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As refractory cement suppliers, Kerui Group provides high-performance refractory cement. Moreover, we are able to meet the needs of our customers while providing excellent service. In addition, refractory cement is a special type of cement that is resistant to high temperatures and chemical corrosion. Therefore, we can use it in high-temperature equipment in the industrial field.

  • Al2O3(≥): 50% – 81%
  • Flexural Strength: 6.0Mpa – 12.5Mpa
  • Compressive Strength: 30Mpa – 82Mpa
Kerui Refractory Cement

Technical Data Provided by Refractory Cement Suppliers

High Temperature Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Wear Resistance
Highly Plastic

Chemical Compositionω (SiO2) ≤/%
ω (Al2O3)/%50.0 51.0 53.568.5-70.568.5-70.568.5-70.569.5-71.578.0-81.078.0-81.0
ω (Fe2O3) ≤/%
ω (CaO)/%///28.5-30.528.5-30.528.5-30.527.5-29.517.5-20.517.5-20.5
ω (MgO) ≤/%///
ω (R2O) ≤/%
ω (S) ≤/%
ω (Cl) ≤/%
-45μm ≤/%///8.0 5.0 5.0 8.0 5.0 5.0
Setting TimeInitial Setting Time (min)≥45≥60≥90120-18030-90180-240150-21030-9090-150
Final Setting Time (min)≤6≤6≤6150-24090-180240-330210-30090-180270-360
Strength (ISO)Flexural Strength/Mpa24h6.0 6.58.0 7.5-10.08.0-10.58.0-10.58.5-11.05.0-7.55.0-7.5
72h7.0 7.510.0 10.0-12.010.5-12.510.5-12.511.0-12.56.0-8.56.0-8.5
Compressive Strength/Mpa24h45557240-5045-5545-5550-6030-4030-40
325M ≤/%15128//////
Specific Surface Areas ≥/ (㎡/kg)300320350//////

How to Make and Use Refractory Cement?

High Alumina Cement

Refractory Cement for Sale

Surface Preparation

Clean the surface to remove dust, grease or other impurities. This step is to ensure that the surface is dry so that the moldable refractory cement can adhere firmly.

Mixed Material

How to mix refractory cement? In a clean container, mix the refractory and cementitious base materials in the specified proportions. Generally speaking, the ratio of refractory materials to refractory cement recipe is 3:1. However, according to specific needs, customers can make fine adjustments according to production requirements.

Stir the Mixture

Using a stick stirrer or whisk, stir the mixture thoroughly until smooth. This way we ensure that the refractory and cement thoroughly mix and form a uniform paste.

Adjust Viscosity

As needed, we can appropriately adjust the viscosity of the refractory cement. If thicker cement is required, an appropriate amount of refractory material can be added to increase the concentration of refractory cement.

Apply Refractory Cement

Like applying high alumina cement, using a scraper, brush or spray tool, apply refractory cement evenly to the surface to be refractory treated. Moreover, we want to make sure that the high alumina cement covers the entire surface and is as smooth and uniform as possible.

Surface Finishing

As needed, we can use a scraper or brush to trim the applied refractory cement to achieve the desired surface finish and smoothness.

Curing and Drying

Place the prepared refractory cement and bag in an appropriate environment for solidification and drying. This step needs to follow specified times and conditions based on the requirements of the specific product. Typically, you will need to wait several days to ensure that the cement is fully cured and reaches optimal fire resistance.

Inspection and Maintenance

Once the refractory cement has cured, check that the surface is uniform, solid and meets the expected refractory requirements. During use, we must regularly check the condition of refractory cement. In addition, we must perform necessary maintenance and repairs to maintain its fire resistance and effectiveness.

KERUI Product Flow of Unshaped Refractory

Applying Refractory Cement in Industry

Used as Refractory Raw Material

We can combine it with various refractory raw materials and appropriate additives to form various unshaped refractory materials. Furthermore, it can form ceramic bonds at high temperatures. Therefore, it can be used as a bonding material when added to monolithic castable refractory.

Used for Industrial Equipment

You can mainly use refractory cement in industrial kilns such as coke ovens, glass kilns, and blast furnaces. In addition, we also apply it to the metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, glass industry, boiler industry, electric power industry, steel industry and cement industry.

Kerui Case Show about Refractory Castable

Find Reliable Refractory Cement Suppliers – Kerui Group

High Quality Raw Materials

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure high-quality raw materials from the source. This ensures that the refractory cement and new fire bricks produced by Kerui have excellent performance and reliable quality.

Strong Supply Capacity

Whether it is a small project or a large-scale project, Kerui Company is able to meet customer orders of various sizes and needs. Moreover, our factory has an efficient production and logistics management system to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

Professional Technical Support

Kerui’s experienced engineers can provide customers with professional advice on product applications and solutions. Whether it is the design stage or the construction stage, Kerui can work closely with customers to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Support Sample Inspection

Customers can obtain samples for inspection and testing at Kerui. This support for inspecting samples demonstrates Kerui’s confidence in refractory products quality. That said, we are committed to building transparent and trusting relationships with our clients.

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Unlike other refractory cement suppliers, Kerui refractory cement manufacturer has richer export experience. We are able to provide customers with more professional services. Such as one-to-one customized solutions, logistics arrangements and after-sales services. Therefore, we ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In other words, the Refractory products you choose from Kerui are more cost-effective. In addition, you can leave your needs in the message box or follow us on YouTube and we will contact you within 24 hours!

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