Mullite Brick

Mullite brick is a kind of refractory brick, which is a compound of alumina (Al2O3) and silica (SiO2). The best mullite refractory has a high refractoriness of over 1790℃ (3254℉). As a professional supplier, Kerui Refractory mullite bricks are durable and high-temperature resistant products. If you are looking for mullite bricks, I hope this article can help you!

  • Al2O3% (≥) :62-70
  • Apparent Porosity (%) :26-28
  • Refractoriness (℃) :1760-1780
  • Permanent Linear Change (%) :-0.1-0.4
Various Types of Kerui Mullite Refractory Brick

What is Mullite Brick?

Different from mullite insulation bricks, mullite brick is a kind of fire brick mainly composed of mineral mullite. Mullite refractory brick has a unique crystal structure that gives mullite bricks special thermal and mechanical properties. What’s more, the alumina content in mullite brick is 65% ~75%. Besides, mullite refractory bricks have wide usage in high-temp industries and furnaces.

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Description of Kerui Mullite Refractory Brick

Specification of Mullite Brick

ω (Al2O3)/%μ070.0 62.0
ω (Fe2O3)/%μ01.81.5
Apparent Porosity/%μ02826
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ025
Permanent Linear Change (1500℃*2h)/%Xmin~Xmax-0.1~+0.4

Types of Mullite Brick for Sale

Sintered Mullite Brick

Sintered mullite brick is produced by sintering process. What’s more, it consists of high alumina bauxite clinker as the main raw material, with a small amount of clay or raw bauxite as the binding agent. At the same time, the sintering process helps densify mullite bricks, reducing porosity and improving their mechanical strength. In addition, the exact sintering temperature and duration depend on the desired properties and application requirements.


Fused Cast Mullite Brick

Fused cast mullite refractory bricks consist of high bauxite, industrial alumina and refractory clay as raw materials, adding charcoal or coke fines as a reducing agent. In addition, these bricks are manufactured through a fusion casting process. In addition, these high temp refractory bricks have a dense microstructure due to the slow cooling and solidification process, which results in high density and low porosity, to improve their mechanical strength and erosion resistance.


Corundum Mullite Brick

Corundum mullite bricks mainly include corundum (alumina, Al2O3) and mullite (alumina silicate, 3Al2O3-2SiO2). The combination of these two materials gives the brick excellent mechanical strength, high-temperature stability and thermal shock resistance. In addition, these bricks are suitable for use in extreme temperature environments, such as industrial furnaces, kilns, and incinerators. Besides, they are a preferred choice under intense conditions.



Fused cast mullite has larger crystals than sintered mullite and resists thermal shock better than sintered mullite refractory. Meanwhile, their high temperature properties depend mainly on the content of alumina and the uniformity of mullite phase and glass distribution.

Mullite Bricks Properties



High Refractoriness
Mullite brick is high temperature refractory and its softening load starts at 1600°C ( 2912℉) to 1700°C (3092℉).
Acid and Corrosion Resistance
Mullite refractory bricks have significant resistance to acid and corrosion. So they can withstand exposure to acidic environments without significant degradation.
Cold Crushing Strength
Mullite bricks possess high cold crushing strength above 60Mpa, which means they can withstand significant compressive loads without crumbling or breaking.
Low Thermal Expansion
Mullite bricks have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes them expand and contract minimally with temperature changes.
Wear Resistance
Mullite bricks are highly resistant to wear and abrasion. For instance, they can withstand mechanical stresses and erosive forces.

What Are Mullite Bricks Used For?

Used for Various High-temp Industries

Because of its high load softening temperature, low creep rate at high temperatures, good thermal shock resistance and resistance to acid slag erosion, mullite bricks have a wide range of applications in the steel industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, petrochemical industry, non-ferrous metal industry, cement industry, etc.

Applications of Good Refractories

Used for Various High-temp Furnaces

When it comes to the uses of refractory bricks, we need to understand the special requirements of different high-temperature kilns for refractory bricks. The following are several high-temperature kilns commonly used for mullite bricks:

Bricks in Furnace

Bricks As Lining of Cement Kiln

Blast Furnace

These mullite bricks properties decide they are suitable for blast furnaces for lining the hearth and lower stack areas. What’s more, mullite refractory bricks offer excellent thermal resistance, withstanding the intense heat generated by the combustion of coke and the reduction of iron ore. Besides, they provide a durable and heat-resistant lining that can withstand thermal cycling, ensuring the structural integrity of the furnace.

Hot Blast Furnace

In hot blast furnaces, mullite refractory bricks are suitable for the lining of hot blast furnaces. Furthermore, they are chosen for this application due to their exceptional thermal insulation properties, resistance to thermal shock, and ability to withstand high-temperature combustion gases.

Glass Furnace

Mullite refractory bricks are used as lining materials in glass melting tanks, and regenerators. Because their high refractoriness and resistance to alkali and acidic environments make them suitable for glass production.

Ceramic Furnace

In ceramic manufacturing processes, the lining material of ceramic furnaces uses mullite refractory bricks. Besides, mullite bricks’ low thermal expansion and high refractoriness make them maintain stable and controlled temperatures within ceramic furnaces, to ensure the uniform heating and cooling of ceramic materials.

Cement Furnace

In cement manufacturing processes, mullite bricks are used for the lining material of cement furnaces where clinker is heated to produce cement. Moreover, mullite refractory bricks provide excellent thermal insulation, resistance to thermal shock, and durability against the alkaline environment and abrasive materials present during cement production.

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Buying Top-quality Brick from Kerui

Why Buy Mullite Bricks from Kerui

Advantages of Kerui Mullite Bricks for Sale

Product Quality Inspection

At all stages of the mullite brick production process, Kerui conducts a comprehensive product quality inspection. Thus, it ensures that the mullite refractory bricks meet specific performance standards.

Customizable Options

Kerui offers cheap refractory brick to meet the unique requirements of customers. For example, this includes variations in dimensions, shapes, and compositions, to meet specific installation needs.

Quality Assurance

Mullite bricks from Kerui undergo strict quality control measures to ensure our mullite refractory bricks meet industry standards. What’s more, they are manufactured using high-quality raw materials.

Long Service Life

Mullite refractory bricks from Kerui have a long service life. Because the combination of high-quality materials and stringent quality control measures ensures they can withstand high temperatures.

Benefits from Kerui Good Refractories

Advantages of Kerui Refractory – Top Mullite Bricks Manufacturer in China

Real Manufacturer

Kerui is a genuine mullite brick manufacturer, which ensures cost efficiency and transparency in the supply chain. Meanwhile, Kerui provides high-quality, innovative refractory materials and solutions for industries

Stable Supply Capacity

Kerui mullite refractory manufacturer has a stable supply capacity. Meanwhile, with our well-established production capacity, Kerui can meet customer demand for the bricks without compromising on delivery time.

Environmental Production

Kerui tries its best to protect the environmental in our production processes. During the production of mullite brick for sale, desulfurization and denitrification will be carried out. Thus, our mullite bricks meet environmental standards.

Customization Options

Kerui mullite refractory supplies customization options to meet the specific requirements of customers. Moreover, we provide customized solutions in terms of dimensions, shapes, and compositions.

Kerui Good Refractories Certificate

If you have a furnace under construction that requires mullite bricks, please feel free to contact us at any time. We also have a professional sales manager online to help you! More details about Kerui on LinkedIn.

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