High Alumina Cement Price

When we choose the appropriate high-alumina cement, the price of the cement is one of the key factors affecting our purchase. Whether you are starting an industrial project or working in personal construction, having a clear understanding of the price of Kerui refractory cement can help you make wise choices.

  • Al2O3% (≥): 50 – 81
  • Flexural Strength (Mpa): 6.0 – 12.5
  • Compressive Strength (Mpa): 30 – 82
  • Specific Surface Areas (m2/kg): 300 – 350
CA50 High Alumina Cement

Kerui High Alumina Cement for Sale

When we want to purchase high alumina refractory cement, we can first ask ourselves two questions: What is high alumina cement definition? What are the advantages of high alumina cement? So, do you answer this question? High alumina cement, also known as calcium aluminate cement (CAC), is a specialized type of cement that primarily consists of calcium aluminate compounds. High alumina refractory cement has excellent performance under high-temp conditions and is widely used in industries and furnaces. Besides, it has wide applications in the production of refractory castables, precast shapes, and specialized construction applications that require excellent thermal resistance and durability.

Is Kerui High Alumina Cement Expensive?

NO! Kerui high-alumina cement is known for its competitive price and exceptional quality and performance. Kerui Refractory is located in a land rich in refractory raw materials and has efficient manufacturing processes. These factors result in low production costs, allowing us to offer high quality products at competitive prices. If you want to know the latest price and specification of the cement, please contact us.

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Factors Affecting High Alumina Cement Price

Composition of High Alumina Cement

High alumina refractory cement is a kind of refractory mainly composed of Calcium aluminates compound. It is manufactured by heating a mixture of limestone and bauxite to a high temperature, which results in the formation of calcium aluminate clinker. The higher the aluminum content in high alumina refractory cement, the higher its price will be.

In addition to these calcium aluminates compounds, the cement may also contain a small amount of other mineral components, such as silicate and ferrite. These components can affect the performance of cement, such as setting time and strength development. And the amount of these ingredients added also affects its price. If you need the price of the cement, please contact us now!

Types of High Alumina Cement

High alumina cement is classified into different types based on its alumina content and early strength parameters. The most commonly used types of Kerui high-alumina cement are CA50, CA70, and CA80. Each type of the cement has a different price, mainly based on the aluminum content to distinguish the its price. Contact us to obtain the latest price of the cement!

CA50 High Alumina Cement
CA50 Cement
CA70 High Alumina Cement
CA70 Cement
CA80 High Alumina Cement
CA80 Cement


CA50 is a type of high alumina refractory cement with an alumina content of around 50%. It has rapid strength development and high early strength, which makes it suitable for applications where quick turnaround time is required.

Chemical Compositionω (SiO2) ≤/%
ω (Al2O3) ≥/%50.0 51.0 53.5
ω (Fe2O3) ≤/%
ω (R2O) ≤/%
ω (S) ≤/%
ω (Cl) ≤/%
325M ≤/%15128
Specific Surface Areas ≥/ (/kg)300320350
Setting TimeInitial Setting Time ≥/ (min)456090
Final Setting Time ≤/ (min)666
Flexural Strength ≥/Mpa6h///
24h6.0 6.58.0
72h7.0 7.510.0
Compressive Strength ≥/Mpa6h///

CA70 is a type of high alumina refractory cement with an alumina content of around 70%. This refractory cement has higher ultimate strength and better durability than CA50, but its early strength development is slower. It is commonly used in applications where high strength and durability are required, such as in the construction of precast concrete elements and in refractory applications.

Chemical Compositionω (SiO2) ≤/%
ω (Al2O3)/%68.5-70.568.5-70.568.5-70.569.5-71.5
ω (Fe2O3) ≤/%
ω (CaO)/%28.5-30.528.5-30.528.5-30.527.5-29.5
ω (MgO) ≤/%
ω (R2O) ≤/%
-45μm ≤/%8.0 5.0 5.0 8.0
Setting TimeInitial Setting Time (min)120-18030-90180-240150-210
Final Setting Time (min)150-24090-180240-330210-300
Strength (ISO)Flexural Strength/Mpa24h7.5-10.08.0-10.58.0-10.58.5-11.0
Compressive Strength/Mpa24h40-5045-5545-5550-60

CA80 is the alumina refractory cement with an alumina content of about 80%. It has the highest ultimate strength and best durability of the commonly used high-alumina cement. Its early strength development is slower than that of CA50 but faster than that of CA70. CA80 is commonly used in applications where high strength and durability are critical, such as in the construction industries and in high-temperature refractory applications.

