What Are Fire Bricks Used For

What are fire bricks used for or fire bricks used to? Fire bricks are the blocks of ceramic material used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes and fireplaces. Moreover, refractory fire bricks are built primarily to withstand high temperature. But, they will also usually have a low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency. Besides, Kerui produces high-performance refractory bricks. If you have not chosen the right fire bricks for your kiln, Kerui refractory products will be a good choice.

Size of Refractory Bricks

Features of Fire Bricks

Good High Temperature Resistance

High performance refractory fire bricks can maintain structural stability and material properties in high-temperature environments. Moreover, they are often able to withstand temperatures above 1600°C(2912℉).

Strong Corrosion Resistance

Kerui fire bricks have strong corrosion resistance in environments such as chemical erosion and mechanical impact. Therefore, they can maintain long-term stable performance just like silica insulation bricks.

Excellent Thermal Shock Stability

High quality refractory bricks can maintain good thermal shock stability under conditions of rapid temperature changes. In other words, this refractory bricks feature makes them less prone to cracking, breakage, etc.

High Strength and Wear Resistance

Kerui refractory bricks usually have high compressive strength and wear resistance. Therefore, they can withstand physical impact and mechanical stress and adapt to complex industrial production environments.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

High performance refractory bricks conduct heat efficiently. So, this helps to evenly distribute heat in high-temperature environments, reduce local thermal stress and increase the life of cheap firebrick.

Stable Chemical Composition

The raw materials and formulas of Kerui high performance refractory bricks are strictly selected and controlled. That is, we guarantee stable chemical composition and reliable product quality and performance.

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Uses of Fire Bricks

Metallurgical Industry Equipment

In the metallurgical industry, customers can use the excellent firebrick refractory for the lining and furnace bottom of high-temperature smelting equipment. For example, blast furnaces, converters, electric furnaces, hot metal tanks and hot metal treatment equipment.

Glass Industry Equipment

Glass kiln is one of the important application fields of refractory bricks. We often use refractory bricks for the lining, molten pool, insulation layer and other parts of glass furnaces. Moreover, they can withstand extremely high temperatures and chemical attack by glass liquids.

Steel Industry Equipment

In the steel industry, we widely use refractory bricks as linings and substrates for high temp equipment such as ladles, casting tanks, continuous casting equipment and steelmaking furnaces. They protect equipment structures and increase steel production efficiency.

Chemical Industry Equipment

We also use fire heat bricks for the lining and insulation of high-temperature reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, furnaces and other equipment. They can resist the erosion of acids, alkalis, solvents and high-temperature media to protect the safe operation of equipment.

Electric Power Industry Equipment

Customers can use firebricks for the lining and insulation of high temperature equipment such as boilers, combustion chambers, flues and hot blast stoves in power plants. Besides, they can withstand high temp combustion and thermal cycling, improving energy efficiency.

Other Industrial Equipment

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, fire heat bricks are also used in the lining and insulation of kilns, kiln cars, furnaces, sintering furnaces, oil refining units and waste incinerators. Besides, you can follow us on YouTube to learn more about refractory bricks for kilns.



Kerui Company sells a variety of high-quality and low-priced refractory bricks. This includes high alumina brick, silica brick, fire clay brick, carbon brick, magnesium brick, corundum brick and various insulating refractory bricks. In addition, we also produce ceramic fiber products, refractory cement, refractory castables and other refractory products. Feel free to contact us for a free quote. In addition, Kerui provides you with thoughtful one-stop service!

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