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Kerui Product Series
  • refractory brick

    Refractory Bricks


  • acid resistent brick

    Acid Resistant Bricks


  • monolithic refractory brich

    Monolithic Refractory


  • ceramic fiber products

    Ceramic Fiber Products


  • refractory insulation brick

    Refractory Insulation Bricks


  • refractory raw materials

    Refractory Raw Materials


  • Iron&Steel Industry

    Kerui refractory material provides high-temp resistance and insulation for the heat treatment and metalworking industries.

  • Aluminium&Non-Ferrous

    Reliable thermal refractory solutions are designed for customers in the aluminum and non-ferrous industries worldwide.

  • Cement Industry

    Our high temperature refractory materials are used as hot lining and backing for cement furnace to reduce energy consumption.

  • Power Industry

    With experience in electricity industry over 15 years, Kerui refractory materials are used in different areas of the CFB boilers.

  • Petrochemical Industry

    Kerui Refractory can customize solutions for crackers, and other equipment involved in the production of petrochemicals.

  • Glass Industry

    AZS bricks and thermal refractory are used in glass furnace, ensuring the efficient and continuous production of kiln.

Kerui Refractory materials are Used in Various Industries
About Kerui

Founded in 2004, Kerui Refractory is headquartered in Xinmi City, Henan Province, which is the concentration of refractory industry in China.

Kerui Refractory involves in the high-temperature kiln industry. We have built our own R&D centre. In addition, Kerui Refractory has set up 14 CNC refractory brick press machines with the capacity of 400-1000 tons, two 168-meter high- temperature natural gas energy-saving tunnel kilns, fully automatic batching workshops, chemical and physical laboratories, etc.. Kerui Refractory has also established cooperation with many famous research institutions in China.

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Kerui Products Network

Kerui Refractory has exported refractory products to more than 30 countries and 5 continents, including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. Kerui is committed to the research and development of refractory materials, to meet the diverse needs of overseas customers, to provide high-quality refractory products and suitable high-temp solutions to customers.

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Rich export experience and professional technical guidance make us provide more proper solutions for you.

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– Emmy from Canada
“As the purchasing manager of our company, it is definitely a wise decision to choose KERUI refractory bricks. These bricks significantly improve our production efficiency due to their superior fire resistance. The overall experience was smooth, from ordering to delivery. We are confident in our choice for future projects.”
– Omar from Morocco
“I would like to say the furnace refractory solution from KERUI exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail of the KERUI team is truly to be commended. Their professional technique ensured optimal performance and durability in our kilns. KERUI’s professional service makes them our first choice for any refractory needs.”
– Aleksey from Russia
“Good refractory material! Trustworthy timekeeping! KERUI refractory bricks, insulation bricks and ceramic fiber products exceeded our expectations. We also want to thank KERUI for making the logistics and delivery process seamless. No doubt that KERUI is a reliable partner.”
– Kevin from South Korea
“KERUI refractory castable has remarkable heat resistance. I am touched by KERUI’s professional technical support. With their help, the construction went smoothly and the cement cured perfectly. Their team of professionals excels in their knowledge to offer the most cost-effective solution. I look forward to our continued partnership with KERUI.”
– Aek from Thailand
“As an old customer of KERUI Refractory for 5 years, I would like to commend their after-sales service. Recently, We encountered a small issue after the purchase. Their team responded quickly to solve the problem on time. Knowing we have such reliable support adds to the confidence we have in KERUI’s products.”
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