Wear-Resistant Spray Coating Site for Large Sintering Flue

The latest news from the customer project site of Kerui! Under the guidance of Kerui installation engineers, the construction of the large sintering flue was a complete success. After the construction and testing were completed, the customer’s boiler officially started to operate. The following are pictures of the project site for your reference.

Construction Plan of Sintering Flue

Customized service has always been the core competitiveness of Kerui Group China. Considering the production needs of customers, we provided the following solutions for this customer:

  • Products: wear-resistant spray coating; anchors;
  • Construction method: spraying and welding;
  • Industry: steel industry;
  • Kiln type: boiler;
  • Use location: sintering flue.

Kerui Anchor Welding Site
Wear-Resistant Spray Coating Site
Wear-Resistant Spray Coating Site for Large Sintering Flue

Specific Information on the Construction of Sintering Flue

First, the construction workers will spray the wear-resistant spray coating evenly on the inner wall of the flue. Moreover, they will keep the nozzle at an appropriate distance and angle from the construction surface. This ensures that the thickness of the spray coating is uniform and consistent. Every time they complete a layer of spraying, our quality inspectors will conduct a detailed inspection and repair any defects in time.

Next, the construction team will start welding the anchors. They also will mark the position of the anchors on the inner wall of the flue according to the design drawings of the Kerui engineers and fix them at the marked position. Moreover, the construction workers will strictly control the welding current and speed to avoid overheating and deformation of the material.

After the construction is completed, they will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the spray coating and welding anchors. This step is to ensure that all aspects of the surface uniformity, adhesion and welding strength meet the standards. At the same time, the wear-resistant spray coating and basic ramming mass require a certain amount of curing time to ensure complete curing.

Finally, Kerui will record all the data and inspection results during the construction process and compile them into a construction report. This also provides an important reference for our maintenance of customer equipment in the later stage.


If you have any needs for refractory spray coatings and castables, please contact us. We will provide you with professional solutions for your reference based on the characteristics of industrial equipment and your needs.

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