Refractory Precast

Kerui refractory precast can be prefabricated into various shapes. Moreover, we can solve technical problems in furnace construction for customers. In addition, Kerui can also customize furnace linings and various construction plans according to customer requirements and furnace types.

  • Al2O3 + SiC(≥): 85% – 92%
  • Bulk Density: 2.9g/cm³ – 2.85g/cm³
  • Crushing Strength(≥): 60MPa – 120MPa
  • Cold Bending Strength: 7Mpa – 10Mpa
Kerui Refractory Precast

What is Refractory Precast?

First, Kerui designs the refractory precast blocks according to the refractory precast shapes required by the customer’s kiln. Then, it is cast with castable refractory material and put into use after two sintering and solidification, demoulding and drying. As a result, pre cast block offers superior performance and better quality control than traditional in-situ masonry. Common refractory castables include high aluminum, aluminum silicon carbide carbon, corundum, magnesia and other materials.

The precast refractory sold by Kerui include refractory bricks, refractory panels, refractory balls, etc. Different prefabricated parts come in various shapes and sizes; customers can choose according to different needs. Moreover, they have good heat insulation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties in high temperature environments. So, they can effectively protect equipment, extend equipment service life and reduce equipment maintenance costs.

Different Types of Refractory Castable

Technical Parameters of Refractory Precast Blocks

Excellent Fire Resistance
Good Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
Good Peeling Resistance
Strong Mechanical Strength
Lower Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Good Sealing

(Al2O3 + SiC)/% ≥9285
CaO/% ≤44
Crushing Strength/MPa ≥110℃*24h After drying8060
1100℃*3h After reburning10070
1500℃*3h After reburning120100
Cold Bending Strength/Mpa110℃*24h After drying86
1100℃*3h After reburning97
1500℃*3h After reburning109
Heating Linear Change/%1100℃*3h After reburning±0.5±0.5
1500℃*3h After reburning±0.5±0.5
Bulk Density110℃*24h After drying2.92.85

Advantages of Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks

Refractory precast blocks have many advantages over traditional refractory materials. Therefore, we use refractory prefabricated parts widely in industrial equipment and building structures under various high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive environments. Besides, you can also find us on Facebook for more information.

  • Ease of installation and construction: our refractory precast blocks are usually performed in the factory to uniform specifications and dimensions. The construction personnel save the steps of on-site processing and adjustment during installation, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.
  • Good dimensional stability: Kerui has undergone strict control and molding during the manufacturing process of prefabricated blocks and has good dimensional stability. Therefore, it can ensure the stability and sealing of the overall structure after installation.
  • Reduced construction period: due to the factory production of pre cast blocks, customers can shorten the engineering period and improve project progress.
  • Energy saving: prefabricated blocks have low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation properties. Therefore, it can effectively reduce energy loss and improve energy utilization efficiency.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: refractory precast blocks have a long service life and stable performance. So, this reduces the number of equipment downtimes and maintenance costs and reduces the company’s production costs.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: the materials and processes used by Kerui in the manufacturing of precast blocks are generally more environmentally friendly than traditional cast-in-place methods. What’s more, this can reduce waste and energy consumption and is in line with the development trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Shipped to Russia
Kerui Refractory
Kerui Precast Block

Uses of High Performance Refractory Precast

Refractory castable precast blocks are most commonly used in high-temperature furnace equipment. For example, blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, heating furnaces, furnace tops, iron ore powder hot blast furnaces and pellet roasting vertical furnaces. It pre-cuts the structural components of the high-temperature kiln into small pieces and designs them into special shapes. The mold is made according to the shape and the refractory castable or alumina castable refractory is pre-cast in the factory. After sintering and curing, we transport it to the site and hang it. You can use it after hanging up.

Therefore, in industrial furnaces and thermal equipment, customers use prefabricated block furnaces to achieve hoisting mechanization. This saves manpower, shortens the construction period and improves the operation rate of the furnace. In addition, you can also use them specifically for burner blocks, pouring nozzles, hearth plates, baffles, ladle linings, etc. Do you want to know which shape of refractory prefabricated parts you need for your equipment? Contact us immediately for free help.

High Quality Refractory Precast
Roasting Furnace Top Block
Kerui Products for Roasting Furnace Top Blocks

Choose Kerui As Your Refractory Precast Manufacturer

Various Types of Refractory Precast

Kerui has a rich product line covering various types of refractory prefabricated parts. This includes wholesale firebrick, refractory castables, refractory panels, etc. to meet customer needs in different industries and application areas. Whether in the fields of steel, metallurgy, or chemical industry, Kerui can provide suitable refractory precast solutions.

Advanced Technical Capabilities

Kerui has a team with strong technical strength and advanced R&D capabilities and production technology. Through continuous innovation and technological improvement, Kerui can provide customized products that meet the specific needs of customers. Most importantly, we can guarantee the quality and stability of every refractory product.

Excellent Service and Support

Importantly, we focus on customer experience and are committed to providing customers with high-quality services and technical support. Whether it is product selection, customized solutions or after-sales service, Kerui Refractory can respond to customer needs in a timely manner. Moreover, we provide professional solutions and support.

Rich Cooperation History and Success Cases

Kerui has a rich history of cooperation and successful Kerui cases in the field of refractory precast parts. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many foreign customers. These prove Kerui’s advantages in product quality, technical capabilities and service levels and have won the trust and praise of customers.

Kerui Fire Brick Manufacturers Customers


Kerui Refractory has an environmentally friendly and advanced refractory precast production line. At the same time, we provide high-quality refractory lining materials for various high-temperature industrial furnaces. If you need to purchase high quality unshaped refractory materials or refractory precast blocks, leave your request here now!

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