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What is castable refractory? How can I buy suitable refractory castable? About these questions, Kerui will give you answers. Kerui refractory has various types of refractory castables with excellent properties. The following is a detailed description of refractory castable for sale. Kerui will always supply high quality refractory castable for you.

  • Al2O3% (≥) :35-95
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3) :2.15-3.2
  • Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) :15-90
  • Permanent Linear Change (%) :-1.5 – 0.8
KERUI Castable for Sale

Basic Description of Refractory Castable for Sale

Refractory castable is a monolithic castable refractory material used in the high-temp industry. At the same time, the composition of refractory castable includes refractory aggregates, bonding agents, and additives. Refractory castables are known for their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, thermal shock, and chemical corrosion. Besides, in high-temperature equipment, refractory castables, refractory cement, and refractory mortar all play roles in thermal sealing and maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

Kerui Excellent Castable
Good Performance of Castable
Castable from Kerui

Diverse Types of Kerui Refractory Castable for Sale

Refractory castables are essential unshaped refractories for a variety of high temperature industrial applications. Meanwhile, there are several types of Kerui refractory castables for sale, each suitable for specific applications and operating environments. The following are some common types of refractory castables.

High Alumina Refractory Castables

High alumina castables contain a high alumina content in their raw material composition, usually more than 60%. Besides, they have excellent refractoriness, thermal shock resistance and chemical stability. High alumina castables are suitable for severe conditions of use in the steel-making, petrochemical and cement industries.

Kerui High Alumina Castable

Acid Resistant Refractory Castables

Acid resistant castables can withstand acidic environments and chemical attacks. Meanwhile, it is formulated with acid-resistant aggregates and binders. Moreover, they are used in industries containing acidic gases such as chemical plants, pickling tanks and acid storage areas to provide protection against corrosion and erosion.

Kerui Acid Resistant Castable

Corundum Refractory Castables

Corundum castables consist of high purity corundum or flake alumina aggregates. In addition, castables have excellent high temperature properties with melting points in excess of 2000°C (3632°F). In addition, corundum castables are suitable for use in the steel-making, non-ferrous metals and petrochemical industries.

Kerui Corundum Castables

Wear-resistant Refractory Castables

Wear-resistant castables can withstand mechanical wear, erosion and impact in highly stressful environments. They contain high alumina or silicon carbide aggregates combined with suitable binders. Meanwhile, these castables become ideal materials for industries.

Kerui Wear Resistant Castables

Mullite Refractory Castables

Mullite castables mainly consist of mullite crystals. Due to the high purity of the aluminum content in mullite castables, they have excellent thermal stability, low thermal expansion and high creep resistance. So they are usually used in industries with rapid temperature changes to estend equipment’s life.

Kerui Mullite Castable for Sale

Silicon Refractory Castables

Silicon carbide castables use silicon carbide as the main raw material. They have excellent thermal conductivity, wear resistance and chemical resistance. As a result, Silicon carbide castables are used in industries, such as waste-to-energy plants, the aluminum and copper industries and incinerators.

Kerui Silicon Carbide Castable

Insulating Refractory Castables

Insulating castables provide excellent thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity. They are lightweight and have a porous structure, which makes them ideal for applications where insulation is essential, such as kiln linings and flue lining. Besides, they are important refractory material for furnace maintenance.

Kerui Insulating Castable

Low Cement Refractory Castables

Low cement castables (LCC) have a lower refractory cement content than conventional castables. The lower cement content contributes to improved high-temp properties, increased strength and reduced porosity, which makes low cement castables suitable for use in areas of high mechanical stress and wear.

Kerui Low Cement Castable

Unique Properties of Castable Refractory for Sale

Refractory castables offer a wide range of unique properties that make them indispensable in high temperature applications. Some of the key features include:

Kerui Castable with Competitive Price

Kerui Good Castable

High Temperature Resistance

High-temp castable refractory can withstand extremely high temperatures, which makes them ideal for furnaces and other high-temperature equipment.

Thermal Insulation

Some castables have excellent insulation properties to minimize heat loss and improve energy efficiency in heating applications.

Low Porosity

The low porosity of refractory casting improves their resistance to gas, liquid and slag penetration. This extends the service life of the equipment.

