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Refractory bricks consist of various refractory materials and can withstand high temperature and harsh conditions. The bricks price is a significant consideration for customers. It is also important to consider various factors that influence the cost of refractory bricks. Kerui has been committed to reducing production costs, to lower the price of refractory bricks.

  • Al2O3%% (≥) :55-99
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3) :1.9-3.9
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃) :1250-1790
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) :25-200
Kerui Refractory Brick for Customers

How Much Do Refractory Bricks Cost?

How much do refractory bricks cost? And how much do fire bricks cost? What is the price of refractory bricks? These questions are frequently asked by customers. The cost and the price of refractory bricks ranges are based on various factors. Here are some factors that affect refractory bricks’ price and cost.

Excellent High Alumina Refractory Brick for Sale
High Quality Refractory Brick for Sale
Kerui Refractory Brick for Sale

First – Raw Material Composition of Refractory Brick

Refractory bricks are specialized construction materials designed to withstand high temperatures from 1580℃ (2876℉) to 1770℃ (3218℉). The cost of raw materials will affect the refractory brick price list. The higher the quality and purity of the material, the higher the price. In addition, adding special additives or specific formulas to certain applications can also affect costs. The raw materials of wholesale refractory brick include:

Refractory Clay

Refractory clay is a key component of many refractory bricks. It is a type of clay containing a high concentration of aluminum silicate, which has good thermal insulation and high temperature resistance.

Special Shape of Kerui Refractory Brick


Alumina is suitable for the production of refractory bricks because of its excellent heat resistance and chemical stability. At the same time, it is often combined with other materials to enhance the refractory properties.

Aluminum Fire Brick


Silica is a vital component of refractory bricks. These bricks are known for their high thermal conductivity and resistance to thermal shock. Refractory bricks are commonly used in high temperatures industries.

Customized Refractory Brick from Kerui


Kerui Group uses magnesium oxide in the production of bricks. They have excellent resistance to high temperatures. Besides, they are commonly used in industries such as steelmaking, cement production, etc.

Kerui Unshaped Magnesite Brick for Sale


Chrome, or chromium oxide is utilized in the production of chrome bricks, which have excellent corrosion resistance. Furthermore, they are commonly used in applications involving molten metals and harsh chemical environments.

Best Magnesia Chrome Brick from Kerui


Some materials can add in refractory bricks to improve their performance such as carbon or other materials. Because these additives improve thermal conductivity, reduce thermal expansion and increase resistance to thermal shock.

Alumina Silica Carbon Brick from Kerui

Second – Performance of Refractory Bricks

Kerui’s firebricks, refractory castable, and ceramic fiber products all have good performance. The performance of refractory bricks directly influences their price. In addition, high-performance refractory bricks have excellent heat resistance, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, etc. As a result, high-performance refractory bricks are priced higher than standard or lower-quality.

Heat Resistance

Refractory bricks have excellent heat resistance, which allows them to withstand high temperatures without obvious deformation or structural damage. Meanwhile, they effectively isolate and protect the surrounding area from heat transfer.

Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of refractory bricks determines their ability to transfer heat. For example, low thermal conductivity helps minimize heat loss and maintain temperature stability within the enclosed environment, to contribute to energy efficiency.

Thermal Shock Resistance

Refractory bricks must be able to withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or spalling. In addition, their ability to resist thermal shock ensures the long-term durability of the bricks under cyclic thermal conditions.

Chemical Resistance

Refractory bricks should have the ability to resist chemical attacks by molten metals, slag, gases and other corrosive substances in a high temperature environment. Thus, this resistance ensures the stability of the brick.

Higher Performance of High Alumina Brick
Good Quality Refractory Brick
Cost-effective Refractory Brick from Kerui

Third – Types of Refractory Bricks

Each type of refractory brick has a different composition and different performance, so each type of refractory brick has different prices. However, Kerui can always provide customers with competitive refractory brick prices for buyers. So if you need refractory brick, please contact us! Some common types of refractory bricks include:

Refractory Clay Bricks

Refractory clay is the main composition of refractory clay bricks. Meanwhile, they are suitable for moderate-temperature applications such as in fireplaces, chimneys, and industrial boilers.

Refractory Clay Bricks with Good Refractory Bricks Price

High Alumina Bricks

High alumina bricks mainly include high-alumina content. So they are appropriate in applications with higher temperatures, such as in steel-making furnaces, cement kilns, and glass melting tanks.

Great high-alumina Bricks Supplied by KERUI

Silica Bricks

Silica bricks contain silica (silicon dioxide). At the same time, they have a wide range of applications such as glass manufacturing, ceramics, hot blast stoves, and other equipment.

