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Silica brick is a widely used refractory material in the high-temp industrial field. When purchasing silica bricks, silica bricks price is a factor that customers need to consider. The price of silica bricks provided by Kerui Refractory is competitive in the refractory industry.

  • SiO2% (≥) :94
  • True Density (g/cm3) :2.35
  • 0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload (℃) :1650
  • Apparent Porosity% (≤) :24
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Factors Affecting Silica Brick Price

Silica bricks are acidic refractory materials with good resistance to acid slag erosion, and their volume is relatively stable when used for a long time at high temperatures. When we want to understand silica bricks price, we need to know what factors affect the price of silica bricks. Generally, the price of silica bricks is influenced by their composition, refractory suppliers, specifications, and so on. Besides, here are 5 main factors that affect silica bricks price:

Excellent Silica Refractory Brick

Kerui Silica Refractory Brick with Competitive Price
Kerui Silica Refractory Brick for Sale

Composition of Silica Bricks

What is silica bricks? Silica brick is a good refractory consisting of several key components, including silica dioxide (SiO2), alumina oxide (Al2O3), and iron oxide (Fe2O3). The price of silica bricks varies with the content of these components.

Silica (SiO2)

Silica (SiO2) is the main component of silica bricks, with a content of over 94%. It has a high melting point and low thermal conductivity, which gives the silica bricks excellent resistance to high temperatures and thermal stability.

Good Perfromance of Silica Bricks

Alumina (Al2O3)

The alumina content in silica bricks from 0.5% to 2.5%, alumina is often added to silica bricks as a stabilizer and strength enhancer. It improves the mechanical strength and resistance to deformation of the bricks at high temperatures.

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Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)

Iron oxide (Fe2O3) is another component found in silica bricks in the range of 0.3%-2.5%. Although the Fe2O3 content is generally kept low, it can influence the firing behavior and overall characteristics of silica bricks.

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Silica Bricks Properties

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Acid Resistant

Silica bricks have excellent resistance to acidic environments. The high silica content makes them highly resistant to acid corrosion, including sulfuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.

Load Softening Temperature

Silica bricks are high-load softening temperature refractory bricks. It refers to the temperature at which the brick begins to deform under a specific load. Silica bricks can withstand high temperatures without significant deformation or loss of strength.

Thermal Stability

Silica bricks have excellent thermal stability. Their high melting point and low coefficient of thermal expansion allow them to retain their shape and integrity under extreme thermal conditions.

Volume Stability

Silica bricks have good volumetric stability, which means they shrink or expand minimally when exposed to heat or temperature changes. This property ensures that the brick retains its shape and dimensional stability.

Thermal conductivity

Silica bricks thermal conductivity is low, which helps to minimize heat loss and maintain uniform temperatures within furnaces. It also helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption during high-temperature processes.

Specifications of Silica Brick

ω (SiO2)/%μ0≥94
ω (Fe2O3)/%μ0≤1.4
Apparent Porosity/%μ0≤24
True Density (g/cm³)μ0≤2.35
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ0≥30
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload/℃μ0≥1650

Silica Bricks Uses in Various High-temp Furnace

Different furnaces have different requirements for the performance of silica bricks, which results in various prices for different kilns. The following are the uses of lime silica bricks in different furnaces. If you don’t know whether the equipment is suitable for silica bricks, you can also Contact Us at any time.

Coke Oven

Coke ovens are used to produce coke. Silica bricks are used in the walls, roofs and combustion chambers of coke ovens because of their high temperature resistance and excellent acid resistance. These bricks can withstand the high temperatures and chemical conditions in coke ovens.

Hot Blast Furnace

The hot blast furnace is an essential component of steel production. Silica bricks are suitable for lining hot blast furnaces because of their high refractoriness and ability to withstand heat and chemical environments. The bricks help maintain the structural integrity of the furnace and provide insulation to prevent heat loss.

Glass Kiln

Glass kilns are used to produce various glass products. Silica bricks are suitable for the walls and arches of glass kilns because of their excellent thermal stability and resistance to chemical attack. Meanwhile, these bricks help maintain the high temperatures required for the glass melting and forming process. Silica bricks also provide insulation and reduce heat loss from the kiln.


Silica bricks are used in incinerator linings for waste treatment. They are able to withstand high temperatures and resist chemical reactions with combustion gases and ashes. Silica bricks help control and direct the heat generated during the incineration process, which ensures efficient waste combustion and reducing the risk of structural damage to the incinerator.

Using Case of Silica Bricks

Automated Production Process of Silica Brick

The refractory bricks manufacturing process plays an important role in determining their price, which includes selecting raw material, mixing, forming, drying, firing, cooling and checking, packaging and shipping. The complexity of the silica bricks manufacturing process, production efficiency and the production equipment directly affect the overall production cost. Ultimately these will influence the price of silica bricks on the market.

Kerui Forming Workshop
Forming Process
Storage Workshop of Kerui
Packaging Process

What is the Price of Silica Bricks?

When it comes to discussing silica bricks price, you may have another question: what is the price of silica bricks? Silica bricks price is different due to the different composition of raw materials and the different production processes of silica bricks. But Kerui as a refractory material manufacturer can provide the more competitive price of silica bricks than the middlemen. So if you need silica bricks, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly! Meanwhile, Kerui can also supply cheap AZS bricks, mullite bricks, ceramic fiber products, and so on.

Kerui Give You Cheap Silica Bricks Price

4 Reasons for Choosing Kerui Silica Brick

Competitive Price

Although lower price of silica bricks is important for controlling refractory brick cost, competitive prices can help you maintain your budget without affecting quality. Because the Kerui factory is located in an area with abundant silica, the production cost of Kerui silica bricks is low. Therefore, Kerui can provide customers with competitive prices for silica bricks.

Production Technology

Kerui has many years of experience in the production of silica bricks. Our advanced production technology in this field helps to improve the quality of silica bricks and to meet the special requirements of our customers. Kerui’s large-scale production reduces the production cost of the bricks so that customers can buy from Kerui at a fair price.

Various Products

Kerui offers a wide variety of silica bricks to meet different applications and customer needs. Whether you need bricks for high-temp furnaces, glass kilns or other industrial applications, Kerui has the right choice. Meanwhile, Kerui also produces composite silica bricks, which helps reduce customer production costs and extend the life of the kiln.

Customer Service

Kerui can provide excellent customer service throughout the procurement process. This includes quick response to customer inquiries, assistance with technical specifications, and efficient order fulfillment. Besides, we have a professional sales team and technical staff to provide timely responses to professional questions from customers.

Excellent Silica Refractory Brick from Kerui
High-quality Silica Refractory Brick
Professional Technical Advice for Customers
Professional and Technical Personnel

4 Tips to Get an Appropriate Silica Bricks Price from Manufacturer

Research and Compare

Compare prices, quality and customer reviews of different firebricks and insulation bricks suppliers. Thus, it will give you ideas of the current market prices and help you identify reliable supplier.

Request for a Quote

Contact different manufacturers and request a detailed quote for the required quantity of silica bricks. Make sure the quote includes all relevant details such as unit price, delivery terms, payment terms, etc.

Negotiate with suppliers

When you receive a quote, you can negotiate with the supplier. Express your interest in a long-term business relationship and ask about any available discounts. So you can buy bricks with good price.

Build Cooperation

A good relationship with the manufacturer usually leads to better prices and future benefits. Maintaining good communication with your supplier can help you obtain the latest price.

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The price of silica bricks can change at any time. So, if you need silica bricks, don’t hesitate to contact us now! Or you can find more details on Pinterest.

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