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Surprise Encounter with Kerui at METAL-EXPO’2023!

Welcome to have a surprise encounter with Kerui at METAL-EXPO’2023 in November! The forthcoming “29th Russian International Metallurgical Casting and Steel Exhibition” will grace the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from November 7th to 10th, 2023. During this esteemed event, representatives from Kerui shall partake in the exhibition to present finest quality products. Kerui is eagerly looking forward to rendezvous with you.

Overview of Kerui at METAL-EXPO’2023

  • Date: November 7-10, 2023;
  • Location: All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC Fairgrounds);
  • Exhibitors: Kerui Refractory;
  • Booth Number: 81c40;

Kerui METAL-EXPO’-2023

METAL-EXPO is one of the world’s famous metallurgical exhibitions,  which has become the largest metallurgical and steel industry exhibition in Russia. At the same time, Russian Metal Exhibition Company holds the exhibition once a year. Moreover, this exhibition encompasses a wide array of industries, which span from building materials to metal casting and steel equipment. Such a diverse platform fosters ample opportunities for Sino-Russian trade cooperation. So Kerui will showcase the company’s prowess by exemplifying the highest quality services and products. Through this endeavor, Kerui aims to forge fruitful partnerships.

Kerui Refractory Where Amazing Happens

With two decades of unwavering commitment to refractory material production, Kerui has consistently upheld the promise: Empowering high-temperature industry globally. Therefore, this famous supplier uses intelligent production lines to provide you with refractory products that are more in line with standards. Kerui can supply various refractories including, refractory bricks, ceramic fiber products, insulating bricks and unshaped refractories. What’s more, Kerui provides excellent full-service to protect your rights and interests. Kerui Refractory will show you it is your best option of high-temperature refractory through METAL-EXPO’2023.

Kerui Wide Use Case

Benefits Brought by Kerui at METAL-EXPO’023

Cost-effective Refractory Products

Kerui can produce high-quality refractory products including magnesia bricks, high alumina bricks, azs bricks, etc. What sets Kerui apart from other manufacturers is their ability to offer factory direct sales prices. This advantageous pricing structure ensures that their products provide customers with the utmost return on investment.

Consulting Services

When confronted with various of refractory products, it is understandable to feel uncertain about which one to select. Don’t worry about it. Kerui has assembled a team of seasoned experts. Thus, they will guide you towards the optimal fire-resistant solution, which can meet your specific needs.

Long-term Cooperation

It comes as no surprise that Kerui is eagerly seeking long-term partnerships through this remarkable event. Establishing lasting cooperation with Kerui can bring numerous benefits, particularly in terms of securing a steadfast supply of top-quality refractory products. So this collaboration can bring benefits to all parties.

Benefits Brought by Kerui

All in all, Kerui is very much looking forward to gathering with you at METAL-EXPO’2023. At that time, you will be able to learn more relevant details about refractories. We look forward to achieving win-win cooperation with you! Welcome to METAL-EXPO’2023! If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time.

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