What Are Refractory Bricks

What are refractory bricks? Refractory bricks are bricks specifically designed for use in high-temperature environments. What’s more, the raw materials of are fire clay or other refractory bricks raw materials. Furthermore, high temperature fire bricks can withstand extremely high temperatures, often above 1,500℃(2732℉). In addition, we mainly use them in industrial high-temperature equipment. Such as furnaces, kilns, sintering furnaces, glass-melting furnaces, etc.

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The Difference Between Refractory Bricks and Ordinary Bricks

Material Composition

The composition of them is made of refractory materials with specific binders and fillers added.  These materials are high temperature stable and corrosion resistant. Ordinary brick is usually made of clay or concrete and contains a higher proportion of raw materials such as clay and sand. They are suitable for general construction purposes.

High Temperature Resistance

The wholesale refractory brick can withstand extremely high temperatures, often above 1,500℃(2732℉). They do not melt, soften or lose shape, maintaining structural stability at high temperatures. Ordinary bricks lose strength and structural stability when exposed to high temperatures. Usually, they can only withstand lower temperatures, generally below 500℃(932℉).

Chemical Resistance

They can resist corrosion from acids, alkalis, metallic liquids and molten slag. Furthermore, they exhibit high stability in chemical attacks and aggressive atmospheres. Besides, ordinary bricks tend to corrode and damaged when faced with strong acids, alkalis or corrosive solutions. So their chemical resistance is lower.

Thermal Conductivity

Refractory bricks have low thermal conductivity. Low thermal conductivity helps reduce heat conduction and loss, improving the energy efficiency of the device. Therefore, 0rdinary bricks have higher thermal conductivity. The heat of the device is easily conducted and lost through it. They do not provide good thermal insulation properties.

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Classification of Kerui Refractory Bricks

Acid Refractory Bricks

Acid refractory bricks material is mainly composed of silica (SiO2). Such as silica refractory bricks. It has good acid resistance and can withstand the erosion of acidic environments. Besides, we use them in high-temperature equipment such as acid metallurgical furnaces, acid converters and silicon furnaces.

Alkaline Refractory Bricks

Alkaline refractory bricks are mainly composed of alkaline oxides such as magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium oxide (CaO). This type of high temp fire bricks has good corrosion resistance in alkaline environments. We commonly use them in alkaline metallurgical furnaces, electrolyzers and glass kilns.

Neutral Refractory Bricks

The neutral refractory brick composition is alumina (Al2O3) and silica (SiO2). They have relatively balanced acid and alkali resistance and can adapt to the requirements of neutral environments. We widely use neutral high temp fire bricks in metallurgical furnaces, glass kilns, chemical reactors.

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The Effect of Kerui Refractory Bricks

High Temperature Stability
Fire Resistance
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Thermal Expansion
Corrosion Resistance
Wear Resistance
High Mechanical Strength

Equipment Operates Stably

Kerui refractory fire bricks can withstand extremely high temperatures and thermal cycles. They can effectively isolate and protect the heat source inside the equipment and prevent heat loss and leakage. As a result, customers can improve the thermal efficiency and operational stability of their equipment.

Improved Equipment Efficiency

The application of Kerui high temp fire bricks can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of equipment. This allows the thermal energy to be more concentrated for the required heating and heat treatment processes. This helps reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

Long Service Life

Our fire bricks have excellent resistance to wear, corrosion and impact. Therefore, they can maintain stable performance in harsh working environments. This therefore extends the life of the equipment and reduces the frequency of maintenance. It also reduces the operating costs of the equipment.

Easy Installation

The design and structure of Kerui products make their installation simple and flexible. In addition, we can customize them according to the shape and requirements of the device and fix them with different connection methods. So, this greatly improves the customer’s construction efficiency.

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That is what are refractory bricks made of and where are they used. Besides, these advantages make Kerui Refractory the preferred supplier for many high-temperature equipment applications. Therefore, Kerui can bring economic and technical benefits to customers. If you need high-quality fire products, you can leave a message in the message box or follow us on Pinterest. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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