10.0 //77.0 1.58.0 1.0
MT-10A4.0 10.0 6.0 1.0 80.0 1.510.0 1.0
MT-10B4.50.52.970.0340.0 10.0 //79.0 1.510.0 1.0
MT-10C5.0 0.52.920.0335.0 10.0 //77.0 1.510.0 1.0
MT-10D6.0 0.52.870.0335.0 10.0 //75.0 1.510.0 1.0
MT-12A4.0 0.52.970.0340.0 10.0 6.0 1.0 78.0 1.212.0 1.0
MT-12B4.0 0.52.940.0335.0 10.0 //77.0 1.212.0 1.0
MT-12C4.50.52.920.0335.0 10.0 //75.0 1.212.0 1.0
MT-12D5.50.52.850.0330.0 10.0 //73.0 1.212.0 1.0
MT-14A3.50.52.950.0338.0 10.0 10.0 1.0 76.0 1.214.0 1.0
MT-14B3.50.52.90 0.0335.0 10.0 //74.0 1.214.0 1.0
MT-14C4.0 0.52.870.0335.0 10.0 //72.0 1.214.0 1.0
MT-14D5.0 0.52.810.0330.0 10.0 //68.0 1.214.0 1.0
MT-16A3.50.52.920.0335.0 8.0 8.0 1.0 74.0 1.216.0 0.8
MT-16B3.50.52.870.0335.0 8.0 //72.0 1.216.0 0.8
MT-16C4.0 0.52.820.0330.0 8.0 //70.0 1.216.0 0.8
MT-18A3.0 0.52.890.0335.0 8.0 10.0 1.0 72.0 1.218.0 0.8
MT-18B3.50.52.840.0330.0 8.0 //70.0 1.218.0 0.8
MT-18C4.0 0.52.790.0330.0 8.0 //69.0 1.218.0 0.8

Characteristics of Magnesite Carbon Bricks

High Temperature Stability

Magnesia carbon bricks can maintain their physical and chemical properties under extremely high temperature conditions. Moreover, it can withstand the erosion and chemical reactions of high-temperature molten substances.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance makes magnesite carbon bricks perform well in corrosive environments. In other words, it can resist the erosion of acidic, alkaline and other corrosive media and will not be eroded or dissolved by corrosive substances.

Wear Resistance

The excellent wear resistance of magnesia carbon bricks can resist damage caused by particle wear, mechanical impact and abrasive wear. Therefore, mag carbon bricks are ideal for equipment that is constantly challenged by wear and tear.

Good Thermal Conductivity

Like corundum brick, Kerui great mag carbon brick has good thermal conductivity and can conduct heat quickly. It can disperse and transfer heat in high-temperature environments and improve the heat conduction efficiency of equipment.

Great Electrical Conductivity

Excellent magnesite carbon bricks also have good electrical conductivity and can effectively conduct current. In addition, they can provide a stable current conduction path and protect the structure and performance of the equipment.

Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient

In industrial equipment, magnesia carbon bricks expand relatively little when heated. This allows it to maintain a stable shape during high temperature changes. Therefore, it reduces the risk of thermal stress and thermal shock damage.

Kerui Magnesia Bricks for Sale
Magnesite Bricks
Magnesite Bricks for Sale

6 Major Uses of Kerui Magnesite Carbon Bricks

Iron and Steel Smelting Kiln

We commonly use magnesia-carbon bricks and magnesia chrome bricks in steel smelting equipment such as converters, electric furnaces and steel-making furnaces. Generally, we use it in the lining of high temp equipment. It can withstand corrosive gases and protect equipment from slag and chemical attack.

Aluminum Electrolytic Cell

In aluminum electrolytic cells, magnesium carbon bricks are usually used for lining the bottom and side walls of the tank. What’s more, it has good fire resistance and electrical conductivity and can withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion. At the same time, it provides good conductive function.

Glass Kiln

In the glass manufacturing process, a glass furnace is the key production equipment. We use magnesium carbon bricks in furnace walls and bottoms in glass kilns and have excellent fire resistance and thermal shock stability. It can maintain stable operation and efficient refractory of glass furnace.

Thermal Power Plant Boiler

Kerui high quality magnesium carbon bricks have good fire resistance and thermal conductivity. In other words, they can withstand the high temperature and flue gas erosion of the boiler lining. That is to say, it can effectively isolate the furnace and flue, improving the thermal efficiency and stability of the boiler.

Chemical Industry Equipment

The chemical industry involves a variety of corrosive media and high-temperature environments. Magnesite carbon bricks can be used as linings for catalyst reactors, distillation towers and petrochemical plants. Besides, it has excellent corrosion resistance, protecting equipment from corrosion and wear.