Chemical Compositionω (SiO2) ≤/%0.50.5
ω (Al2O3)/%78.0-81.078.0-81.0
ω (Fe2O3) ≤/%0.20.2
ω (CaO)/%17.5-20.517.5-20.5
ω (MgO) ≤/%0.40.4
ω (R2O) ≤/%0.40.4
-45μm ≤/%5.0 5.0
Setting TimeInitial Setting Time (min)30-9090-150
Final Setting Time (min)90-180270-360
Strength (ISO)Flexural Strength/Mpa24h5.0-7.55.0-7.5
Compressive strength/Mpa24h30-4030-40

Properties of High Alumina Cements

The performance of the reafrctory cement directly influences the price of the cement. Refractory material manufacturers high-quality cement with excellent properties, and has a higher price in the market. Generally, high-quality  refractory cement has the following properties:

  • High-temperature Resistance: The cement can withstand high temperatures without losing itsintegrity, which makes it suitable for use in high-temp applications.
  • Low Permeability: The low permeability of high alumina cement reduces the risk of water seepage and damage to concrete structures in harsh environments.
  • Strong Chemical Resistance: The cement has a high resistance to chemical attack, which makes it suitable for applications exposed to corrosive environments.
  • Rapid Strength Development: High alumina cement has rapid strength development. This property allows for quick turnaround time in construction projects.
  • High Compressive Strength: This cement has strong compressive strength and is suitable for high-strength applications, such as high-temp buildings.
  • High Durability: The cements are highly durable to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is suitable for structures operating in corrosive chemical environments.
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Application of High Alumina Cement

High alumina cement is widely used in specialized applications due to its unique advantages such as high-temperature resistance, rapid strength development, high compressive strength, high chemical resistance, low permeability, etc. If you want to know more details about the uses of high alumina cement, you can contact us. Some of the common applications of this cement are:

High Alumina Cement in Furnaces

High Alumina Cement as Castable

Refractory Applications
This refractory cement is suitable for the construction of refractory linings for furnaces and other high-temperature industrial applications. Meanwhile, its high-temperature resistance and rapid strength development make it a popular choice for these applications.
Precast Concrete Elements
The cement is commonly used in the production of precast concrete elements such as beams, columns, and slabs. The high compressive strength and rapid strength development of the refractory cement allow for quick demolding in construction projects.
Chemical Plants
The cement is suitable for the construction of chemical plants. Because these facilities operate in aggressive chemical environments, and low permeability of the cement make them suitable for these applications.
Tunnel Linings
The refractory cement has high compressive strength and high resistance to water penetration. The high durability of high alumina refractory cement also ensures the long-term structural integrity of the tunnel kiln.
Repair of Concrete Structures
High alumina cement is used in the repair of concrete structures such as bridges, dams, and highways due to its rapid strength development and high compressive strength.

Why is the Price of Kerui Cement Competitive?

Scale Production

Kerui has invested in advanced technology and equipment that enables it to produce high-quality cement at a lower cost per unit. This allows Kerui to offer its product at competitive fire bricks price and cement price while maintaining profitability.

Efficient Manufacturing Process

With a highly efficient manufacturing process, Kerui can reduce production costs. Because efficient production processes minimize waste and energy consumption. Meanwhile, its R&D team continues to improve the process to increase production efficiency.

Customized Selection

We provide a range of refractory cement products to meet the specific needs. Meanwhile, we offer customized selection services to help customers choose the right product for their project, which can help to reduce costs.

High Quality Services

Kerui refractory cement provides high-quality services to its customers, which include technical support, product training, and after-sales service. Thus, it can ensure that customers are happy with the cement and can use it effectively.

Kerui Provides Customized Service for Customers
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Tips for Finding the Suitable Price

Compare Suppliers Study Market Trends Buy in Bulk Consider Quality and Performance
1It is essential to compare the prices offered by different refractory bricks suppliers to find the best deal. So you can request quotes from multiple suppliers and compare their prices, delivery terms, and payment options.
2Paying close attention to market trends can help you anticipate price fluctuations and find the best time to buy refractory cement. Meanwhile, you can use online forums and other resources to learn about market trends.
3You can negotiate better prices with the suppliers by buying the refractory cement in bulk. This way can also help you save on transportation costs and minimize the risk of supply shortages.
4While price is an important factor when buying the cement, it should not be the only consideration. You should also consider the quality performance of the cement, which includes its strength, durability, and resistance to chemical and high-temp exposure.

If you want to know Kerui refractories price, if you want to get the latest discount on Kerui refractory cement, if you still don’t know how to choose the appropriate refractory materials, contact us now to obtain the latest news! You can also follow our YouTube.

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