Chemical Resistance

Depending on their composition, refractory manufacturers castables are resistant to chemical attack and corrosion, which makes them suitable for use in acidic or alkaline environments.

Mechanical Strength

Refractory castables have good mechanical strength, based on high castable refractory density. Furthermore, they maintain their structural integrity even under mechanical stress.

Rapid Curing

Because refractory castables cure quickly, they can be used for quick repairs and maintenance in industrial facilities. This helps to save construction time and increase efficiency.

Wide Applications of Refractory Castable for Sale

Refractory castables have a wide range of applications in high-temperature and corrosive industries. Besides, their unique properties make them the choice for a variety of industries. Some common applications for refractory castables include:

Use Castables in Cement Industry
Cement Industry
Use Castables in Iron Steel Industry
Steel Industry
Cement Industry

In cement kilns and preheaters, refractory castables are used as refractory linings to withstand extreme temperatures and chemical reactions. Meanwhile, insulating castables are also used in backup linings to conserve heat and improve energy efficiency.

Ceramic Industry

In the ceramic industry, high-temp castable refractory is used in kilns and kiln cars for ceramic manufacturing. Because it has excellent thermal insulation and abrasion resistance, which can save energy costs and increase productivity in the ceramics industry.

Petrochemical Industry

Refractory castables are vital in the construction of crackers, reformers and boilers used in the petrochemical industry. Because the castables can resist corrosive gases and high temperatures ensure stable and efficient operation.

Steel Industry

Refractory castables are widely used in steel furnace refractory such as blast furnaces, ladles, and intermediate ladles. So they can provide thermal insulation, slag resistance and protection against mechanical wear and corrosion.

Non-Ferrous Metals Industry

High temperature castable refractory is suitable for kilns and converters in the aluminum, copper, and lead industries, for the reason that it has excellent thermal insulation properties and resistance to the corrosive properties of metal slags.

Glass Industry

In the glass industry, refractory castable for sale is suitable for glass melting tanks and heat accumulators, for the reason that it can withstand the extremely high temperatures and chemical conditions of glass production.

Why Choose Kerui Refractory Castable for Sale?

Superior Quality

Kerui is famous for producing high-quality refractory castables. At the same time, Kerui Factory utilizes advanced refractory bricks manufacturing process and high-quality raw materials to ensure consistent and reliable performance of its refractory products.

Excellent Performance

Refractory castables have excellent properties such as thermal stability and mechanical strength. What’s more, they withstand extreme temperatures to reduce the risk of cracking or failure during cycles of thermal expansion and contraction of equipment.

Diverse Product Range

We offer a wide range of refractory castables to suit different temperatures and application requirements. Whether it is low cement, insulating or other refractory castables, we can provide customized solutions.

Customized Solutions

The refractory castables required for each application are unique. Therefore, we can provide customized refractory castables to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring optimum performance and cost-effectiveness.

Kerui Provides Customized Solutions
Kerui Offers Excellent Quality

Selection and Installation of Refractory Castable for Sale

The selection and installation of refractory castables are crucial steps in ensuring optimal performance and longevity of high-temperature equipment. If your want to get more details about the selection and installation of castable, please contact us. Here are the key aspects to consider:

Application and Operating Conditions

Understand the specific environmental and temperature conditions that choose what types of refractory castables. So different applications require castables with different compositions and properties.

Type of Refractory Castable

Choose the right type of refractory castable for the application such as low cement castable, insulating castable, wear-resistant castable, etc. Each type has its unique advantages and limitations.

Performance of Refractory Castable

When selecting refractory castables, you need to consider their performance. Different castables will have different properties, generally we need to consider their thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, etc.

Surface Preparation

Before installing refractory castable engineering, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from contamination. Proper surface preparation can improve the adhesion of the castables.

Mixing and Application

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, mix castable refractory in proportion. Use a suitable method to pour the castables evenly. This process is very important for construction.


After curing, gradually increase the temperature to remove any residual moisture. This step is crucial to prevent peeling during the initial heating process.

Kerui Refractory Factory from China

By selecting Kerui refractory castable, you can ensure the service life, reliability, and efficiency of high-temperature equipment. Contact us now and get the proper refractory castable solution for your business! More details about Kerui on Facebook.

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