Environmental Equipment

The magnesite carbon bricks are often used in the lining of equipment such as flue gas desulfurization devices and waste incinerators. It can withstand high temperatures and acidic corrosive environments. Therefore, it can effectively capture and process harmful gases and reduce the release of emissions.

Magnesite Carbon Bricks for Steel Making
Magnesite Carbon Bricks for Steel Making
Kiln installation of magnesia bricks
Kiln Installation of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Direct Selling Magnesite Carbon Brick Manufacturer-Kerui Refractory

Rich Production Experience

Kerui Refractory has more than 20 years of production experience in the refractory industry. We focus on the research and development, production and sales of Kerui Refractory products. Kerui has close cooperation with customers from various industries internationally. Therefore, our company has accumulated a lot of technical experience and market insights. This enables us to provide high quality, reliable performance magnesite carbon bricks.

Factory Layout

The factory of Kerui Company is located in the refractory industry base – Xinmi City, Henan Province. So, this gives our company a unique advantage. The refractory industry base has a complete industrial chain and abundant resources. For example, raw material supply and technical support. Generally speaking, Kerui makes full use of these resources to achieve efficient supply chain management and excellent refractory product quality control.

Five Major Factories

Our company has established five major factories in the refractory industry base. They respectively focus on the production of different types of refractory products. These factories are equipped with advanced equipment and technology, with strong production capacity and flexible production line layout. In other words, Kerui Group can quickly adjust its production plan according to market demand to meet customers’ customized needs.

Strong Production Capacity

Our factory has two 168-meter high-temperature natural gas tunnel kilns with strong production capacity and short production cycles. Kerui company’s production capabilities cover 4 refractory product series. They are refractory bricks, insulation bricks, ceramic fiber products and unshaped refractory materials. That is to say, whether it is a large-scale project or a small-scale order, Kerui Refractory can meet the needs of our customers.

Kerui Customers

Considerate Service of Kerui Group

Customized Solution

Each customer’s needs are unique and diverse. Therefore, Kerui provides customized solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements. Kerui professional team will provide the best magnesite carbon brick purchase plan based on the customer’s process flow, environmental conditions and budget. This customized service helps customers achieve optimal cost effectiveness.

Fast Delivery

Kerui attaches great importance to customers’ time needs. We adopt efficient production and supply chain management. After you submit your order, regular refractory products are guaranteed to be shipped the same day. In addition, customized products can be produced within seven days. No matter what, Kerui is able to process orders in a timely manner and ensure timely delivery.

Best Shipping Options

We work closely with reliable logistics partners to select the most suitable transportation method for the type and quantity of magnesium carbon bricks. For international transportation, Kerui will provide detailed logistics planning and tracking services. So, we can ensure the safety and reliability of magnesia carbon bricks during transportation. You can receive them on time.

Thoughtful After-Sales Service

Kerui company provides a full range of after-sales support, including installation guidance, technical consultation and maintenance suggestions. No matter what kind of problems customers encounter during use, Kerui’s professional team will respond promptly and provide solutions. Meanwhile, we commit to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with our customers.

KERUI technical conference and productions workshop

Construction Method of Magnesite Carbon Bricks in Kiln

Preparation Before Construction

First, we carry out a careful study of the kiln design requirements. We need to understand the shape, size and process requirements of the furnace. Secondly, check whether the foundation and supporting structure of the construction area meet the requirements. Prepare required construction tools and equipment, such as cutters, grinders, levels, measuring tools, etc.

Magnesite Carbon Bricks Installation

First, apply a layer of heat refractory cement on the basis of the inner wall of the kiln as the bonding layer of the mgo c brick. Then, place the first magnesia carbon brick in the position where the refractory cement has been applied, ensuring a tight fit with the wall. Then use a spirit level to check the level and plumpness of the bricks to ensure accurate installation.

Construction of Magnesite Carbon Bricks Walls and Floors

Ensure that the joints between each layer of bricks are misaligned to enhance the stability of the overall structure. Apply refractory slurry between each layer of brick wall and brick base to ensure bonding and sealing between bricks. In addition, regularly use measuring tools and levels to check and adjust the verticality and levelness of brick walls and brick bases.

Construction Process of Kerui Magnesia Bricks
Construction of Kerui Magnesite Carbon Bricks in Kiln


With the continuous development of science and technology, the application fields of Kerui magnesite carbon bricks will continue to expand. If you have any demand to buy magnesia carbon brick, please leave a message in the message box or contact us on YouTube! We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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