High Alumina Bricks

High alumina bricks are high-quality refractory materials with alumina content typically between 48% and 90%. These refractory bricks can withstand high-temperature environments of different industrial sectors. Kerui Refractory can provide you with the high aluminum bricks you want!

  • Al2O3% (≥) :48-80
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) :40-60
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃) :1420-1530
  • Apparent Porosity (%) :19 – 26
Descriptionof High Alumina Brick in China

What is the High Alumina Brick?

Kerui Refractory high alumina brick is a type of refractory brick, that primarily consists of alumina (Al2O3). Because of the high alumina content in the fire brick, it can enhance thermal insulation, improve resistance to thermal shock, and increase fire refractoriness. Meanwhile, this refractory brick effectively protects the structural integrity of industrial equipment by avoiding heat loss and resisting chemical corrosion.

Specification of High Alumina Refractory Bricks

ω (Al2O3)/%μ0807570655548756555
Apparent Porosity/%μ021 (23)24 (26)24 (26)24 (26)22 (24)22 (24)191919
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ0 ≥70 (60)60 (50)55 (45)50 (40)45 (40)40 (35)656050
Xmin60 (50)50 (40)45 (35)40 (30)35 (30)30 (35)555040
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload/℃μ0153015201510150014501420152015001470
Permanent Linear Change/%Xmin
SK36 Bricks

SK36 fire bricks manufactured by KERUI have an alumina content of around 55-65%. These refractory bricks offer good thermal stability and high mechanical strength, which have wide applications in the lower temperature zones of industrial furnaces, such as hot blast stoves and blast furnaces.

Kerui SK36 High Alumina Brick For Sale

SK37 Bricks

Refractory company SK37 bricks are a type of refractory brick with an alumina content of approximately 65-70%. They are suitable for use in moderate temperature applications. SK37 high alumina refractory bricks are commonly suitable in various industrial furnaces, such as reheat furnaces, and heating furnaces.

Kerui SK37 Brick for Sale

SK38 Bricks

SK38 bricks have a higher alumina content of 70-82%. They show superior thermal shock resistance and can withstand higher temperatures compared to SK36 bricks. SK38 high alumina bricks are suitable for applications in areas of high thermal stress, such as steel ladles, cement rotary kilns, and electric arc furnaces.

Kerui SK38 Brick for Sale

SK40 Bricks

SK40 bricks have an alumina content of approximately 82-90%, which has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance. These bricks have a wide range of applications in the hottest areas of industrial furnaces, such as the burning zone of cement rotary kilns and the transition zone of lime kilns.

Kerui SK40 Brick for Sale

Composition of High Alumina Fire Bricks

The main raw material used for high alumina fire brick is Bauxite, which is a natural mineral rich in alumina. At the same time, other materials and additives may be included to enhance specific high alumina bricks properties. The general raw material composition of these refractory bricks for sale includes:


Bauxite is the main raw material and source of alumina in high alumina refractory bricks, which typically contains a high percentage of Al2O3 and different amounts of impurities such as  SiO2, Fe2O3, and TiO2.

Buy Fire Brick from Kerui


Certain types of clay, such as kaolin clay or fire clay, may be added to the raw material composition of high alumina bricks. Clay helps to plasticize the mixture and improves the processability of the raw material mixture.

Kerui Different Types of Fire Bricks


As the raw material mixture, sometimes silica (SiO2) can improve the properties of refractory bricks, which can enhance thermal shock resistance and reduce thermal expansion of high alumina bricks.

Good Quality of Fire Brick

Binders and the exact high alumina bricks chemical composition can vary based on the manufacturing process and detailed performance requirements of the high alumina bricks. Therefore, careful control of the chemical composition of the fire bricks is crucial to ensure refractory properties, thermal stability, and wear resistance in high-temperature applications.

Excellent Slag Resistance

This refractory brick has more alumina content and better slag resistance, which is suitable for molten metal or other corrosive materials.

Good Thermal Insulation

These bricks have low thermal conductivity, which helps to minimize heat transfer and improve the overall thermal efficiency of industrial processes.

High Load Soft

High Al2O3 content leads to high load-softening temperature. As such, they withstand high temperatures while maintaining structural integrity.

Long Service Life

These bricks have a long service life due to their ability to withstand high temperatures. Meanwhile, it reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Superior Thermal Stability

These fire bricks have excellent thermal stability. They can maintain mechanical strength even when subjected to rapid temperature changes.

High Temperature Refractoriness

The fire resistance of these bricks is higher than silica bricks. The refractoriness of alumina fire bricks is from 1750°C (3182°F ) to 1790°C (3254 °F).

Excellent Performance of High Alumina fire Brick
Wide Application of fire Bricks
Various Types of Fire Bricks

Advanced Manufacturing Process of Kerui High Alumina Bricks

Selecting Raw Materials

After the equipment sends raw materials into the workshop, they are put into storage after screening and testing. Then the materials are dosed by the fully automated batching system to ensure that the product performs as expected.

KERUI Selection of Raw Material


High alumina bricks manufacturers are equipped with the CNC press and hydraulic press. Besides,  the links required for refractory brick forming: pressing or casting forming, are operated by the machine, with high precision of forming.

Kerui Shaping of High Alumina Bricks


Kerui Refractory has two 160m high-temperature natural gas tunnel kilns, which fire the bricks. This process is crucial as it converts the raw materials into a dense, solid structure. Meanwhile, high alumina bricks are fired at high temperatures.

Kerui Sintering of High Alumina Bricks

Cooling and Inspection

Once the firing process is complete, the refractory bricks are gradually cooled down to room temperature. They are then inspected for quality, and dimensional accuracy. Fire bricks that pass the inspection are ready for packaging and shipping.

Inspection of High Alumina Bricks

Wide Applications of High Alumina Brick

Use Fire Bricks in Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace
Fire Bricks As Lining of Cement Kiln
Cement Kiln
Cement Kilns
The cement industry widely used these bricks, specifically in cement kilns. For instance, the bricks are suitable for the burning zone, transition zone, and cooler areas of the kiln, where they endure high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and thermal shock.
Hot Blast Stoves
Hot blast stoves are essential in the steel furnace refractory. Besides, these refractory bricks are suitable for lining the combustion chamber and the hot blast stove stack, where they can withstand high temperatures and corrosive gases.
Refining Furnaces
Fire bricks are appropriate for applications in the non-ferrous industry which includes copper smelting and refining furnaces. In addition, they offer excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and high-temperature conditions, to ensure long-lasting performance.
Blast Furnaces
High alumina refractory bricks are suitable for lining the lower part of the blast furnace, known as the hearth and bosh. As a result, they can provide excellent resistance to high temperatures, mechanical stress, and chemical attack.
Ladles and Tundishes
Ladles and tundishes are molten metal in the transporting and casting of the steel industry. Meanwhile, these vessels consist of refractory bricks that provide insulation and protection against high temperatures and chemical reactions.
Glass Kilns
These bricks are essential in glass manufacturing processes including glass tanks, and regenerators. So they show excellent thermal shock resistance, which allows them to withstand rapid temperature changes in glass production.

Fair Price of Kerui Refractories

Generally, high alumina bricks price is higher than clay fire bricks due to their superior refractory properties. But as a refractory brick manufacturer in China, Kerui Refractory will offer you cheap fire bricks. For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, Contact us now!

Kerui Modern Factory

Kerui is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in producing high-alumina brick. We have professional technicians who can provide professional project guidance. If you are looking for high alumina brick, you will choose KERUI.

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