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As one of the great refractory bricks manufacturers in China, Kerui Refractory is a leading company with a good reputation in the industry. With over twenty years of experience, Kerui specializes in producing high quality refractory bricks for various high-temp industrial applications.

  • Al2O3%% (≥) :55-99
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3) :1.9-3.9
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃) :1250-1790
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) :25-200
Kerui Different Types of Refractory Bricks for Sale

A Word Leading Refractory Bricks Manufacturer – Kerui

Compared to other refractory bricks manufacturers, Kerui Refractory Bricks manufacturer is known for producing reliable, durable and cost-effective refractory bricks. Besides, our high-quality products and professional customer service make us a trusted partner for industries that require high-performance refractory materials. Here is detailed information about Kerui manufacturer.

Professional Refractory Manufacturer Kerui

Diverse Refractory Bricks of Kerui Refractory

As the experienced refractory bricks suppliers, Kerui has different types of refractory bricks. Each refractory brick is designed to withstand specific temperatures, chemical environments and applications. Meanwhile, these bricks offer versatility to meet the different needs of various industries such as steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, etc. Kerui refractory bricks manufacturer has alumina bricks, silica bricks, magnesia bricks, insulation bricks and other refractory bricks.

High Alumina Refractory Brick from Kerui

Various Types of Kerui Refractory Bricks Manufacturer

Kerui Fire Clay Refractory Bricks

What’s more, Kerui refractory bricks manufacturer also has different sizes of high temperature refractory bricks, such as standard refractory bricks, straight refractory bricks, wedge refractory bricks, anchor refractory bricks, curved refractory bricks and other dimensions of refractory bricks.

High temperature resistance
Excellent thermal insulation
Good chemical resistance
High mechanical strength
Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance
High-temperature resistance
Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Wide Application of Kerui Refractory Bricks

Applied in High-temp Industries

Refractory bricks can withstand temperatures above 1580°C (2876℉). It has heat resistance, thermal insulation, chemical resistance and mechanical strength in hot and corrosive environments. Kerui high performance refractories play a vital role in high-temp industries. For example, refractory bricks have excellent performance in steel industry, cement industry, glass industry, petrochemical industry, non-ferrous metal industry and other high-temp industries.

Applied in Different Kiln Linings

Kerui Refractory bricks can be suitable for various kiln linings due to their excellent thermal properties and durability. Some common kiln linings that widely use refractory bricks include: rotary kilns, glass tank furnaces, tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, annealing kilns, incinerators, reverberatory furnaces, blast furnaces, and heat treatment furnaces. No doubt that Kerui’s products can provide the necessary mechanical strength and durability for the long-term operation of the kiln.

Applications of Refractory Brick for Sale

Advanced Refractory Bricks Producing Process

Kerui advanced refractory bricks manufacturing process includes several key steps to ensure the production of high-quality products.

Preparation of Raw Material

Kerui will select the appropriate raw materials according to the customer’s need for refractory bricks. Then the selected raw materials will be ground and mixed to make the required raw materials through automated production.

Kerui Selecting Raw Material


The mixed materials are then shaped into the desired refractory brick form. Then this can be achieved through various methods such as pressing, or casting. Kerui’s advanced equipment can produce products with precise dimensions.

Kerui Shaping Brick


Then the formed bricks are dried to remove excess moisture. Meanwhile, this step is essential to prevent cracks and defects. So Kerui’s professional drying room holds a temperature controller to ensure the best drying environment.

Drying Brick


The dried bricks from refractory suppliers are sintered at high-temperature in a kiln or furnace. In addition, this sintering process involves carefully controlled heating to achieve the desired properties of the refractory bricks.

Kerui Sintering Brick

Cooling and Quality Check

Rapid cooling can cause thermal shock and lead to cracks, so controlled cooling is necessary. Then quality checks can help to ensure the bricks meet the required specifications and standards to improve bricks’ performance.


Packaging and Storage

Finished refractory bricks are properly packaged and stored to maintain their quality until ready for shipment. So Kerui cooperates with well-known logistics companies to guarantee timely delivery. So it can protect your rights.

KERUI Package and Delivery

Why Choose Kerui as the Refractory Brick Manufacturer

Supply Capacity

With advanced production equipment, Kerui has a strong supply capacity. With more than 20 years of experience in the refractory industry, Kerui has built up a strong production capacity to meet the needs of various industries.

Quality Control

From the purchase of raw materials to the final inspection of products, Kerui implements strict quality control measures. This attention to detail ensures that you receive refractory and insulation bricks that meet industry standards.

Technology Development

Kerui is constantly investing in research and development to improve our production processes and introduce innovative solutions. In addition, we are constantly working to improve the performance of refractory bricks.

Samples Testing

Kerui offers customers the opportunity to request samples of refractory bricks. Besides, Kerui allows customers to evaluate the quality, performance and suitability of the refractory product for their specific application.

Strict Quality Control from Refractory Bricks Manufacturers
Refractory Bricks Manufacturers' Techonical Center

Kerui Refractory Provides Multiple Options

Leading Kerui Refractory

Intelligent Production of KERUI Refractory Manufacturer

Different Grades and Qualities

Kerui offers different grades and qualities of cheap fire bricks to meet different budgets and performance requirements. Therefore, customers can choose from standard, high-grade or customized services according to their specific needs and budgetary constraints.

Variety of Brick Types

Kerui manufactures various types of refractory bricks, each designed to withstand specific temperature ranges and chemical environments. As a result, customers can choose the option that best suits their application at Kerui.

Customized Services

Kerui can offer customization options that can produce refractory bricks to specific sizes (such as cutting refractory bricks to meet customers’ need), shapes and thermal properties. Meanwhile, this flexibility allows customers to get the right refractory brick for their equipment.

Multiple Transportation Options

Kerui Refractory Bricks Manufacturer provides customers with multiple transportation options to ensure the convenient and efficient delivery of our products.  Kerui can ensure that package securely and transport the refractory bricks in a timely manner to their destination.

Diverse Applications

Kerui refractory bricks are suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as steel furnace refractory, ceramic, glass, non-ferrous, and petrochemicals. Whether it is the lining of the kiln or other high-temperature equipment, Kerui can provide the right refractory solution.

How to Select a Reliable Refractory Bricks Supplier

Experience and Reputation

Look for refractory bricks manufacturers who have extensive experience in the refractory industry. Because refractory bricks manufacturers with a good reputation are more likely to provide excellent customer service.

Pricing and Valuel

Pricing is important, but focus on the overall value offered by the manufacturer, including product quality, customer support, and deliverability. Choose a manufacturer that offers competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Certifications and Standards

Check that the manufacturer meets recognized industry standards and holds relevant certifications. Because this shows their commitment to producing compliant and reliable refractory bricks.

Customer Reviews

Study customer reviews and seek references from other customers who have worked with the manufacturer. This provides insight into the manufacturer’s reliability. Meanwhile, you can know more about Kerui on YouTube.

Kerui Reliable Refractory Bricks Certificate

As a real refractory brick manufacturer, Kerui has been specializing in how to improve the performance of refractory bricks and trying to provide customers with excellent-performance of refractory bricks. If you are hesitating about how to choose the right refractory brick manufacturer, you can contact us and look forward to our cooperation!

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