Besit KERUI Scilia Brick with Good Refractory Bricks Price

Magnesia Bricks

Magnesium oxide (magnesia) is the main composition of magnesia bricks, which has excellent resistance. Besides, they are suitable for use in high-temp industries.

Top Kerui Refractory Bricks with Good Refractory Bricks Price

Chrome Bricks

Chrome bricks contain chromium oxide, which has excellent corrosion resistance to acidic environments. Meanwhile, they have wide usage in industries involving molten metals.

Best Chrome Brick with Good Refractory Bricks Price

Carbon Bricks

Carbon bricks include carbonaceous materials like graphite or carbon black. In addition, they are suitable for use in electric arc furnaces and other applications requiring high electrical conductivity.

Kerui Carbon Refractory Brick with Good Refractory Bricks Price

Are Kerui Refractory Brick High-priced?

No! Compared with refractory bricks price offered by other manufacturers in the market, the price of refractory bricks offered by Kerui is competitive. Although price is an important consideration, the key is to balance price and refractory brick properties, service life, etc. In addition, a cost-effective refractory brick is more valuable in the long run than a cheap refractory brick. If you want to reduce the cost of refractory bricks, maybe you can choose to wholesale fire brick.

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Use Refractory Bricks in the High-temp Industries

  1. Petrochemical Industry: Kerui Refractory bricks are suitable for use in petrochemical plants for processes such as cracking units, which convert hydrocarbons into smaller molecules. Besides, they are also suitable for use in reactors, distillation columns, and reformers.
  2. Power Industry: In power plants, refractory bricks usually have wide applications in boilers and incinerators, to withstand high temperatures and chemical exposures. Moreover, they provide insulation and protect against thermal stresses.
  3. Aluminum Industry: In aluminum smelting and refining processes, refractory bricks can resist the high temperatures and chemical reactions in the electrolysis of alumina. Therefore, refractory bricks are suitable for use in furnaces, smelters, and other equipment.
  4. Ceramic Industry: Refractory bricks are essential in the ceramic industry. As kiln linings, these bricks provide a safe environment for producing ceramic products. Meanwhile, they provide thermal insulation and ensure uniform heat distribution.
  5. Glass Industry: Kerui azs bricks are crucial in glass manufacturing for applications such as glass melting furnaces, regenerators, and glass tanks. Because they can withstand high temperatures and chemical interactions during the glass production process.

Applications of Kerui Refractory Bricks

Use Refractory Bricks in in the High-temp Furnaces

  1. Blast Furnaces: Kerui high temp refractory bricks line the walls and hearths of blast furnaces in the iron and steel industry. On account of high refractoriness, they can withstand temperatures up to 2000°C (3632°F) involved in the smelting process.
  2. Steel-making Furnaces: In steel-making furnaces, refractory bricks are suitable for use in basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs) and electric arc furnaces (EAFs). Because they line the furnaces to withstand the intense heat and chemical reactions during the production of steel.
  3. Heat Treatment Furnaces: Refractory bricks are suitable for the applications of heat treatment furnaces. Because they can maintain the desired temperature and provide insulation for heat treatment processes like annealing, tempering, and quenching.
  4. Ceramic Kilns: These bricks line ceramic kilns, including those used in pottery, porcelain, and ceramic tile production. Due to excellent refractory properties, they can insulate heat well during the firing process to increase the service life of the equipment.

Using Case of Good Refractory Bricks Price

How to Get an Cheap Refractory Brick from Suppliers?

When customers want to get an appropriate price for refractory bricks, selecting reliable refractory brick suppliers is important. So Kerui is a good option for you. See why we said this.

Rich Production Experience

Kerui has over 20 years of production experience in the refractory industry and mature production technology. Because of rich production experience, Kerui’s production technology and product quality are ahead of the industry.

Real Manufacturer

Meanwhile, Kerui has its own factories, including five factories: a heavy brick factory, a light brick factory, an unshaped refractory material factory, an alkaline material factory, and an insulation material factory.

Professional Services

We have a professional customer service team and an international sales team available online to answer customers’ questions. We also have professional technical staff to provide professional advice to our customers.

High Standard Production

Our production meets international standards and we have ISO quality certification, 15 utility model patent technology certificates and other certificates. Moreover, we can help customers to get related certificates.

Rich Experience of Kerui Refractory Manufacturer
Refractory Factory Kerui Suppliy Good Refractory Bricks Price

In conclusion, when you purchase refractory brick, you should consider the specific requirements and application of refractory brick in addition to its price. Now contact us to get the refractory brick price! Or you can follow Pinterest to contact us!

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