Fire Brick Dimensions

Fire brick is also known as refractory brick or heat resistant brick. It is a refractory material made of refractory clay or other refractory raw materials. Fire brick can withstand high temperatures of 1250℃/2282℉-1790℃/3254℉. Therefore, it is often used in applications where conventional building materials cannot withstand extreme heat, such as kilns and furnaces. In addition, due to different industrial application requirements, fire brick dimensions are available in many sizes for customers to choose from.

Refractory Fire Bricks Size

Detailed Information of Fire Brick Dimensions

Refractory brick ItemSiza, mmShape
T38230×114×65/55Side Arch
T39230×114×65/45Side Arch
Thin brick 20230×114×20Cuboid
Thin brick 30230×114×30Cuboid
Thin brick 40230×114×40Cuboid
Large size230×57×65Cuboid
Large size520×230×113Cuboid
Large size650×230×113Cuboid
Large size780×230×113Cuboid
Large size452×230×65Cuboid
G5230×150/120×75Side Arch
G6230×150/110×75Side Arch

Kerui Supports the Customization of Various Fire Brick Dimensions

Standard Fire Brick

Standard fire brick is the most common size of refractory bricks and usually follow international standard sizes. Therefore, the size of Kerui standard fire brick is 230×114×65. Standard fire brick is easy to produce and supply. Whether you need high alumina bricks, silica bricks or magnesite bricks, we can provide them in time. Standard fire brick is suitable for a variety of common high temperature applications. Such as industrial furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, glass kilns, etc. What’s more, it is easy to install, which makes them the first choice in many industrial areas.

Special Shaped Fire Brick

In addition to standard sizes, many refractory fire brick manufacturers offer special shapes of refractory fire brick. So, Kerui also produces refractory brick in various shapes and sizes. Such as thick wedge fire brick and side wedge fire brick. Customers can adjust the size of the refractory brick to suit the needs of special structures. This way customers can achieve better structural fit and efficient construction. Besides, special shaped fire brick is often used in applications such as lining industrial furnaces with special shapes, lining flues or pipes.

Customized Fire Brick

Customized fire brick is fully customized to the customer’s specific requirements. Kerui Refractories offers size selection, customization of shapes and formulations. Therefore, we can be customized to meet the needs of customers’ specific projects. Customized refractory fire brick is often used for special industrial processes, uniquely constructed equipment and other special needs. In addition, Kerui custom fire brick can ensure the best performance and adaptability. Therefore, we can meet customers’ special requirements for refractory fire brick.

Fire Brick Dimensions


By working with Kerui Refractory, you can get professional advice and customized services. Moreover, our technical team ensures that you choose the best fire brick dimensions for your project. Welcome Everyone to leave messages and inquiries in the message box of Kerui’s official website or Pinterest.

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