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Kerui Refractory materials play an important role in the steel industry. Kerui steel furnace refractory can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments, which can ensure the life service and stability of steel making equipment. The success of steel production depends on the excellent performance of refractory materials, as they can prevent heat loss and protect the structure of the furnace. The following is more about refractory materials used in the steel industry.

High Alumina Brick from Kerui
High Alumina Brick
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Corundum Brick
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Magnesia Iron Brick

The Importance of Refractory in Steel Industry

  1. Lower Production Cost: In steel manufacturing, common materials deteriorate rapidly, which can lead to frequent maintenance, downtime and significant production losses. However, refractories can withstand these harsh operating conditions. This ensures the stability of high-temperature equipment in the steel industry.
  2. Increase Productivity: Kerui Refractory materials improve the production efficiency of the steel industry by providing excellent high-temperature resistance, insulation, and chemical stability. These properties can extend the service life of the furnaces, improve equipment productivity and energy utilization.
  3. Improve Safety Performance: The steel furnace refractory helps maintain a safe working environment for personnel in the steel industry, as it acts as an insulator to minimize heat transfer to the outside surface of the furnace. This helps to prevent overheating, reduce accident risk, and improve overall workplace safety.[/one_third_last]

Using Case in Steel Industry

Different Types of Steel Furnace Refractory Materials

There are several types of refractory in steel industry, each specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the high-temp steel making process. Meanwhile, these materials are carefully selected based on their properties, chemical composition and application requirements. Some common types of steel furnace refractories include:

Magnesium Refractory in Steel Industry

Fused Magnesia

Fused magnesia is raw magnesia sand melted at high-temp and then cooled to form dense, high-purity magnesia sand crystals. it has excellent resistance to alkaline slag and high-temp environmental corrosion.

Kerui Magnesia Brick for Sale

Magnesia Calcium Bricks

These refractories combine magnesium and calcium aluminate cement to form a material with improved thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Meanwhile, they often have wide usage in ladle applications.

Kerui Magnesia Calcium Bricks for Sale

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon bricks are a refractory material formed by mixing magnesium and carbon to enhance its corrosion and thermal shock resistance. So they are suitable for use in the steel industry for lining electric furnaces and ladles.

Kerui Magnesia Carbon Refractory Brick for Steel Furnace Refractory

Magnesia Chrome Bricks

Magnesia chrome bricks are mixtures containing magnesium oxide and chromium oxide that provide excellent corrosion resistance to acidic slags. So they are appropriate in steel-making applications where acidic conditions are prevalent.

Kerui Magnesia Chrome Brick for Steel Furnace Refractory

Aluminum Refractory in Steel Industry

High Alumina Bricks

These refractories contain a high percentage of alumina, usually over 48%, and have excellent high temperature resistance and mechanical strength. Besides, high alumina bricks are used in a variety of steel making applications.

Kerui High Alumina Brick for Steel Furnace Refractory

Fire Clay Bricks

Clay fire bricks are bricks that contain aluminum oxide as well as silica and other clay minerals. They are typically suitable for use in steel making equipment with less severe temperatures, such as hot blast furnaces and reheat furnaces.

Kerui Fire Clay Brick for Sale

Alumina-Chrome Bricks

These bricks are refractory in steel industry that contain alumina and chromium oxide. They provide excellent resistance to corrosive acidic slags. They have a wide range of applications such as the side walls and bottom of ladles.

Kerui Chrome Corundum Brick for Steel Furnace Refractory

Silica Refractory in Steel Industry

Silica Bricks

This bricks consist of high-purity silica with excellent thermal stability and resistance to acidic environments. Therefore, they are typically suitable for relatively low-temperature applications.

Kerui Silica Refractory Brick for Steel Furnace Refractory

Silica Ramming Mass

Silica ramming mass is a loose refractory material composed of high-purity silica grains and a bonding agent. It is used as a refractory lining in induction furnaces for steel melting.

Silica Ramming Mass for Steel Furnace Refractory

Silica Mortar

Silica mortar is a kind of refractory binder suitable for bond silica bricks or other siliceous refractory materials. It provides excellent adhesion and heat resistance to ensure the integrity of the lining.

Kerui Silica Mortar for Sale

Silica Insulation Bricks

Silica insulation bricks have low density and low thermal conductivity. They are used in areas where thermal insulation is required, such as ladle backup linings or other areas of low thermal stress.

Kerui Silica Insulation Brick for Sale

Properties of Refractories in Steel Making

Refractories in steel making possess specific properties that are crucial for their successful application in demanding and high-temp environments. At the same time, these properties ensure the optimal performance and longevity of refractory linings, which directly impact the efficiency and quality of the steel making process.

Sample Testing of Kerui Steel Refractories

Mullite Brick in Steel Making

High Temperature Resistance
Steel Industry involves temperatures that can exceed 1500°C (2732°F). In addition, high temperature refractory bricks must maintain their structural integrity and mechanical strength at these extreme temperatures.
Thermal Insulation
Refractory material with low thermal conductivity acts as an effective insulator, to reduce heat loss from the furnace and improve energy efficiency. Thus, efficient insulation ensures reduced energy consumption.
Slag Resistance
Slag is a by-product of steel making and is highly corrosive to refractory materials. Effective slag resistance prevents penetration and erosion of the slag, to ensure its durability and maintain the integrity of the furnace.
Thermal Shock Resistance
During the steel making process, the rapid change of temperature can cause thermal shock to the refractory material. So refractories that are resistant to prevent cracking can withstand sudden temperature changes.
Chemical Resistance
Refractories have to be resistant to the corrosive effects of molten metals, slag and other chemicals used in the steel making process. Thus, this property ensures that the lining doesn’t react with molten steel or slag.

Why Choose Kerui Refractory Materials?

Choosing the right refractories in steel making is very important. Good fire bricks for sale can reduce the number of refractory replacements and equipment downtime, to reduce costs and improve refractory utilization. Besides, here’s why you should choose Kerui Refractory.

Outstanding Performance High-Quality Raw Material Advanced Technology Customized Solutions High Cost-Efficiency
1 Kerui refractories in steel making are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures, chemical attacks and mechanical stresses encountered in the steel making process. So their superior properties ensure reliable refractory product performance.
2 In order to ensure the high performance of our products, Kerui steel furnace refractory uses high quality raw materials. Kerui’s stringent quality control process ensures that customers receive the highest standard of refractory materials.
3 We are constantly investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of refractory technology. Meanwhile, our products utilize advanced and innovative technologies to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and extend the service life of refractory linings.
4 Kerui provides customized refractory solutions for specific steel making requirements. Whether it is a blast furnace, ladle, converter or electric arc furnace, Kerui offers a comprehensive range of products to meet different industrial needs.
5 The longevity and durability of Kerui’s refractory steel industry significantly reduce maintenance and downtime costs. Meanwhile,  its excellent thermal insulation properties contribute to energy savings, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of steel making operations.

Kerui Rfractories for Steel Industry
Kerui Refractory is a trustworthy refractory material manufacturer. If your steel industry project requires refractory materials, please contact us and look forward to our cooperation! Or you can follow us on Facebook!

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