Russian Customers Inspected Kerui Production Line

Recently, a group of customers from Russia visited the Kerui factory. They visited the Kerui refractory brick production line in depth and experienced Kerui’s outstanding achievements in technological innovation. This visit was not only a cross-cultural exchange but also a comprehensive understanding and recognition of the Kerui factory.

Kerui Receives Russian Customers

The Process of Visiting the Refractory Brick Production Line

During the visit, the Russian customers were first led into the hard firebrick production workshop and witnessed the exquisite production technology of Kerui workers. From raw material preparation, proportioning and mixing to molding and firing, every link shows Kerui’s ultimate pursuit of quality and technology. Customers were impressed by the high efficiency and precision shown by the Kerui factory and were amazed.

In addition to the operation of the production line, the Kerui factory also showed Russian customers the quality inspection standards and processes of refractory bricks. We have advanced testing equipment and strict quality control measures. Therefore, Kerui’s refractory bricks can cope with the use requirements in various extreme environments.

Then, the Russian customers experienced the latest technological achievements brought by the Kerui R&D team. This includes special formulations of refractory materials and innovative applications of sintering processes. On the one hand, these technological innovations improve the performance and durability of refractory products. On the other hand, this also gives Kerui a greater advantage in market competition.

Russian Customers Inspected Kerui Production Line


At the end of the inspection, Russian customers expressed their admiration for Kerui’s excellent technology and professional level. The management of Kerui Refractory held a friendly discussion with Russian customers to explore the possibility of future cooperation. Moreover, Kerui has been constantly innovating to provide better refractory solutions for global customers. They said they look forward to deeper cooperation with Kerui in the future. In addition, we welcome more customers to visit Kerui’s factory for field visits!

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