Fire Clay Mortar

Fire clay mortar is used for the joints of fire clay bricks, also known as joint material. It has good masonry performance and high temperature performance. Moreover, it can bond refractory clay bricks into a dense integral furnace lining.

  • Refractory temperature: 1200℃ – 1650℃
  • Specification: Powder (mm)
  • Shape: Bulk
  • Brand: Kerui Refractory
  • Is it a dedicated source for cross-border export: Yes
Fire Clay Mortar

Fire Clay Mortar Specification

Al2O3 %≥42≥45≥45≥55≥65≥75≥80
Fire resistance ≥1710≥1730≥1730≥1770≥1790≥1790≥1790
Powder ≥0.5mm %≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1
Particle size ≤0.076mm %≥50≥50≥50≥50≥70
Mud resistance 110×24h MPa≥1.0≥1.0≥2.0≥2.0≥2.0≥2.0≥2.0
Flexural strength 1400×3h MPa≥3.0≥3.0≥6.0≥6.0≥6.0
0.2MPa load softening ≥1200≥1300≥1400≥1400≥1650
Reburning line change rate 1400×3h %1~51~5+1-5+1-5+1-5+1-5

Requirements That Kerui Clay Refractory Mortar Can Achieve

Different types and compositions of refractory should be selected for different masonry. Generally speaking, fireclay mortar is suitable for masonry of clay bricks and high alumina mortar is suitable for masonry of high alumina bricks. Moreover, when selecting refractory mortar, it should be considered that the chemical composition is similar to that of refractory bricks to ensure that the masonry can be reliably bonded.

  • Sufficient refractoriness, up to 1200℃(2192℉) – 1650℃(3002℉);
  • Sufficient bonding strength. It can combine masonry into a solid whole within the working temperature;
  • Small drying shrinkage and high temperature residual shrinkage value. Brick joints will not crack after high temperature use;
  • Low apparent porosity, low air permeability and good air tightness;
  • Can resist the erosion of coal gas, slag and molten iron;
  • The thermal expansion coefficient is consistent with that of fire clay bricks for sale.
  • The maximum particle size of refractory fire clay mortar should not be greater than half of the design thickness of the fire clay brick joint.
High Quality Fire Clay Mortar
High Quality Fire Clay Mortar
Mixed Fire Clay Mortar
Mixed Fire Clay Mortar
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Refractory Clay Mortar Spot Storage

Fire Clay Mortar Uses

Kerui refractory fire clay mortar is bonded with soft clay or chemical binders. It is mainly used for joints and repairs of refractory clay bricks. It can also be used as a protective coating for the lining by applying or spraying. Refractory mortar is mostly used by adding water to make mud. Refractory mud has good fluidity and plasticity. That is to say, fire clay mortar can be bonded with water or phosphoric acid.

In short, no matter what kind of refractory mortar, it is determined according to the material of the main refractory brick. In this way, the bonding is strong, the use atmosphere is consistent and the service life will be longer.

The fireclay mortar is mainly used in coke ovens, glass kilns, blast furnace hot air furnaces and other industrial kilns. For more applications of refractory products, please visit Kerui’s Facebook.

Kerui Technical Guidance on Ramming Mass

How to Make Refractory Mortar?

The Al2O3 content in clay refractory mortar is greater than 40% and fire clay refractory cement or high alumina refractory cement can be used to dry mix it evenly. When making fire clay mortar, the mass ratio is (cement: refractory mud) 1:2 or 1:3. Then add water and stir evenly to make a thick paste without lumps. If only refractory mud is used without cement, the viscosity and strength are not good. After experiencing high temperature, it loses its bonding effect and becomes powdery, which falls out from the brick joints. This will cause the brick body to loosen and seriously affect production.

The particle size of refractory mud varies according to the use requirements. Its particle size is generally less than 1mm and some are less than 0.5mm or finer. The particle size of fire clay mortar is generally fine. Customers can also make choices based on the thickness of the brick joints. However, the maximum particle size cannot be greater than 30% of the thickness of the refractory brick joints.

Where to Buy Fireclay Mortar?

Choosing Kerui will be a long-term benefit. After more than 20 years of development, Kerui has developed into a high-tech refractory enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of shaped refractory products and unshaped refractories. We focus on the R&D and innovation of high-temperature kiln technology. Kerui is also committed to providing customers with full-process, personalized and lean services. We have won high praise and good reputation from customers with high-quality product effects and sincere and thoughtful services.

Kerui has more than 20 technical personnel and more than 20 after-sales specialists. In addition, Kerui also cooperates with domestic scientific research institutions. Moreover, we have achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.

Kerui Patent Certificates
Kerui Patent Certificates

Kerui provides customers with 24/7 consulting services on fire clay mortar. You can contact us at any time. Kerui provides customers with free and long-term technical support. Or if you are interested in the specific price of our refractory mortar and other refractory products, you can also directly inquire.

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