Curved Fire Bricks for Sale

Kerui curved fire bricks for sale have the characteristics of low high-temperature creep rate, excellent spalling resistance and good resistance to acidic slag erosion. Moreover, we can customize its size to any length. Besides, we can also move forward and backward to adjust the roundness, which is more convenient for masonry construction. Generally speaking, the materials of curved fire bricks mainly include high alumina bricks and fire clay bricks.

  • Fire Bricks Size: full size custom production;
  • Aluminum Content: 55%~80%; recommended according to furnace temperature;
  • Operating Temperature: ≤1770℃(3218℉).
Curved Fire Bricks for Sale

Introduction and Features of Kerui Curved Fire Bricks for Sale

Curved refractory bricks are a type of special-shaped bricks. Curved firebrick is mainly used as the lining of ladles. The arc of the arc brick is a semicircle and the other end is a groove. So, no matter how thick it is, it will be flexible and maneuverable. Moreover, because it has no axis, even if the dimensions are slightly off, it can still be built into a circle. So it is also called universal curved brick. In the past, curved refractory bricks were mainly refractory clay bricks. Now, with the improvement of the use standards of industrial kilns, they are gradually replaced by high alumina bricks.

Except for the difference in brick size, the material of high-alumina curved refractory bricks is basically the same as that of ordinary high alumina refractory bricks. Their refractoriness is around 1770℃(3218℉). Moreover, they have the characteristics of no deformation, regular appearance, good resistance to cracking, peeling and corrosion. Therefore, as a necessary brick type for ladle lining, it has good applicability and expandability. In addition, you can use different specifications of products for different sizes of ladles. This makes the masonry method more efficient.

Curved Bricks with Precise Dimensions
Different Sizes of Curved Firebrick
KERUI Curved Fire Bricks for Sale

Benefits of Using Curved Fire Bricks for Sale

For more than 20 years, Kerui Refractory has been providing customers with personalized production solutions based on customer needs. Our high alumina curved refractory bricks have the following advantages when used in ladle linings:

  • Long service life, which is 210% longer than that of clay curved refractory bricks;
  • The cross-section of high alumina bricks has better resistance to erosion by slag and molten steel than clinker clay bricks;
  • High-aluminum arc-shaped wholesale firebrick has roundness at both ends and you can move forward and backward to adjust the roundness when laying bricks. Therefore, it is more convenient to build curved refractory bricks and the brick joints can generally reach 1 mm;
  • The vertical brick joints of curved bricks are smaller, which is 70% smaller than the straight joints of standard refractory bricks. In this way, the erosion of the molten iron layer moving up and down and penetrating into the cracks of the bricks is much reduced;
  • Kerui has improved the quality of refractory bricks and can reduce the thickness of lining bricks. Accordingly, this increases the capacity of the ladle to hold molten iron;
  • Kerui curved fire bricks for sale have a long service life and are convenient for laying bricks. Therefore, this reduces the labor required for building ladles behind the furnace. This not only reduces labor costs but also increases ladle utilization. Besides, you can learn more according to follow us on Twitter.

Curved brick detail display
Package of Curved Refractory Brick
Well Stocked Curved Bricks

China’s Leading Manufacturer of Curved Fire Bricks – Kerui Group

Support Full Size Customization

Kerui Group is customer-oriented and supports full-size customized curved fire brick dimensions standard. No matter the size of a customer’s engineering project, Kerui can provide customized solutions that meet their requirements. So, customers can obtain refractory products from Kerui that completely match their needs, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of engineering construction.

Professional Packaging

We focus on product packaging design and execution. Kerui uses professional packaging materials and standardized packaging processes. Therefore, whether it is the domestic market or the international market, Kerui’s refractory products can be effectively protected during transportation. That is to say, this avoids collision and damage and ensures the integrity and quality of the curved refractory bricks.

Advanced Process Equipment

Kerui has advanced automated molding equipment, two 168-meter-long high-temperature tunnel kilns, etc. The use of these advanced equipment not only improves production efficiency but also ensures the stability and consistency of refractory brick quality. In addition, we also sell a range of high-temperature kiln refractory products such as high-quality refractory cement, castables and ceramic fiber tube.

Adequate Inventory

We have a complete inventory management system and maintain sufficient product inventory. No matter how urgent the customer’s needs are, Kerui can provide the required products in a timely manner. In other words, we can ensure the smooth progress of our customer’s projects. Kerui provides customers with stable and reliable product supply through flexible production planning and inventory management.

Size of Refractory Bricks



Kerui Company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of curved fire bricks for sale. So, if you have any needs for good refractory materials for steel smelting furnaces such as ladles, please contact us. We can provide one-stop refractory products and construction solutions.

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