Ceramic Fiber Tape

The raw material of the ceramic fiber tape produced by Kerui is high-strength ceramic fiber. Then, we make ceramic tape high temperature by warp spinning and weaving. What’s more, it has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and corrosion resistance to molten metals such as aluminum and zinc.

  • Color: white
  • Bulk Density: 500kg/m³ – 550kg/m³
  • Continuous Temperature Use Limit/℃(≥): 650℃ – 1050℃
  • Organic Content(≤): 15%
Ceramic Fiber Tape

Physical and Chemical Indicators of Ceramic Fiber Tape

Note: ceramic fiber tape contains about 15% organic fibers. When the product is heated for the first time, as the temperature rises, the organic fibers in the product will gradually carbonize and turn black and smoke may appear. There may be flames in some places. This is normal and does not affect use. In addition, as the temperature continues to rise, the product will gradually turn white, the organic fibers have been completely carbonized and the product has completely turned into high-temperature-resistant inorganic materials such as ceramic fibers. Besides, if you have any further questions, please follow us on YouTube for more details.

Item/GradeCeramic Fiber Tape
ReinforcementGlass FiberStainless Steel
Continuous Temperature Use Limit/℃6501050
Bulk Density (kg/m³)500-550
Organic Content /%≤15

Ceramic Fiber Tape Characteristics and Advantages

Ceramic fiber strip has many features and benefits that make them popular for a variety of applications. It is suitable for high temperature insulation, insulation sealing and other applications in various industrial and civil fields.

  • High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity, high tensile strength;
  • Excellent high temperature insulation performance and long service life;
  • It can resist corrosion by molten aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals;
  • Like ceramic tube, it has good low temperature and high temperature strength;
  • The continuous use temperature can reach 1050℃(1922℉) (stainless steel wire reinforced), or 650℃ (1202℉) (glass wire reinforced), the former can reach 1260℃(2300℉) in a short time;
  • Non-toxic, harmless and has no adverse effects on the environment;
  • Easy to construct and install.
  • Ceramic fiber cloth, tapes, packing and other series of products using alkali-free glass fiber as reinforcing materials have higher electrical insulation and high-temperature electrical insulation than glass fiber.

KERUI Ceramic Fiber Strip for Sale
KERUI Ceramic Fiber Tape
KERUI Excellent Fibre Tape

Application Scope of Ceramic Fiber Tape

The ceramic fiber insulation tape is widely used in industrial and civil fields, mainly including the following aspects:

  • Insulation material: high temperature ceramic tape with its good insulation properties. Therefore, you can use it as an insulating material in the power, electronics and communications industries. You can use it for insulation wrapping on cables, motors, transformers and other equipment.
  • High temperature insulation: like ceramic fiber cloth, they are resistant to high temperatures, often hundreds of degrees. Therefore, we use it as thermal insulation material in high temperature environments. For example, thermal insulation of thermal equipment, insulation of high-temperature pipelines, etc.
  • Fireproof material: due to its good fire resistance, ceramic tape insulation is often used as a fireproof material. Such as building fireproof sealing, flame isolation, etc.
  • Sealing material: ceramic fiber tape is an excellent sealing material due to its flexibility and high temperature resistance. You can use it to seal various equipment, such as furnace doors, furnace bodies, etc.
  • Mechanical seal: in industrial machinery and equipment, ceramic fiber tapes are also used for mechanical seals. For example, under high temperature and high pressure conditions, we use it as sealing packing for valves, pipelines, etc.
  • Automotive and aerospace fields: in the automotive and aerospace fields, we use high temp ceramic tape and high temperature insulation bricks for insulation and sealing of high-temperature parts. Such as engine heat shield, exhaust pipe heat insulation, etc.

Ceramic Insulation Tape
Fibre Tape Uses

The Trustworthy Ceramic Fiber Tape Suppliers – Kerui Refractory China

Professional Team

Kerui focuses on employee training and technology updates. Therefore, Kerui’s technical and sales teams have rich industry experience and professional knowledge. They are able to provide customers with a full range of technical support and solutions.

Advanced Refractory Products

The ceramic fiber tape produced by Kerui uses high-quality raw fire refractory and advanced production technology. In addition, we will conduct strict quality control and testing on our products to ensure that they meet international standards and customer requirements.

Customer First

We always put customer needs first and provide customers with timely and thoughtful pre-sales consultation and after-sales services. Moreover, Kerui has established a sound customer service system and continuously improves products and services to meet customer expectations.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Our company uses environmentally friendly production processes and ceramic fiber material to reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, this also provides a guarantee for the sustainable development of customer projects and reduces project operating costs.

Package of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Product


Purchasing Kerui’s high-performance ceramic fiber tape can bring you long-term economic benefits. We maintain good communication with our partners, actively solve problems raised by customers and provide quality services. We constantly improve our product quality and service system. Therefore, Kerui ensures that customers can obtain high-quality, high-safety and high-energy-saving high temperature ceramic tape and related services.

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