Plastic Refractory Castable

The raw materials of plastic refractory castable are refractory aggregates and powders. Moreover, Kerui excellent plastic refractory castable has good plasticity and fluidity after being stored for a certain period. We mostly use it to construct industrial furnaces and can adapt to construction needs of various shapes and sizes.

  • Al2O3(≥): 35% – 80%
  • Bulk Density: 2.15g/cm3 – 2.65g/cm3
  • Compressive Strength: 6.0MPa – 8.0MPa
  • Flexural Strength: 2.0MPa – 3.0MPa

Kerui Plastic Refractory Castable

Technical Parameters of Plastic Refractory Castable

ω (Al2O3) ≥/%3540607580
Bulk Density/ (g/cm³)110℃*24h2.152.20 2.352.50 2.65
Compressive Strength/Mpa110℃*24h6.0 7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0
Flexural Strength ≥/Mpa110℃*24h2.0 3.0
1300℃*3h3.0 5.0
Permanent Linear Change/% (T/℃*12h)-1.5~0
Plasticity Index/%12-35
Water Content/%10.0

Tips: This table is formulated concerning Chinese refractory industry standards. Besides, you can contact us for more information.

What are the Advantages of Plastic Refractory Castable?

Strong Plasticity
High Compressive Strength
Good Corrosion Resistance
Great Wear Resistance
Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

Excellent Construction Performance

The castable plastic has high fluidity and plasticity. As a result, customers can apply via vibration, spraying and pumping. It can adapt to complex shapes and curved surface structures, improve construction efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Good Adhesion and Compactness

Kerui refractory plastic can bond well with base materials during the construction process to form a solid overall structure. At the same time, plastic refractory castables have high compactness. It can fill small gaps and provide better thermal conductivity.

Excellent Heat Resistance

Like refractory firebricks, plastic refractory castable uses high-temperature stable refractory materials as the main component. So, it has excellent high temp resistance. It can maintain structural stability and integrity in high temperature environments.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

The construction process of plastic refractory castable does not require high-temperature sintering. This saves energy and reduces environmental pollution. In other words, its production and use processes are more environmentally sustainable.

Plastic Refractory Castable for Sale
Excellent Plastic Refractory Castable
Kerui Sales Plastic Refractory Castable

In Which Industrial Furnaces and Kilns Are Plastic Refractory Castable Used?

Heating Furnace

We often use plastic refractory castable for the top part of the heating furnace. Such as stove top and combustion chamber roof. It can withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. So, it protects the furnace roof structure from thermal expansion and thermal shock.

Cement Rotary Kiln

Plastic refractory is often used in the installation of fire cement rotary kiln firing areas. Such as kiln head, kiln tail and kiln shell. Moreover, it can withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion. This means that the kiln shell will not be damaged by a chemical attack.


You can also use Plastic refractory castable in different parts of the boiler. Such as furnace, combustion chamber, flue and burner nozzle. It can withstand thermal stress. Therefore, the boiler structure is not affected by thermal expansion, combustion and flue gas erosion.

Other Industrial Kilns

Customers can also use Kerui high quality high temp castable refractory in a wide range of applications in other industrial kilns. Such as glass kilns, ceramic kilns and steel smelting furnaces. With it, we can avoid the kiln structure affected by chemical attacks and material wear.

Heating Furnace
Used in Heating Furnace
Magnesia Alumina Spinel Bricks of Aluminum Electrolytic Cell of Cement Rotary Kiln
Used in Cement Rotary Kiln

A Powerful Plastic Refractory Castable Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Professional Certificates

Kerui Refractory’s dedication to quality is further underscored by its prestigious certifications, including EMS, CE, QMS and OHSM. In other words, this demonstrates its expertise and technical strength in the field of refractory materials. Besides, this also shows that Kerui is professional and reliable in production safety.

Digital System Production

Kerui Company from China actively promotes digital transformation and establishes an advanced digital production system. Importantly, the digital system enables real-time monitoring and analysis of refractory product production data. Furthermore, it also provides visualization and optimization of production processes.

Enough Stock

Our factory’s inventory can meet any customer’s needs. Besides, the advantage of having sufficient inventory means that Kerui Group China can quickly respond to customer orders and shorten delivery times. Moreover, we can reduce the risk of delays caused by supply chain issues and ensure the smooth progress of customer projects.

Fast Delivery

Kerui Group focuses on efficient logistics management and can quickly arrange the shipment and delivery of goods. Besides, Kerui has established stable cooperative relationships with logistics partners and has a complete logistics network and distribution channels. That is to say, we can deliver products to customers promptly.

Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate



If you would like to purchase plastic refractory castable for kilns and furnaces, please send an email to Kerui Refractory. What’s more, Kerui not only provides cheap and high quality castable plastic but also has complete after-sales services. In addition, if you want to know more details about Kerui refractory products, you can follow us on YouTube!

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