Dense Castable Refractory

Dense castable refractory is a granular and powdery material made of refractory substances. In addition, dense refractory has a certain setting and hardening time after construction. Moreover, Kerui dense castable just requires a very short setting time, which can speed up your construction progress.

  • Bulk Density: 0.8g/cm³ – 3.2g/cm³
  • Service Temperature: 1300℃ – 1790℃
  • Compressive Strength: 6MPa – 100MPa
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 4MPa – 95MPa

Kerui Dense Castable Refractory

A Brief Introduction of Dense Castable Refractory

Castable refractory consists of refractory aggregates, powders, binders, admixtures, water or other liquid materials. Therefore, dense castable has high fluidity and is suitable for construction by pouring methods. In addition, it is also an amorphous refractory material that can be hardened without heating. Generally, we pour, vibrate or tamp it into shape at the site of use. In addition, we can also make it into prefabricated parts.

Dense castable Refractory Produced by Kerui

High Performance of Dense Castable Refractory

Strong Corrosion Resistance

Like monolithic refractory cement, castable refractory can resist erosion by corrosive media such as acid and alkali solutions and metal slag. In other words, it can maintain durability in high-temperature and highly corrosive environments and extend the service life of equipment.

Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Kerui dense castable can withstand thermal stress caused by temperature changes. They maintain structural integrity during rapid cooling or heating processes. So, this reduces cracking and breakage caused by thermal stress, ensuring reliable operation of the equipment.

Strong Antioxidant Capacity

High-performance refractory castable can resist high-temperature oxidation reactions, reduce the reaction between oxides and media and reduce metal corrosion. Moreover, it has good oxidation stability and slag resistance, maintaining structural integrity and durability.

Convenient Construction

We can perform on-site construction or pre-fabrication according to specific needs. Therefore, dense castable are adaptable to equipment and structures of different shapes and sizes. Their construction process is relatively simple, which improves construction efficiency.

Affordable Refractory Castable for Sale

What are the Differences Between Dense Castable Refractory and Refractory Cement?

Dense castable refractory and refractory cement are two common refractory materials. However, they have some differences in composition, application areas and construction methods.


Dense castable of Kerui refractory company is usually composed of high-purity refractory powder, binders and additives. It is characterized by high density, low permeability and can operate stably for a long time in high temperature environments.

Refractory cement is a refractory material made from a mixture of cement, mineral aggregate and refractory powder. It is characterized by strong adhesion, easy construction and curing. But compared with dense castable, its density is lower.

Application Areas

The use of refractory castable in high-temperature industrial furnaces, metallurgical furnaces and glass kilns. It withstands high temperatures and chemical corrosion in equipment and structures and provides excellent fire protection.

We use refractory cement for lower temperature refractory applications such as boilers, chimneys, furnace bottoms and furnace tops. In addition, we often use it in the refractory lining of some low-temperature industrial equipment.

Construction Methods

Kerui provides dense castables in dry powder form. Customers need to mix it with water to form a slurry at the construction site and then apply it by pouring or spraying. This construction method can ensure that the material reaches a high density.

Refractory cement is usually in the form of wet slurry. Customers can directly use cement refractory slurry for construction, or they can pre-make large firebrick and then install it. So, it is suitable for smaller-scale refractory lining construction.

Kerui Dense Castable Refractory for Sale
Dense Castable Refractory
Kerui High Temperature Refractory Cement
Refractory Cement

Kerui Dense Castable Refractory in Different Structures

Furnace Floor and Wall Repairs

Long-term use and thermal cycling can cause wear on the furnace floor and walls. Therefore, we need to use dense castable and refractory mortar to repair it to maintain the integrity and stability of the furnace.

High Temperature Pipes and Chimneys

At their connections and turns, we often use refractory castable for filling and sealing. Therefore, this ensures the durability and safety of pipes and chimneys in high temperature environments.

Ladles and Ladles

These equipment are exposed to high temperatures and corrosive substances during the steel smelting process. We need to use the dense castable refractory 1700c to protect the internal structure.

Slag Line and Hot Metal Line

We can also use Dense castable refractory to repair and leak leaks in slag lines and molten iron lines. Therefore, they also require the use of refractory castables to ensure their stability.

Kerui Case Show about Refractory Castable

Kerui Sells High Quality Dense Castable Refractory

Durability of Castable Refractory

Keruigroup high quality dense castable is engineered and optimized to provide excellent resistance to wear and corrosion. Additionally, they reduce heat and gas penetration, extending the life of your equipment. So, this reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements, reducing production costs and downtime for customers.

Kerui Certificates

Kerui has certificates in multiple related fields, proving the quality and reliability of our dense castable. These certificates include EMS, CE, QMS and OHSM. That is to say, these certificates are recognition of Kerui quality management and product performance, providing customers with confidence and assurance.

Kerui One-Stop Service

We provide one-stop service. That means, from the selection of dense castable to construction and after-sales service, we support customer needs throughout the process. Moreover, Kerui’s professional team has rich experience and technical expertise. Therefore, Kerui Group can provide customers with customized solutions.

Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate


Kerui dense castable refractory can be widely used in the protection and maintenance of high-temperature industrial equipment and structures. Therefore, Kerui refractory products meet customers’ high-quality needs for refractory materials. That is to say, we can be your reliable choice. Please feel free to contact us or you can follow us on YouTube!

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