Silicon Carbide Castable

Silicon carbide castable is suitable for use in furnace linings under a reducing atmosphere. Moreover, it works better when used at temperatures above 1500℃(2732℉). In addition, you can always ask us for more details.

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Silicon Carbide Castable

Choose the Right Silicon Carbide Castable

Physical PropertiesRequired Quantity (t/m3)2.682.62.5
Water Required for Casting (%)450844508445115
CCS (kg/cm2)@ 110℃x24h650(140)500(90)450(70)
@ 1000℃x3h850(150)600(150)550(100)
@ 1350℃x3h1100(250)1000(250)1000(250)
PLC (%)@ 110℃x24h-0.06-0.06-0.06
@ 1000℃x3h-0.1-0.1-0.2
@ 1350℃x3h-0.1-0.1-0.12
TC (kcal/mh℃)@ 350℃11.5118
Chemical Propertiesω (Al2O3)/%9920
ω (SiC + C)/%837858

Stable Performance of Kerui Silicon Carbide Castable Refractory

  • Because silicon carbide has strong wear resistance, adding it to refractory castables can improve the wear resistance of the castables. Moreover, it reduces the wear resistance coefficient of the castables and increases the service life by 1 to 2 times;
  • Silicon carbide has high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient. Adding it in a suitable proportion can increase the heat shock resistance of the castable and silicon carbide refractory bricks;
  • Silicon carbide castables also have good thermal shock resistance. In particular, silicon carbide combined with silicon nitride products have a thermal shock resistance that is 2 times higher than that of the castables before addition;
  • Moreover, when using silicon carbide castables, there will be no slagging or crusting on its surface;
  • The wetting angle between silicon carbide castables and molten metals and slag is large. Therefore, it has good corrosion resistance to solids, liquids and gases of various furnace linings.

Silicon Carbide Castable Refractory
KERUI Silicon Carbide Castable
The Ramming Material is Directly Packed into Trucks at the Factory

Construction Conditions of Silicon Carbide Castable

The refractory castable manufacturers add a certain proportion of binder to the composite process ratio to adjust the oxidation reaction. Generally, they will use metallic silicon to adjust and inhibit the oxidation reaction. Refractory manufacturers can also use sodium salt solution or sol to penetrate into the open pores of the material. It can not only inhibit oxidation but also increase the service life.

In addition, silicon carbide castables are usually used as linings for chutes and containers for molten metal or slag. Such as the molten iron launder of the cupola, the lining of the molten iron tank and the steel spout.

Moreover, silicon carbide castables are not suitable for use at low temperatures, especially in oxidizing atmospheres. You should use it in reducing atmospheres. The higher the temperature, the better the use effect.

KERUI Silicon Carbide Castable for Sale

Use of Silicon Carbide Castable in Kilns

Customers use silicon carbide castables for boiler linings or linings for iron channels in front of blast furnaces. We call it high wear-resistant castables when used in boiler linings. In addition, we use it in the feeding part of the rotary kiln, and the effect is also very good. We call it anti-scaling castables when used in this part.

Because the temperature is high and the use conditions are harsh, the wear resistance of silicon carbide castables is particularly good. Moreover, its service life will be more than 50% longer than that of ordinary low cement castable refractory. But the premise is that you use it in the right place. Contact Kerui, we will tailor a use and installation plan for you.

Construction Workers Pouring Refractory Castables
Refractory Castable Construction

Kerui Manufacturer

Kerui has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Moreover, each batch of our silicon carbide castables undergoes strict physical and chemical performance tests before leaving the factory. Customers can rest assured to buy any refractory products they need from Kerui. We promise that there is no problem with the quality of our products and they are reliable to use. In addition, Kerui regularly visits customers to understand the use of products. Kerui will also provide our customers with continuous technical support and suggestions for improvement.

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